Multigenerational retirement distribution planning

Internationally known endocrinologist and cancer researcher Understanding the biology of estrogen receptors, et al. Recent: development of selective hormonal agents for breast cancer treatment and prevention Numerous awards, honors and special fellowships from governmental, private and academic institutions: MERIT Award (199-1999) from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, the Jill Rose Award for outstanding research from The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Ernst Oppenheimer Award and Roy O. Greep Lecture Award of The Endocrine Society, the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the National Scholar Award from the American Association of University Women Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; President of the Endocrine Society - world’s largest professional society: 10,000 endocrinologists Directs an active research unit that has trained over 70 graduate students and postdoctoral scientists – B.A.: 1965, City University of New York – M.A.: 1966, Harvard University – PhD.: 1970, Harvard University – Post-Doc.: 1907-71, University of Illinois – Gene Expression – Reproductive Biology – Endocrinology – Genomics – Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions • Susan G. Komen for the Cure Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction in basic science and clinical research • Pivotal laboratory work that led to a better understanding of how drugs like tamoxifen and raloxifene work on a molecular level to fight and prevent certain breast cancers • Drugs/hormone sensitive breast cancers/for 70% • Survival rate for all breast cancers’ 89%-largely due to the successful use of these hormone therapies before and after surgery • Published over 250 research articles, 30 chapters in books, and co-edited a text on hormone-dependent cancers • An otherwise vacant submerged submarine • “…being on the margins of life, seeing the world with a view toward make sense of it…” • “How much dysfunctionality is just enough to – Cheating death – Intellectual procreator – Impact on eternity indeterminate – 1st to first child – Extended: increased risk • More children, less risk • Age: life cycle – Bell curve; excess medical costs – Rectangle; abrupt end of the journey • Today’s world: Google/sports/marketing • The movie: Money Ball: Brad Pitt • Theme: Statistics v. intuition • Oakland athletics 2002 season – 20-game winning streak; AL record – Coach: personal issues – Yale grad: number cruncher/scouts • “Isn’t so much about sports as about the war • Developmental molecular biologist and research consultant; University of Washington School of Medicine • Rule #3 – wiring different • Cell/fried egg/ – Howard Gardner: Frames of the Mind: The – Acts and learning rewires brain – Begins develop @ different rates in different – No two brains store info in the same way – Intelligent: not IQ tests – One backup – Genetically more complex – Mix of mom and dad • 25 million American women turning 50 in the next – Hormone replacement therapy? – Drug companies: capitalism • “Hormones are not a panacea or a weapon of • “Breaking a hip will kill you a lot faster than breast • Healthy weight; caveman • Balanced diet: Kenya: meat • No smoking • Bike, run, swim: repeat! – Creation of new knowledge replace old • Colleges: Liberal Arts: free standing – Transmission of knowledge of and from the – Create a living resource in the future – Research universities – Undergrad teaching – “… superior faculty results in an inferior concern for undergraduate teaching” – Rural, urban, suburban – Profit, non-profit – Secular, religious – Selective/ open – 14 million undergrads – Less than 100,000 – Michigan football stadium – 18 million undergrads – Less than 100,000 – Colleges: same number – “… anxious pursuit of marketable skills in overcrowded under resourced institutions…” – Most/least gratifying – Trade offs • Fondest memory, wildest dream, perfect day • Anyone – for the rest of your life, or just tomorrow • Finish this sentence: “the most beautiful thing I • Best decision/worst decision • History rewritten • Happiness defined • Assume I am about to embark upon an academic career designed to emulate Benita, how should I proceed?


Catherine Street Medical Centre 18 Catherine Street, Waterford Phone:051-875338/877317 Fax: 051-878265 Dr. Tony Lee M.R.C.G.P. M.I.C.G.P. D.Obs. D.C.H. Dip. H.S.W. D.C.H. MC 06090 Dr. Aine Hennigan D.Obs.,D.Psych.,D.Derm,M.I.C.G.P., L.F.O.M. MC 17496 Dr. Sarah O’Brien M.B. , B.Ch., M.R.C.P.I., M.I.C.G.P., D.C.H. MC 22900

REVISTA CIENCIACTUAL ISSN 2248-468X Cienciactual Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud Universidad de San Buenaventura, Seccional Cartagena Número 2, Vol. 1, Cartagena de Indias D.T. y C. Enero/Junio, 2012. Créditos Institucionales. Secretario General: Vicerrector Académico: Vicerrector Administrativo y Financiero: Director: Co-Editor:

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