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MiraLAX and Gatorade Colonoscopy Prep Warning
Some of your medications such as blood thinners (e.g.: Coumadin/warfarin, xarelto, Aggrenox, pradaxo, Plavix/clopidregel) may need to be stopped for a few days before your procedure. At the time your procedure was scheduled, we would have given you specific instructions of how to manage these changes – you would also want to check with the prescribing doctor. If you have questions, please call us (864-7483). If you are on insulin or other medications for diabetes, please CHECK with your REGULAR physician for specific instructions. Otherwise, take your regular meds and inhalers. Your MiraLAX Colonoscopy prep is as follows:
1. Please buy Dulcolax laxative tablets – you will need 2 tablets. Dulcolax is over the counter –
no prescription is necessary. A prescription for MiraLAX will be sent to you. It can be bought over the counter as well. 2. Three days before your procedure: try to avoid eating nuts, popcorn, and seeds.
3. The day before: STOP ALL SOLID FOOD INTAKE. Begin a clear liquid diet as soon as you
get up. Clear liquids are liquid foods you can see through. This includes water, fruit juices, jello,
clear broth or bouillon, Sprite, sport drinks, popsicles etc.

Clear Liquid:
Not Clear Liquid:
No red or purple items of any kind Coffee or Tea (No Milk or Non-Dairy Creamer) Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks Please consume plenty of clear liquids.
All solid foods, milk and milk products, and any red or purple items. Limit coffee and tea
as they can dehydrate you.
4. At 3:00 p.m., the day before your procedure, swallow 2 (two) Dulcolax laxative tablets 5. At 5:00 p.m., mix half of the 238 gram (or 255 gram) bottle of MiraLAX, with one quart of Gatorade. Gatorade Ice, Power Ade, Power Ade Zero are also acceptable. Shake the solution until the mixture is dissolved. Drink one 8 oz. glass every 15 minutes until done. After you drink the solution, you may have results (the onset of loose bowel movements) within one hour, sometimes not for several hours. 6. On the day of your procedure, starting about FIVE TO SIX hours prior to your procedure, mix the remaining MiraLAX with one quart of Gatorade or any clear liquid. Shake the solution until the mixture is dissolved. Drink one 8 oz. glass every fifteen minutes until done. You must drink ALL of the solution. 7. Continue to drink an 8 oz. glass of any clear liquid every half hour until two hours prior to your appointment, then nothing more. NOTHING TO DRINK FOR 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE. 8. IF YOU ARE HAVING GENERAL ANESTHESIA WITH PROPOFOL, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DRINK FOR 4 HOURS BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE. YOU WOULD BE TOLD OF THIS WHEN YOU ARE SCHEDULED. Arrive at Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) ONE HOUR PRIOR to your procedure time. Check
in at the Registration Office in the Main Lobby of the FAHC Ambulatory Care Center. Once you
have registered, they will give you directions to the Endoscopy Suite.
You will need someone to drive you home because of the sedation you will receive for your procedure. The hospital will not allow you to leave by yourself or use public transportation. FAHC Registration Center, Main Pavilion, Level 3 (street level)  


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