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The following alphabetical index includes all authors of articles in Ming Studies, Nos.1-50, titles of articles (insubstantial initial words often deleted), and titles of books reviewed (stating "Review"). Included also are selected terms found in article titles and certain topic- words. The "selected terms" aspect is by no means all-encompassing. ACADEMIC Conference on Overseas Sinology and the Cultural Exchanges between China and Southeast Asia Academies in Ming China: An Historical Essay (Review) Acquire Wisdom: The Way of Wang Yang-ming (Review) Administrative Statistics in Ming T'ai Tsung Shih-Lu: An Illustration of Chinese Bureaucratism as Criticized by Dr. Needham Agenda for Ming History: Exploring the Fifteenth Century Archaism: Wang Shizhen and the Legacy of the Northern Song Asian Trade Revolution of the Seventeenth Century: The East India Companies and the Decline of the Caravan Trade (Review) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Basic Annals of Ming Tai-Tsu (Review) Bibliographic Survey of Ming Studies in Archaeological Peri-odicals from 2:43 the People's Republic of China, 1972-1975 Bibliography in Chinese Periodicals (1976) Bibliography in Western Languages (1975) Bibliography in Western Languages (1976) Bibliography in Western Languages (1977) Bitter End: Notes on the Demise of the Yongli Emperor Breaking the Law: Family Violence, Gender and Hierarchy in the Legal Brokatuniform-Brigade (Chin-I Wei) der Ming-Zeit (Review) Building on the Ladder of Success: The Ladder of Success in Imperial China and Recent Work on Social Mobility (Review Essay) Calendar Reform Prior to the Arrival of Missionaries at the Ming Court Cambridge History of China, Volume 7, The Ming Dynasty (Review) Cambridge History of China. Volume 8. The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Carnival in China: A Reading of the Xingshi Yinyuan zhuan (Review) Case Files from the Sichuan Provincial Administration Commission, with Causality and Containment in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Fiction (Review) 28:67 Center and Periphery Shih-Tsung's Southern Journey, 1539 Center for the Study of Local History in Jinhua Century of Social Change: T'ai-Ho County, Kiangsi, 1400-1500 Chang Lu's "A Poet Contemplating A Waterfall" Changes in the Fiscal and Rural Control Systems in the Fourteenth and Charwoman to Empress Dowager: Serving-Women in the Ming Palace Ch'en Ch'eng's Hsi yü fan-kuo chih, translation of Cheng Hos Abenteuer im Drama und Roman der Mingzeit: Hsia Hsi-yang; Eine Übersetzung und Untersuchung; Hsi-yang Chi:Eine PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Ch'i Chi-Kuang, Praxis der chinesischen Kriesgsführung (Review) Chiao-chih and Neo-Confucianism: The Ming Attempt to Transform Vietnam 4:51 Chiao-min pang-wen (Placard of People's Instructions) Chia-Ting Loyalists: Confucian Leadership and Social Change in Seventeenth-Century China (Review) Chin F'ing Mei as Wisdom Literature: A Methodological Essay Chin P'ing Mei, Volume One: The Gathering (Review) China among Equals: The Middle Kingdom and Its Neighbors (Review) China and the Search for Happiness. Recurring Themes in Four Thousand Years of Chinese Cultural History (Review) China's Cultural Heritage: The Ch'ing Dynasty, 1644-1912 (Review) China's Examination Hell: The Civil Service Examinations of Imperial China 15:20 Chinese Legal Tradition under the Mongols: The Code of 1291 as Chinese Social and Economic History from the Song to 1900: Report of the American Delegation to A Sino-American Symposium Review) Chinese Studies: A Bibliographical Manual (Review) Chinese Theater in the Days of Kublai Khan (Review) Chinese Theater, 1000-1450: A Source Book (Review) Chinese Translation of The Cambridge History of China, A Brief Note Ch'ing Ginseng Management: Ch'ing Monopolies in Microcosm (Review) Ch'iu Chün's Ta-Hsüeh Yen-I Pu and Its Influence in the Sixteenth and PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Chūgoku kinsei ni okeru tanpen hakuwa shōsetsu no kenkyū (Review) Chungkuk kŭnse sahoe kyǒngchesa yonku: myǒngtae sinsach'ung ui hyongsong koa sahoe kyǒngchechǒk yǒkhal (Studies in Modern Chinese Socio-Economic History: The Rise of the Ming Gentry and Their Comic Virtue and Commendable Vice: Guan Hanqing's Jiu Fengchen and Compelling Image: Nature and Style in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Concordance to Wang Yang-ming, "Ch'uan Hsi Lu," Text, and Cocordance, 16:17 and a Concordance to Wang Yang-ming, "Ta Hsueh Wen "(Review) Confucianism and Autocracy: Professional Elites in the Founding of the Confusions of Pleasure: Commerce and Culture in Ming China(Review) Conquerors and Confucians: Aspects of Political Change in Late Yuan Continuities and Discontinuities in Chinese Agriculture, 1550-1700 Crime and Punishment in Medieval Chinese Drama: Three Judge Pao Plays 10:9 Cult of Qing: Romanticism in the Late Ming Period and in the Novel Jiao Cultivation of Sagehood as a Religious Goal in Neo-Confucianism: A Study 16:19 of Selected Writings of Kao P'an-Lung, 1526-1626 (Review) Cultural Exchanges between China and Southeast Asia Cultural Geography and Ming History, A Preliminary Note PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China(Review) Culture and State in Chinese History: Conventions, Accommodations, and Culture and the Body in Ming-Qing Fiction Daring Fool: Feng Fang (1500-1570) and His Ink Rubbing of the Death in Fidelity: Mid- and Late-Ming Reconstructions of Fang Xiaoru Debates on the Birth of Capitalism in China during the Past Three Decades Decadent Chalice: A Critique of Late Ming Political Culture Defending the Dynastic Order in a Local Society: Central Local Relations as 43:16 Seen in a Late-Ming Magistrate's Enforcement of the Law Development and Decline of Chinese Cosmology (Review) Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China (Review) Direct Petition to the Throne in the Time of Ming Taizu Discovery and Restoration of the Texts in the Ming Chenghua Collection Discovery of Chinese Chantefable Narratives from the Fifteenth Century: A Dissertations on Ming Topics, 1980-Present PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Dissertations on the Ming Dynasty (1975) Drachenfluβ-Werft von Nanking. Das Lung-chiang ch'uan-ch'ang chih, eine 41:85 Ming-zeitliche Quelle zur Geschichte des chinesischen Schiffbaus (Review) Drama: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography Dramatic Oeuvre of Chu Yu-tun (1379-1439) (Review) Drawing on a Local Perspective: Xin bian Ming ren nianpu congkan EARLY Ming China: A Political History (Review) Eight Chinese Plays from the Thirteenth Century to the Present (Review) Enigma Variations: Huang Zongxi's "Expectation of a New Age" Eunuchs in Hebei during the Mid Ming Period PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Few Good Men: The Li Family and China's Northern Frontier in the Late Ming 49:34 Five Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry (Review) Foreign-Policy Attitudes of the Early Ming Dynasty Forward to Li Chih(1527-1602): New Light on His Life and Works, by Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel: Ssu Ta Ch'i-Shu (Review) Four Zhu Yuanzhangs: A Succession of Biographies of the Ming Founder Fourteen Twenty-one: The Year China Discovered America (Review) Froth Floating on the Sea: The World of Pirates and Seafarers in Late PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Geographical Sources of Ming-Qing History (Review) Glory and Fall of the Ming Dynasty (Review) Great Enterprise: The Manchu Reconstruction of Imperial Order in Seventeenth Century China (Review) Growing Up as A Loyalist's Son: Li Yeh-Su (1622-1680), A Scholar from HAI Jui Dismissed From Office (Review) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Historical Demography: Notes from T'ai-Ho County, Kiangsi Historical Studies in Japan, 1974: Ming-Ch'ing Historical Studies in Japan, 1975: Ming-Ch'ing Historical Studies in Japan, 1976: Ming-Qing Historical Studies in Japan, 1977: Ming-Qing History and Meaning in the Late Ming Drama Ming Feng Ji Hsiao-p'in Anthology (see also xiaopin) Huang Zuo's Meeting with Yangming and the Debate over the Unity of Hucker, Charles Oscar 1919-1997 (Obituary) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Ideological Implications of Major Sacrifices in Early Ming Ideology and Critique: Images of Women in Two Chinese Traditional Dramas 32:20 Imperial Endorsement of Syncretism: Ming T'ai-Tsu's Essay on the Three Imperial Nomads: A History of Central Asia, 500-1500 (Review) . Importance of the Concept of Nature (Hsing) in the Philosophy of Chu Hs i Index of Authors and Reviewers, Number 1-10 Inscribing the Essentials: Culture and the Body in Ming-Qing Fiction Intellectual Trends in the Fifteenth Century Intellectual World of Chiao Hung Revisited: A Review Article Introduction to Playing with Gender in Pre-Modern China Introductory Note: Uses of the Ming Founder Invention of Li Yu (Review Article) Invoking Zhu Yuanzhang: Guan Zhidao's Adaptations of the Ming Founder's 50:17 Ritual Statutes to Late-Ming Jiangnan Society Japan, Part One (Beginnings to 1980), Ming Studies in Jiajing Reign (1522-67), Ming-Mongol Relations in Jiang Yingke's Place in the Gongan School Jin bashi nian lunzhu mulu (Review) Jin Ping Mei (See also Chin P'ing Mei) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Knowledge Painfully Acquired: the K'un-Chin Chi by Korean Lobbying at the Ming Court: King Chungjong's Usurpation of 1506: 41:37 Ku Yen-Wu's Views on the Ming Examination System Lament of Frustrated Talents: An Analysis of Three Women's Plays in Late Lan Yu Case and Early-Ming Military and Society as Revealed in the Yuzhi nichen lu (Imperial Record of Rebellious Ministers)of l393 Landlord and Labor in Late Imperial China: Case Studies from Shandong Leopard Quarter during the Cheng-Te Reign PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Li Chih (1527-1602): A Modern Bibliography Li Chih (1527-1602): A Modern Bibliography, 1974-1978, Supplement to Li Chih, 1527-1601, In Contemporary Chinese Historiography: New Light on His Life and Works (Review) Li Zhi: Philosophe maudit (1527-1602) (Review) Li Zhizao's Search for a Confucian-Christian Synthesis Life and Thought of Han-Shan Te-Ch'ing (Review) Limits of Intellectual History? [Wm. Theodore de Bary, The Liberal 19:17 Tradition in China] (Review Article) Limits of the State: An Early Chinese Assessment Lineage and State: Extended Family and Gazetteer Compilation in Xinchang 45-46:69 Literature: Observations on the State of the Art Liu Bowen yu Nocha Cheng: Legends of the Founding of Beijing (Review) Local Community in Early Ming Social Legislation: Ming Tai-zu's Approach 20:57 to Transformation and Control in the "Great Warning" PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Lu K'un Compromises with the Common People Lute: Kao Ming's P'i-P'a Chi (Review) Male Anxiety and Female Chastity: A Comparative Study of Chinese Ethical 30:63 Values in Ming-Ch'ing Times (Review) Man and Nature in the Philosophical Thought of Wang Fu-chih (Review) Margins of Utopia, Shui-Hu Hou-Chuan and the Literature of Ming Loyalism 25:82 Masters and Bondservants: Peasant Rage in the Seventeenth Century Military Establishment of the Yuan Dynasty (Review) Military Triumvirate in the Southern Capital of the Ming Dynasty: A PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Ming and Qing Historical Studies in the People's Republic of China (Review) 19:15 Ming Bibliography in Western Languages (1975) Ming- Ch'ing Chin-shin t'i-ming-pei-lu so-yin (Review) Ming Code in Vietnamese Legal History: Its Influence on the Vietnamese Ming Dynasty. Its Origins and Evolving Institutions (Review) Ming Periodization: An Immodest Proposal Ming Society: Tai-ho County, Kiangsi, Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries Ming T'ai-tsu and the Gods of the Walls and Moats Ming to Ch'ing, Conquest, Region and Continuity in Seventeenth Century Ming Tribute Grain System (Review) Ming-Ch'ing Ju-hsüeh-chia chu-shu sheng-tsu nien-piao (Review) Mingdai de guozijiansheng (The University Students during the Ming Mingdai Shehui Jingji Chutan (Review) Ming-Jen Chuan-Chi Tzu-Liao So-Yin (Review) Mourning in Late Imperial China: Filial Piety and the State (Review) Muslim Inscriptions in China: A Research Note PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Neither Structuralism Nor Lovejoys's History of Ideas: A Disidentification with Professor Ying-Shih Yü's Review as a Dis-Course Neo-Confucian Orthodoxy and the Learning of the Mind-and-Heart (Review) 18:9 Neo-Confucian Thought in Action: Wang Yang-ming's Youth (1472-1509) Neo-Konfuzianische Philosophie: Die Schulrichtungen Chu Hsis und Wang New Articles on Ming Studies in PRC Journals Newly-Discovered Source Sheds Light on Late Ming Faction: Reading Li Novel in Seventeenth Century China (Review) Now Cease Painting Eyebrows, Don a Scholar's Cap and Pin:The Frustrated 40:86 Ambition of Wang Yun, Gentry Woman Poet and Dramatist OBSERVATIONS on the Life and Career of Charles Oscar Hucker 1919-1997: Papers Presented at the Second Chinese Symposium on Ming History, Pepper, Guns and Parleys: The Dutch East Indies Company and China, PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Perpetual Happiness: The Ming Emperor Yongle (Review) Picturing Clunas: A Review Essay (Review Essay) Pilgrim of the Clouds: Poems and Essay By Yuan Hung-tao and His Brothers 9:33 Pirates in Gowns and Caps: Gentry Law-Breaking in the Mid-Ming Placard of People's Instructions (Chiao-min pang-wen) Plum in the Golden Vase, or Chin P'ing Mei, Volume One: The Gathering Political Loyalty and Filial Piety: A Case Study in the Relational Dynamics of Text, Commentary, and Illustration in Pipa ji Population and Possibility in Ming (1368-1644) Suzhou: A Quantified Model 12:29 Porcelain Industry at Ching-te-chen, 1550-1700 Posthumous Image and Role of Ming Taizu in Korean Politics Practicing Erotic Fiction and Romanticizing Late Ming Writing Practice Practicing Kinship: Lineage and Descent in Late Imperial China (Review) Praying for Power: Buddhism and the Formation of Gentry Society PRC Archaeological Periodicals (1976), Ming Studies in PRC Archaeological Periodicals (1977), Ming Studies in Private Historiography of the Late Ming: Some Notes on Five Works Prohibition of Jiatou Zaju in the Ming Dynasty and the Portrayal of the PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Protesting to the Death: The Fuque in Ming Political History Question of Li Yan as Seen From The Genealogical Records of the Li Reassessing the Place of Chou Ju-Teng (1547-1629) in Late Ming Thought 33:1 Rebellious Ministers, Imperial Record of Recent Works on the Jesuits and Chinese-Western Cultural History (Review 30:52 References to Timor in Old Chinese Records Reflections on the Study of Zheng He's Expeditions Réform locale en Chine au xvie siècle: Hai Rui a Chun'an, 1558-1562 Renewal of Chinese Buddhism: Chu-Hung and the Late Ming Synthesis Reply to Frederick Mote's "The Limits of Intellectual History" Reply to Review of Conquerors and Confucian Report of a 1979 Visit to China with the Ming-Qing Delegation Report on the 1985 Ming History Conference Held at Huang-shan, Anhui Report on the Eighth International Conference on Ming History (Shimen, Report on the Fifth International Conference on Ming History (Xi'an, August 33:56 Report on the Ninth International Conference on Ming History Research in China Since 1990, Ming History Research on the History of Chinese Islam Today Rethinking the Self in Relation to the World in the Mid-Ming: The Responses 44:13 of Chen Xianzhang, Hu Juren, Wang Yang-ming, and Zhan Ruoshui to Rhetoric of Chin P'ing Mei (Review) Rhetoric of Spontaneity in Late-Ming Literature PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Role of Leading Court Officials as Patrons of Painting in the Fifteenth Sage, Hero, Bandit: Zhu Yuanzhang's Image in the Sixteenth-Century Novel 50:77 Salient Features of the Ming Labor Service System Scenes for Mandarins: The Elite Theater of the Ming (Review) Senkeido shomoku choshamei sakuin: gojuonjun (Author index to Qianqingtang bibliography: in phonetic order) (Review) Significance of the Reign Title Chia-Ching Sixth International Conference on Ming History (Fengyang, August 1995) Small Fry to Big Fish: Representing the Rise of Jiujiang Township, Nanhai Smallpox, Salesmen, and Sectarians: Ming-Mongol Relations in the Jiajing Social Change and Fiscal Reform in the Fifteenth Century PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Southern Ming in Chinese Periodicals: A Tentative Bibliography Southern Ming, 1644-1662 (Review) Soviet Contributions to Ming History (1975) Sprouts of Capitalism--A New Transplant? State of Ming Studies: A Symposium (1976) State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China: Orthodoxy, Creativity, and Story of Zhu and Mongols of the Seventeenth Century Subbureaucratic Government in Ming Times: A Study of Shandong Province 20:8 in the Sixteenth Century (Review) Surrejoinder to Professor William Theodore de Bary Survey of Ming Historical Studies in Japan: Past and Present (Translated By 27:67 Syncretic Religion of Lin Chao-en (Review) System of Menhuan in China: An Influence of Sufism on Chinese Muslims Szechwan-Tibet Frontier in the Fifteenth Century T'ai-tsu (Taizu); see also Chu Yuan-chang (Zhu Yuanzhang) Taxation and Governmental Finance in Sixteenth Century Ming China PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Theaters of Desire: Authors, Readers, and the Reproduction of Early Chinese 49:119 Three Ways to Read a Love Letter in Late Ming Thronbesteigung und Thronfolge im China der Ming (1368-1644) (Review) Towers in the Northern Frontier Defenses of the Ming Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes and Variations (Review) Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century (Review) 49:115 Travel Diaries of Hsu Hsia-K'o (Review) Treatises on Military Affairs of the Ming Dynastic History (1368-1644) Trends in Ming History Research in Mainland China True-False Pattern in the Jin Ping Mei Tuntian Farming of the Ming Dynasty (Review) Twisted Tale of Love and Treachery in a Small County in Ming Times Two Late Ming Vernacular Novels: Chan Zhen Yishi and Chan Zhen Houshi 23:21 Two Studies on Ming History (Review) Überblick über dieVolkszählung und das gelbe Bevölker-ungsregister Ucheniie Van lanmina i klassicheskaia kitaiskaia filosofia (Review) Unfolding of Neo-Confucianism (Review) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Unity of Knowledge and Action, Debate Over Unity of Knowledge and Action: A Study in Wang Yang-ming's Moral Unrecorded Buddhist Scriptures in Ta-T'ung, A Note on Urban History in Later Imperial China (Review Article) Usurpation of the Prince of Yen, 1398-1402 (Review) Vignettes from the Late Ming: A Hsiao-p'in Anthology (Review) Village Elder System of the Early Ming Dynasty Wang Gen (1483-1541) und Seine Lehre: Eine kritische Position im späten Wang Yang-ming's Youth: A Personal Reflection on the Method of My Weighty Matters, Weightless Form: Politics and the late Ming Xiaopin Writer 39:50 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, Woman's Voice: Portrayals of Heroism in Two Zaju on Three Kingdoms' Wu Han, the Cultural Revolution, and the Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang: An 11:33 Wu Han's Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang, A Reappraisal Xu Xiake(1587-1641):The Art of Travel Writing (Review) PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Yongle Reign and the Transformation of Daoxue Yuan Thought: Chinese Thought under the Mongols (Review) Zhu Youdun's Dramatic Prefaces and Traditional Fiction: An Addendum Zhu Youdun's Dramatic Prefaces and Traditional Fiction Zhu Yuanzhang: A Succession of Biographies PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi Ming Studies is the journal of the Society for Ming Studies and lished twice yearly by the Center for Early Modem History of versity of Minnesota. It is a refereed journal concerned with sch on all aspects of Chinese society and culture from the fourteen Ming Studies carries articles, book reviews, and news of the fiel disciplines and from all points of view. Scholars are invited to articles based on original research, substantial review articl specialized bibliographies. Manuscripts. Articles submitted to the journal should not h peared elsewhere or be under review by other publications, scripts should be double-spaced with notes and references in at the end. Citations and bibliography should follow the Ming style sheet below. Send manuscripts to the Editor. Style Sheet. Authors submitting manuscripts to Ming Studies include two copies, double-spacing all text, notes and refere possible include one machine-readable The journal follows the author-date system of documentatil page citation, supplemented by numbered end notes where need details see the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (Chicago: Un of Chicago Press, 2003), pp. 612-624. Notes and a list of work if there is one, should appear at the end of the article. In the the text, use underlining to indicate book titles and foreign to Chinese characters are to be included they should be inserted in the text following the first occurrence of name or Romanize The full forms of Chinese characters are preferred. Romanize Chinese names and terms should use the Pinyin system withd or diacritical marks. Books. Books for review and correspondence concerning should be sent to the Book PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versi


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