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French Machinery :
ITMA 2011 above all expectations
ITMA 2011 in Barcelona was clearly a great edition of the machinery and technology exhibition.
“It was very spectacular to see so much interest for our machines and services and many significant projects from the textile producers worldwide” says Bruno Ameline, the Chairman of UCMTF, the French Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association. He adds “ there seem to be two different worlds, the financial world in jeopardy and a real economy where the entrepreneurs have long term goals and innovative projects to ensure the growth and the profitabilty of their companies.” The French exhibitors were amazed by the number and the quality of the visitors, their already wel planned projects and their wil ingness to implement these very quickly to secure competive Contracts have been signed on the show, some on which the French machinery manufacturers may report, many which the customers want to keep confidential not to let their competitors know about Evelyne Cholet, UCMTF Secretay General, states that “the French manufacturers are now harvesting the results of their strategy to address the specific requirements of their customers, to provide them tailored solutions and seamless service, in one word to build long-term relationships with them and provide added value to their projects.” Spinning and yarn processing
NSC Fibre To Yarn
NSC Fibre To Yarn main innovation was the S200 new stretch breaker. It was very wel received by the customers. The latest evolution of the ERA combing machine also reached a big success.
The company attracted an unusual number of customers from such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Iran and India.
SUPERBA has shown its latest development in the field of artificial turf: the GREENTEX line. It is a completely new concept for the processing of artificial grass which enables to carry out the wel - known KDK technology in one single operation. The line is capable of texturizing up to 12 ends at the same time in a ful y continuous operation including knitting, on-line heat-setting, de-knitting and re- The customers, prospects and visitors who were looking for innovative processes, quality and energy savings in machinery and differentiation with new products on their market segments, found these with the Greentex line, or with the already reputed TVP3 heat-setting line for carpet yarns.
SwissTex France has presented a new twisting & cabling Tire Cord machine: the CP 20 exhibited for the 1st time in a show. The machine was running on the booth and has attracted many visitors. With this new CP 20 machine, SwissTex France makes the choice of a complete new design from the frame to the textile equipment, with many advantages such as energy saving, easy ergonomics.
Christophe Lettner, head of Sales and Marketing, said the booth was particularly active with customers coming with very precise projects and that very important orders were signed during PETIT Spare Parts
PETIT Spare Parts is a dealer in accessories for all textile machines. It has a wide international installed base. Over 6 000 spare parts references are available on stock at competitive prices. A personalised assistance is provided by technicians and a reactive, trilingual bureau is available for the PETIT Spare Parts has acquired worldwide exclusive rights to deal in original spare parts for the “fine fibres” machines of the ARCT, ACBF, ICBT, RIETER ICBT and RITM brands.
The measurement of the real tension of yarn is of paramount importance to optimize the quality of the
yarn during the manufacturing process. FIL CONTROL brought a solution for detecting “big” yarns (400 to 10 000 dTex) thanks to a new product MYT (Meters Yarn Tension) with a wide tension range: 100cN to 10 000cN. It also permits to detect drifts in the manufacturing process of yarns and to Nonwovens
The main innovation was the new generation of Airlay type “Flexiloft +”. This fifth Laroche Airlay generation is designed to produce uniform mats from all types of fibers from 2 to 60 mm length whatever the fineness and as wel as from non-fibrous particles.
The main improvement of this new generation is in the capability of this machine to produce very resilient lofty fibers mats which wil permit notably to produce thermobonded products with uniform density of less than 10 kg/m3 and with thickness up to 300 mm after thermobonding process. Also a big improvement has been made to produce mats of fibers from 250 up to 10 000 gsm with a capacity up to 1T/h/m as wel as the ability to process 100% shredded paper or 100% wood fibers.
LAROCHE is particularly proud to have sold the 10th JUMBO/EXEL Tearing Line to its main customer in Spain “ALCOCERTEX”, as wel as other recycling lines to countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Breaking NEWS : Andritz acquires Asselin-Thibeau
During ITMA, Andritz Group and NSC Group announced they had signed a contract on September 20 for the acquisition of Asselin-Thibeau by Andritz.
Asselin-Thibeau is the corporate identity of the NSC Nonwovens activities and Andritz already a leader in nonwovens through Andritz Perfojet in France and Andritz Küsters in Germany.
Both companies insisted that very interesting synergies could be found with this consolidation: a nonwoven platform within the Andritz Group wil enable the pooling of three experiences and know how to optimize the existing technologies and achieve the best process results and the utmost production efficiency for single system components or ful -line concepts. For the clients a wide range of processes wil be available from a single source.
Concerning the future of the NSC Group, Bruno Ameline, Chairman and CEO explained the Group wil continue to invest for the future of its engineering expertise.
NSC Nonwoven
ASSELIN THIBEAU was very satisfied with ITMA 2011.
The machinery manufacturer received an excel ent welcome for the Excel e Isoweb® TT card as wel as for the ACS Profile crosslappers and the new SDV-2 needleloom for velour applications.
Excel e Isoweb® TT card is the inline card solution to obtain 3/1 MD/CD strength ratio on final product, even at high speeds over 250 m/min.
ACS is the crosslappers solution for high speed production capacities. Even with both card web condensed, ACS is enabling the Asselin® crosslappers to run an inlet speed wel over 100 m/min.
With parallel card web, speeds are over 150 m/min. The ACS also enhances the final fabric performances, such as contributing to obtain a MD/CD ratio for strength and elongation, close to 1/1. Automotive appears to be one of the key application fields.
For Jean-Philippe DUMON, Sales & Marketing Director, the affluence of customers was huge, special y customers with real projects from India, Pakistan, Middle-East and Gulf countries, North and Latin Americas. The attendance from Europe and Asia was as expected, with a limited number of Chinese customers. Several contracts have been signed during ITMA but the company cannot give names for the moment to respect the confidentiality requested by the customers.
Andritz Perfojet and Andritz Küsters presented their latest developments in wetlaid, spunlace, With the neXline spunlace, which includes the Jetlace hydroentanglement system, a dewatering unit, through-air dryer, and twin embossing calender, Andritz can provide a single-source solution with high productivity and very attractive energy efficiency to produce state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics. In order to customize spunlace fabrics and produce unique webs, Andritz offers a ful range of patterning and aperture solutions using calenders or sleeves. A further innovative development by Andritz Perfojet is the spunjet technology for spunlaid nonwovens. This patented process entails hydroentanglement of continuous filaments, thus creating a new generation of nonwovens with superior fabric properties as regards bulk, softness, drape, and tensile strength.
STÄUBLI announced a new generation of dobbies, the newly developed rotary dobby family S3060/S3260. The new evolutionary locking system principle – the heart of every dobby - features enhanced security for the selection of the heald frames and allows higher production speeds and As a main attraction on the STÄUBLI booth customers wanted to see the new Jacquard machine SX, which is now also available in a version SX V for the production of velvet fabrics. Furthermore drawing-in machine SAFIR S80 - known for high universality and faultless drawing-in quality of weaving harnesses - was of major interest to customers who want to further rationalize weaving New contacts were made and many projects were discussed, started or reviewed. A most pleasing fact is that an encouraging number of orders were finalized during the show.
MALLEIN, a specialist of the beam for warping and weaving, is able to answer to all needs of the actual textile activity. The entire integration of its aluminium foundry and all of its production facilities allowed MALLEIN to answer to all specifics enquiries.
MALLEIN exhibited its new range of aluminium canisters during ITMA 2011, canisters that are stronger and stronger and manufactured with the greatest geometric precision.
On ITMA, EBELMANN worked very closely with its clients on how to reduce waste on the selvedges during the weaving process. In particular special scissors, made in carbide tungsten blades, in association with polycrystal ine diamond inserts – a special know how of the company- were closely studied by many customers for such applications as aramids, glass fibers, carbon fibers and other “New research in 3 D and multiaxial weaving are very promising for EBELMANN” says Karine Dyeing and finishing
Shown for the first time in Barcelona, the ROTORA Yarn & Fabric Machine is the new advancement of the ROTORA concept to dye a beam of cones in rotation.
It offers the possibility to dye simultaneously cones and fabrics. One of the main advantages is to obtain absolutely the same color in clothes which are made with fabric and yarn.
A sampling can be made without draining the vessel, by means of a door on the vessel.
The rotation of the beams inside the machine allows to adapt the quantity of bath to the quantity of material and so to dye in the most economical condition. The ROTORA Y & F allows economies up to 50% compared to conventional machines and more versatility as the length of the ROTORA Y & F beam machine is adapted to the width of the fabric and/or the number of cones to be dyed.
Callebaut de Blicquy (CDB) introduced its latest improvements in dye-work management - On laboratory level, with CDB specific device for “online” color measuring, integrated to the dyeing machine or any other equipment requiring it, and with their own lab equipment allowing both process optimization and significant production cost savings.
- On industrial level: CDB introduced machines for economical and ecological Very High Density bleaching and dyeing of loose stock fibers, tow and bumps (up to 700 kg per cubic meter for acrylic or polyester tow and more than 350 kg per cubic meter for loose cotton fibers), allowing huge savings in water, steam and ingredients consumption, and so providing the most competitive cost ROUSSELET
The latest version of ROUSSELET ROBATEL continuous centrifugal hydro-extractor achieved a great success at ITMA. The various and numerous loose stock processors involved in dyeing, bleaching or washing have been impressed by energy cost savings such centrifuge allows at the level of the drying operation, and appreciated its new designed ful opening and pneumatically driven top lid which significantly reduces basket inspection and cleaning times, so increasing its productivity and DOLLFUS & MULLER
The interest on the DOLLFUS & MULLER booth was special y on the new compactor felt for the knitted fabrics finishing which brings many new advantages: higher compaction, softer for quicker running in, peach skin surface for a better finishing of light weight open width fabrics. Many contacts were also taken concerning the dryer belts and the sanfor felts.
David Fauconnier, Sales Director, emphasises that “ITMA 2011 has surpassed our expectations. The number of visitors at the DOLLFUS & MULLER booth increased by more than 40% compared with the prior edition of ITMA. Many new contacts were made with prospects from such countries as Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and as wel from India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil.” Last but not least, during the show DOLLFUS & MULLER was very proud to celebrate its 200 years Miscellaneous
Visitors have discovered Calemard’s cutter Softegder new generation, developed especial y for flat and smooth edges on narrow strips 100% PE, Tafta or satin.
The Decoup+ Ultrasonic division has introduced its new mini press to perform cutting, welding and punching operations: even more compact, more versatile, with easier settings and maintenance.
The customers were searching for high quality devices but also customized solutions as per their needs, with the same objective: add value to their final product.
AESA, the specialist in air-conditioning and waste col ection systems for all textile factories, was positively impressed by ITMA Barcelona results noting a big qualitative and quantitative increase of visitors compared to previous edition. Prospective are very interesting in different part of the world and may materialize as soon as cotton price stabilize.
The main product innovation introduced at ITMA 2011 was the interactive mobility application linked with the textile specialized ERP, available in SaaS mode, thanks to the Cloud Computing technologies It is a very good solution for the textile producers’ objectives to network through internet with their own clients, and a real added value for textile of Schaeffer’s ERP/CRM business software.
For Rémy Wolfer, the export manager, “ITMA in Barcelona was a great success as more than 20 new projects should be finalized before the end of 2011.” 1- NSC and ANDRITZ announcement. From left to right:. Tobias. Schäfer, sales director Andritz Küsters; Didier Vul iet, CEO Andritz Perfojet; Johannes Haep, CEO Asselin Thibeau; Andreas Lukas, VP Andritz Küsters; Bruno Ameline, Chairman and CEO NSC Group; Jean-Philippe Dumon, sales and 2- UCMTF Secretary General, Evelyne Cholet 3- Al iance. Closing of a deal with an Iranian customer 4- Laroche and Alcocertex. Desiderio Catala, Alcocertex, Robert Laroche CEO and Charles Junker, sales 6- Al iance Rotora Yarn and Fabric 9- Spoolex. Calemard’s new Softleger


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