Access the World with WiMAX
SOMA Networks is a leading provider of Mobile WiMAX solutions. Specifically designed to bring
broadband wireless access and advanced applications to the home, SOMA’s FlexMAX™ Mobile
WiMAX System and SoftAir™ Multimedia Application System provide a complete solution using an
all IP-based architecture, allowing service providers to offer virtually any fixed or nomadic
broadband service.
SOMA’s FlexMAX System takes advantage of bandwidth efficiencies enabled by the Mobile WiMAX
standard to ensure quality of service—even for high-bandwidth applications like video-on-demand.
With the FlexMAX System, service providers can begin realizing revenue almost immediately by
rolling out simultaneous broadband services such as multi-megabit data, revenue-quality voice,
seamless mobility, personalized video and quad-play.
To help service providers launch and manage their FlexMAX-based Mobile WiMAX networks as
efficiently as possible, SOMA also offers a rich portfolio of professional services. These services can
be purchased as complete packages or in any combination, depending on the service provider’s
SOMA Networks is a principal member of the WiMAX Forum, and its FlexMAX Mobile WiMAX
System supports the (Wave 2) 802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX standard. Founded in 1999 and
deployed on five continents, SOMA is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in
Toronto, Ottawa, Delhi, Sao Paulo and Singapore. The company is privately held.

SOMA Networks: Making the Best Business Case for WiMAX

Around the world, billions of people still lack access to the most basic telephony services. SOMA provides the industry's best business case for using Mobile WiMAX to bridge this digital divide by enabling an array of voice, data, video and mobile services over a single integrated wireless infrastructure that can be deployed much more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional wireline infrastructures. SOMA’s FlexMAX Mobile WiMAX System also facilitates market entry for service providers by allowing them to: • Support the most subscribers per square kilometer • Reduce deployment and operational costs • Offer simultaneous multimedia services • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU) with differentiated services • Deliver fixed, nomadic and mobile services over a single integrated network.
SOMA Solutions

SOMA’s FlexMAX Mobile WiMAX System is an end-to-end solution consisting of base stations,
mobile stations, a home agent, an authentication server and an optional element management system
that allows service providers to monitor their Mobile WiMAX networks in real-time. The FlexMAX
System utilizes a tower-mounted radio subsystem along with advanced antenna technologies that
dynamically adapt to any terrain or service area by increasing signal strength without increasing power
consumption. In addition, a single FlexMAX macrocell base station can serve up to 1000 subscribers
SOMA Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. March 2008
Access the World with WiMAX
within a cell radius of up to 16 km (10 mi)—the largest radius in the industry. These capabilities allow
service providers to cost-effectively connect subscribers in densely populated urban areas as well as
sparsely populated rural ones.
SOMA’s SoftAir Multimedia Application System provides the essential software elements service
providers need to build—and sustain—a competitive advantage when deploying Mobile WiMAX.
These software components include:
• Support for simultaneous multimedia applications • Scalability and quality of service (QoS) that delivers the most services to the greatest number of • Integration with third-party, IP-based billing and provisioning systems • Interoperability with IMS infrastructures
SOMA Global Services provides a full array of professional services developed to accelerate service
providers’ time-to-market and enable them to rapidly deliver advanced multimedia services utilizing
SOMA’s FlexMAX Mobile WiMAX System. SOMA’s portfolio of services includes:
• Professional Services • Program Management and Deployment Services

SOMA Networks has built a strong ecosystem of development, application, sales and network
equipment partners. These partners include: Arraycomm, Axis, Broadsoft, Gemtek, MetaSwitch,
Qualcomm, Sanyo, Sequans, TATA, Texas Instruments and Zentek.
Company Management

Yatish Pathak
Sunil Mehta
Scott Woodworth
Mark Cheley
R. Doug Kneebone
Yossi Shabat

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SOMA Networks
SOMA Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. March 2008

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