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home spas are highly valued in Calgary's market, the 5 highest return renovations are ones that anyone can do. They are typically things that can be done for a few thousand dollars, or even a few hundred if you do them yourself, and will not only result in a quicker sale for your home but can also return every dime you spend and then some.
If you’re going to paint yourself, be sure to do the job right. A poor paint job can While a fresh paint job may seem like an easy and you don't have the me or ability to do these things, cheap way to add value, it is absolutely essen al that hire a professional. While the ra o of labor cost to the job be done properly or it can substan ally materials is very high when pain ng, a poor paint job decrease the value of your home. Unless you’re very sure of your decora ng skills, fresh paint inside in neutral colors is recommended. While that bright If you're unsure of what colors are currently 'in', take orange wall may appeal to you it will put off many an a ernoon trip to a few showhomes. Builders keep buyers. Also, paint on baseboards, door handles, up to date on the colors that appeal to buyers so feel electrical sockets and hinges looks sloppy and will free to use their color choices for inspira on.
give buyers a very poor impression of your home.
While pain ng the outside of your home is unlikely to If you're going to do the job yourself, be sure to get be necessary, wooden window frames, decks and ps from online videos on how to paint straight fences may need a fresh coat of paint or stain if edges. Take the me to remove light switch and socket covers before pain ng walls and remove doors from their hinges before pain ng the frames. If Written by Ken Dove, Calgary REALTOR since 2003
M A R K E T I N G T H A T M O V E S Y O U 5
A deck is one of very few renova ons where you can expect to get back 100 percent of your investment to build it, even if you hire someone else to do the work. Many new homes are built without decks so if yours is s ll without a deck building one before lis ng will Fenced yards are highly desirable in any help achieve a faster sale and a higher price.
neighborhood. From concerns over child or pet safety to a simple desire for privacy, homes with As with fences, if you have a deck that's looking a li le fenced back yards will sell quicker and for a higher worn, refinishing the deck before lis ng is highly O en a fence can be built or replaced for a few thousand dollars. This is money that will come back to you when you sell and while it may not add more value than the cost of building it, you will likely sell quicker with a fence than without and, as a general rule, the fewer the days on the market, the higher the sale price.
Also, if you have a fence but it's in poor condi on, it will pay you to repair and refinish it.
Written by Ken Dove, Calgary REALTOR since 2003
M A R K E T I N G T H A T M O V E S Y O U 5
Sod/Lawn Care
Many new homes are sold without sod as it must be watered twice a day for the first few weeks in order Flooring
to establish itself, otherwise it will simply turn brown and die in short order. If your home s ll has no sod, or much more commonly, if your lawn has been Whether you have hardwood, ceramic le, carpet or damaged by pets or simply hasn't been a priority for lino the impression that a buyer has of your home can you fresh sod will return its cost and make your be greatly improved by refinishing or replacing your home much more appealing to buyers. Just be sure flooring. Worn hardwood and dirty carpets can devalue otherwise a rac ve homes by 10's of thousands. If your carpet is visibly worn, it should be Also, if you have garden areas weed them replaced, and steam cleaning exis ng carpets before thoroughly before and throughout the dura on of your lis ng, as well as removing weeds from cracks in sidewalks or other areas where a buyer would no ce Hardwood floors can usually be refinished for a few them. While curb appeal is not as important as it dollars per square foot. Broken ceramic les should used to be, a buyer's first impression of your home be replaced and dirty grout scrubbed un l it looks will be from the outside. It will pay you to make that a new. Dated, yellowed lino should also be replaced and if it is within your budget, replaced with ceramic le as linoleum is becomingly increasingly frowned upon by need to be kept free of snow and ice.
Written by Ken Dove, Calgary REALTOR since 2003


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