Symantec Antispam™ for SMTP
Multi-layered protection to control spam in the enterprise
Spam poses a significant threat to enterprise messaging by tying up bandwidth, consuming mail KEY POINTS
storage space, and negatively impacting end-user productivity. Because of spammer innovation, any single line of defense is subject to defeat. Taking a multi-layered approach, by combining multiple levels of spam detection with layers of false positive prevention and management, provides protection against spam at theInternet email gateway enterprise customers with effective, long-term protection against spam.
Combines multiple technologylayers of source-based and Multi-layered spam prevention
As a highly integrated, multi-layered anti-spam solution, Symantec Antispam for SMTP stops spam through a combination of approaches, including anti-spam heuristic detection and support for multiple real-time blacklist services. Other layers include custom sender block lists to block by the use of advanced anti-spamheuristics, blacklists, and first- and second-level domain and email addresses, and whitelist support that allows for quick false positive remediation and outright prevention. Through its multi-layered spam prevention approach, Symantec Antispam for SMTP provides the flexibility to efficiently implement anti-spam measures at advanced alerting capabilities,and management reportingthrough an intuitive HTML Controlling spam at the gateway
Symantec Antispam™ for SMTP addresses spam at the earliest point of entry onto the network – the By using key source-based detection layers at the gateway layer, Symantec Antispam for SMTP minimizes the overall volume of spam messages that require administrative or end-user review and minimizes the impact on internal messaging servers.
Blocking by source
Using source-based blocking, administrators can minimize the volumes of unwanted content at the earliest entry point, without requiring additional review or processing. In addition to dramatically reducing the volume of incoming messages, this also minimizes administrative overhead. Symantec Antispam for SMTP uses the following two primary methods to accomplish this: Symantec ANTISPAM FOR SMTP
Custom Blacklist Unwanted email can be flexibly blocked based on fully-qualified email address,
top-level domain, or second-level domain. Wildcards are also supported.
Support for Multiple Real-time Blacklists An effective first layer against spam is DNSBL-based
(real-time) blacklists, also known as RBLs. Currently, there are over 100 real-time blacklist (RBL) services available on the Internet. Since each service blacklists addresses based on different sources of spam, using a combination of lists will minimize the total number of spam messages sent from multiple sources. Symantec AntiSpam for SMTP supports the use of any DNSBL- compliant blacklist service, as well as multiple services concurrently.
Blocking by content
By allowing administrators to block by content type, Symantec Antispam for SMTP helps eliminate spam e-mail messages that can overload server resources and mail storage space, as well as affect • Advanced Anti-spam Heuristics One of the solution's key content-based detection layers is
Symantec’s anti-spam heuristics, based on machine-learned, neural networks technology. The anti-spam heuristics engine is trained to distinguish between both unwanted spam email and desirable business and personal email. This increases the solution's effectiveness and accuracy in preventing spam, especially in comparison to traditional keyword-based solutions. Messages that appear to be spam are tagged for further review. Once tagged, these messages can either be forwarded directly from Symantec Antispam for SMTP to a “spam quarantine” mailbox or passed through to the end user's email client, where they are filtered into a local spam folder for • Subject Line Blocking Symantec AntiSpam for SMTP also supports blocking messages by subject
line, to stop spam messages containing typical spam content, like “Viagra” or “Make money.” To add greater flexibility in detecting common subject lines, wildcarding is also supported.
Preventing false positives
Spam prevention is not about detection alone, but also about remediating or even preventing false Custom Whitelisting Symantec AntiSpam for SMTP allows administrators to easily add
“approved” domains to a custom whitelist, which allows email coming from those domains to bypass both the real-time blacklist and heuristic anti-spam detection layers. Should legitimate bulk newsletters be inadvertently tagged or should the organization maintain a blacklisted mail server, adding the domain to the whitelist will allow any future deliveries to reach their destination untagged. Furthermore, by proactively adding domains for known and trusted customers and partners, the solution will not scan email coming from those sources, thereby ensuring that standard business email communications are delivered without unnecessary delay.
Standalone anti-spam protection
Symantec Antispam for SMTP is based on Symantec’s flagship SMTP gateway solution, Symantec AntiVirus™ for SMTP Gateways, which includes extensive virus protection capabilities. For organizations with gateway virus scanning already in place, Symantec Antispam for SMTP can be implemented on the same server, giving customers the option of implementing anti-spam measures without impacting existing infrastructure. As a filtering mail relay with flexible routing and message handling, Symantec Antispam for SMTP fits seamlessly into your messaging infrastructure to add another layer of protection against the threat posed by spam.
Ease of management
Symantec Antispam for SMTP provides an HTML-based graphical user interface that enables remote administration and configuration. The administrator console also supports multi-level access to enable lower-level administrators to perform routine management tasks, while preventing them from altering critical configuration settings. Real-time status monitoring allows administrators to update SMTP servers’ performance metrics with the click of a button, providing the number of messages processed, the number of messages in the queue, and many other statistics in real-time. Comprehensive activity logging helps administrators track spam activity, including system and message actions, and exports activity logs to popular spreadsheets or databases. The flexible reporting capabilities enable administrators to generate detail and summary reports of spam activity, so organizations can analyze spam activity and measure the effectiveness of their About Symantec email security
For a more comprehensive email security solution, Symantec AntiVirus for SMTP Gateways tightly integrates the same anti-spam capabilities as Symantec AntiSpam for SMTP, while also providing virus protection technologies to protect your network against email-borne threats.
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