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Dear Parents, youth and leaders participating in Mexico 06 Mission / Vision Trip: I truly feel God has called us to go to Mexico this summer not just to “do work” but to experience God’s love in a deeper way. In John chapter 1, Jesus first called the disciples into ministry. They asked, “Where do you stay?” He said, “Come and See” (John 1: 38-39). Today Jesus is calling believers to be a part of His ministry. Mother Theresa said that to follow God is to be His hands and His feet in service of others. Jesus is inviting us to come and see where He is and to share in what He is doing. Where do you find Jesus? “Come and See”. It is my prayer that this trip will give all of us, whether you are going or supporting us from home, a more clear vision of who Jesus the Christ is and how he calls us to follow Him. Following Christ’s call does not give us a right to be comfortable but it opens the door for us to receive a deep love that can only come from our Creator and Savior. Following Christ is not the path of glamour and privilege but is the call to demonstrate Christ’s love and to serve others, even before ourselves. Whether we are going or remaining at home, may we all hear and respond to God’s voice in a new way to “Come and See”. May each of us walk each day that is ahead of us, even if we are uncomfortable, humbly and expectantly as Jesus leads us on to a deeper more intimate relationship with our Father and Creator. This Vision Trip has been made possible through God moving in and through many people who want the youth of this church to grow in their relationship with Christ. We thank Ray Cobb, our Session, and the International/National Ministry Team for their blessing and prayers for this trip. We are able to go and catch this deeper vision of Christ, His people, and even ourselves, because of the countless hours of sacrifice and love for you and for Christ by the following: Where Is Faith Ministry/MDF, Inc.?
Faith Ministry/MDF, Inc. works along the Texas/Mexico border meeting the needs of the poorest of the poor in this area. The ministry is composed of three phases. 1.) Our House Construction Program; 2.) Our Medical Program; and 3.) Our Evangelism Program. Our work is concentrated in the northern part of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The central office of Faith Ministry/Minesterio de Fe, Inc. is located at Betania Presbyterian Church, 510 N. 21st Street, McAllen, Texas and the mailing address is P. O. Box 756, McAllen, Texas 78505-0756. For more information, please contact Mr. Deantin O. Guerra, Jr., Executive Director or Mr. Danny R. Bear, Office Manager at (956) 631-3567. Our fax number is (956) 631-9746, email – Our mailing address is: Faith Ministry/MDF Inc. P. O. Box 756 McAllen, TX 78501 Mission Statement
“Faith Ministry exists because we are called to build God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ. We manifest our Faith in Jesus Christ by creating environments where all people have the opportunity to meet and know Jesus Christ.” OUR GOALS ARE AS FOLLOWS:
A. To share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with others in the communities B. To provide medical assistance and medications to members of the communities C. To provide housing facilities to the impoverished, (consisting of a modest 12’ x 24’ block building) to replace the unlivable dwellings in the communities where we are working. D. To establish other programs that will show the love of our Lord Jesus Christ in E. To serve as a means of uniting two cultures and two nations under the mantle of our
Faith Ministry/MDF Inc. is a strong praying ministry based on the Holy Scripture text,
Galatians 5:6, “For all we need is Faith working through Love.”
Faith Ministry/Ministerio de Fe, Inc. and it’s staff has felt the guidance of the Holy
Spirit to reach out and try to alleviate some of the needs that face our brothers and
sisters in Christ from Reynosa and Miguel Aleman Mexico. With your prayers and
support, we feel that we can reach our goals set in this proposal.
What does Faith Ministry/MDF Inc. have to do with Starfish?
When Deantin began this Ministry, he felt that the enormity of the extreme poverty that he saw in Mexico was more than he could handle. He didn’t think he could do it. He came across a story that became kind of a hallmark for him. It was about a young child and his father on the beach. There were thousands of starfish that had been left on the shore by the tide and were slowly dying. The boy, realizing that the starfish were suffocating began throwing them back in the water; one by one. The father in an attempt to scold the boy told him that he was wasting his time because there were too many starfish to save and that it wouldn’t make a difference. The boy, with pure honesty that comes with innocence, reflected on what his father said, and replied; “Well, it made a difference to that one…” Deantin saw that like beached starfish, the ocean of people trapped in soul wrenching pit of a failed economy and barriers from lack of education or opportunities; that this ocean was made up of individuals. His load lightened as he focused on lives and souls one at a time, instead of mass condition. Code of Ethics for Travelers
1. Knowing that you are in a foreign country, you must always stay in groups of 3 and a leader should 2. Travel in a spirit of humility and with a genuine desire to know more about the people of your host 3. Be sensitively aware of the feelings of other people, thus preventing what might be considered offensive behavior on our part. This applies very much to photography. Always ask before taking pictures of people. 4. Cultivate the habit of listening and observing, rather than merely hearing and seeing. 5. Realize that often the people in the country you visit have time concepts and thought patterns different from your own. This does not make them inferior, only different. 6. Instead of looking for that “beach paradise”, discover enrichment of seeing a different way of life 7. Acquaint yourself with local customs and language; people will be happy with you. 8. Instead of the Western practice of knowing all of the answers, cultivate the habit of asking questions. Cultivate the habit of listening. Earn the right to be heard. Listen and learn before you share your opinions. 9. Remember that you are only one of thousands of tourists visiting this country and do not expect 10. When you are shipping, remember that the “bargain” you obtained was only possible because of 11. Do not make promises to people in your host country unless you are certain you can carry through. You may want to help an individual, but it is better to help the community (ask your leader how). 12. Spend time on your daily experience in an attempt to deepen your understanding. It has been said that what enriches you may rob and violate others. Source: Tourism in the Third World: Christian Reflections, Ron O’Grady, New York; Orbis Books, 1982. pp 64-65 Recommended Shots
Medications for the Trip
Hepatitis A shots -- a series of 2 shots taken 6 months apart; you should be able to get the first shot from your primary physician / pediatrician before traveling to Mexico – it could be covered under your parents health insurance policy – you will have to check and see. Get the second shot after you have returned to complete the immunization. 2) Tetanus shot – if you haven’t had a tetanus shot that is up-to-date, then you should get this shot too – should be also covered under your parents health insurance. 3) As a precaution, it is recommended that you bring a strong Sun Screen (minimum of SPF 30) for skin protection. For mild cases of “travelers’ diarrhea”, bring
Pepto-Bismol, Lomotil or Imodium AD. For severe diarrhea, prescription antibiotics
Noroxin or Cipro are recommended.
Required Trip Identification:
Valid US Passport OR
Certified “raised letter” copy of your birth certificate AND a photo ID – this could
be a valid NC drivers license or an NC DMV student ID issued at any DMV licensing office. Note: Certified copies of birth certificates can take some time to obtain. You Registration Form
Senior High Mexico Mission Trip
Triangle Presbyterian Church
July 9-15, 2006

Participant Information: (Please provide complete information and print legibly)

Participant’s Full Name _______________________________________________________________________
Sex M / F
Parent’s/Guardian’s Full Name(s) _______________________________________________________________ Home Street Address ________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________
Phone Numbers

Home Phone _______________________________________________________________________________
Parent’s Cell Phone (1) _________________________ Parent’s Cell Phone (2) __________________________
Work Phone (1) ______________________________ Work Phone (2) _________________________________
Emergency Contact Info (in case parents cannot be reached immediately):

Name ____________________________________
Relationship to Youth ___________________________
Emergency Contact Phone ___(________)________________________________________________________
Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Company
________________________________________________________________ Health Insurance Policy Number ________________________________________________________________ Participant’s Medications (type & dose)___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Participant’s Allergies _______________________________________________________________________ Tetanus Booster Date_________________________ Identification Checklist Travel in Mexico requires either a US Passport or a certified birth certificate and government- issued photo ID. My child will bring: _______
Whichever form of ID your child will carry, please return a photocopy of your child’s identification
documentation with this Registration Form for safe-keeping with TPC Chaperones.

Mission Project Contract & Covenant
There will be a maximum of 25 members (youth and adult leaders) participating in this Mission Project to McAllen, Texas and Miguel Aleman, Mexico. I, _________________________________________________________________________________________ as a committed member of this mission team, agree to participate in the fund-raisers, planning, Bible study, fellowship and all forms of manual labor, breakfast and lunch preparation and chores involved with this Mission Project in a Christian and enthusiastic manner. I will not smoke, drink alcohol, use controlled drugs and I will conduct myself in a behavior that is acceptable as a representative of Triangle Presbyterian Church. I will not leave the group and go off by myself. I also agree to respect the belongings of the Reynosa/Miguel Aleman Church Complex Dorms. I comprehend that this is a Mission Project and not a summer vacation trip. I understand that this Mission Project will benefit both myself and a needy Mexican Family. Through this exchange, I will better understand the Mexican Christian Culture and leave a positive image of American Youth. _____________________________________________________ Name _____________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________ City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________ Emergency Contact _____________________________________________________ Emergency Contact Home/Cell Numbers _____________________________________________________ Participant Signature _____________________________________________________ Parent Signature CHECKLIST
______Passport or Photo ID and Birth Certificate (notarized copy) ______Good walking shoes (Lace up tennis shoes and boots. No rainbows or other open toe shoes at worksite) ______Work gloves ______Comfortable, modest clothes. Shorts can be no more than 2 inches above the knee or longer (capris or bermuda shorts are acceptable for ladies). (Please understand you are going to a more conservative culture. No tight fitting clothing or short shorts/skirts. Now low-cut neck lines. No tank tops.) ______Nice outfit to attend church service (No shorts allowed. Men must wear long pants, ladies can wear capris). ______Sunscreen (SPF 45), hat, sun glasses, etc. ______Personal toiletry items ______Camera & film ______Bible/notebook/journal/pen/pencil ______Bedding, towels (single beds) ______Medications ______Bathing suit ______Insect repellent ______Anti-diarrhea medications ______Extra spending money for snacks, souvenirs ______Small child’s gift (pencils, paper, small toys – no candy, gum or war related items) ______Valuables left at home (jewelry, ipods, etc.) You may bring one bag to check (up to 50 pounds) and one carry on.


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