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SASCRO SASMO Congress 2013
Final Programme
Lecture & function rooms
*Registrar / fellow awards

08:00 – 18:00 Registration & Trade Exhibition SESSION 1 – Welcome & Official Opening
Chairs: Prof Lydia Dreosti & Prof Amo Jordaan
Prof Lydia Dreosti & Prof Amo Jordaan Sealy / Falkson Honorary Lecuture
Malignant melanoma: The changing face of a serial killer SESSION 2 – Plenary Session
Chairs: Prof Lydia Dreosti & Prof Amo Jordaan
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for early stage lung cancer Dr Frank Lagerwaard, VU Advances in radiation treatments with volumetric modulated arc Analysis of overall survival and safety during the course of the phase Prof Paul Ruff 3 velour trial comparing FOLFIRI and aflibercept or placebo in MCRC patients who progressed on prior oxaliplatin treatment [1] New radiation technologies: Is it worth the cost and effort? Prof Bryan Burmeister, University of Queensland WELCOMING FUNCTION
Dining room

SESSION 3A – Gastrointestinal Cancer (Colorectal)
Chair: Dr Daniel Vorobiof & Dr Michiel Botha
An Update of Recent Studies of VEFG-Targeting Agents Prof Bruce Giantonio, University of Pennsylvania A retrospective subset analysis of colon cancer patients at 2 centers Dr Georgia Demetriou in Johannesburg from the government and private sectors analysing their stages at presentation [2] A post-authorization survey to document the therapeutic management of oxaliplatin as a first line chemotherapy regimen in South Africa in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (MCC) [3] Prof Daniel Haller, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 3B – Modern Radiotherapy
Chairs: Prof Amo Jordaan & Prof Roy Lakier
Intracranial stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery using SBRT and SABR with volumetric modulated arc therapy Prof Lucca Cozzi, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland Maintenance therapy for advanced stage NSCLC- For Who, When Prof Suresh Ramalingam, Emory and Why? REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 3C – Psychosocial & Nurses
Chair: Ms Linda Greeff
WORKSHOP: When all that’s left is hope: Managing the transition
SESSION 4A – Breast Cancer
Chairs: Dr Coenraad Slabber
Prof Edith Perez, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Jacksonville Phase II randomized study of the EGFR, HER2, HER3 signaling Prof Lydia Dreosti inhibitor AZD8931 in combination with anastrozole (A) in women with endocrine therapy (ET) naive advanced breast cancer (MINT) [5] A retrospective analysis of 28 HIV positive breast cancer patients treated at Groote Schuur Hospital between 2006 and 2008 [6] Incidence and characteristics of breast cancer in young female patients seen at the Department of Medical Oncology, Steve Biko Hospital [7] LUNCH & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 4B - Melanoma
Chair: Prof Paul Ruff & Dr Bernardo Rapoport
The evolving role of radiotherapy in the management of melanoma Prof Bryan Burmeister, University of Vemurafenib: Clinical experience for advanced metastatic melanoma Dr Daniel Vorobiof [8] Ipilimumab immune related adverse events in advanced malignant melanoma: The Sandton Oncology experience [9] A retrospective review of treatment and outcomes in melanoma patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (1999-2013) [10] LUNCH & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 4C- Psychosocial & Nurses
Chair: Ms Linda Greeff
WORKSHOP continues: When all that’s left is hope: Managing the Dr Nelia Drenth, Hospice Palliative
transition from cure to care
Sponsored by Novartis
Breast Cancer
Chair: Prof Lydia Dreosti
Recent advances in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer Prof Edith Perez, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Jacksonville TRADE SYMPOSIUM 2
Sponsored by Merck Serono South Africa
Topic Colorectal Cancer
Chairs: Dr Georgia Demetriou & Dr Bernardo Rapoport
mCRC biological targeted treatment and markers in 1st line mCRC Dr Ayala Hubert, Hadassah Clinical trial design for targeted therapy: Lesson from colon cancer SESSION 5A – Haematology
Chairs: Dr Esther van Vuuren & Dr Richard Khanyile
MGUS and smoldering myeloma: Time to intervene? Prof Shaji Kumar, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN A retrospective review of demographics, histological subtyping and *Dr Omondi Ogude HIV status amongst Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH) [11] Retrospective study of patients treated for plasmablastic lymphoma *Dr Sebathu Chiyapo at Groote Schuur Hospital between 2004 and 2009 [12] Follicular lymphoma: State of the art in 2013 Prof Gilles Salles, Université Claude Bernard de Lyon & Hospices Civils de Lyon REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 5B – Genitourinary Cancer
Chairs: Prof Vinay Sharma & Dr Jeffrey Kotzen
Margin reduction for prostate treatments with ExacTrac IGRT: Intermediate to long term follow up of prostate cancer patients treated with real time prostate brachytherapy [13] Prostate external beam radiotherapy: Comparing a 3- and 4- field combination planning technique to a 5-field planning technique [14] Treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma Prof Manuela Schmidinger, Medical University of Vienna REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 5C - Psychosocial & Nurses
Chair: Ms Linda Greeff
Value of support groups for laryngectomy patients and their families Ms Hendriëtte Steyn, Department of [16] Web information resources and compassion fatigue: Where can oncology nurses and social workers turn to? [17] Ms Wilna Burgers, Social Worker, LCM Radiation Oncology, Pretoria Creating meaning: Research review (A proposed social work intervention model following a meaning-centered approach) [18] Work & Criminology, University of Pretoria REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 6A –Genitourinary & Gynaecological Cancer Room 1
Chairs: Dr Samuel Fourie & Dr Michiel Botha
Management of VEGFR-Tyrosine-kinase inhibitors associated Ovarian cancer outcomes: Single centre retrospective study to determine the impact of interval debulking surgery on survival compared to primary debulking surgery [19] A retrospective review of therapy and outcomes in ovarian cancer patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (1999-2013) [20] A retrospective study of advanced carcinoma of the cervix treated with a hypofractionated protocol at the department of radiation oncology University of Witwatersrand [21] SESSION 6B – General
Chairs: Prof Raymond Abratt & Dr Smitha Abraham
Resource sparing short course radiation versus long course radiation Dr Jeffrey Kotzen to palliate oesophageal cancer after brachytherapy: A prospective multi-centre randomized trial of the international atomic energy agency [22] A review of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma presenting to the Dr Barbara Robertson Department of Radiation Oncology at Groote Schuur Hospital [23] A preliminary retrospective analysis of colon cancer patients at 2 centers in Johannesburg of an insured and uninsured population [24] Personalised medicine in colorectal cancer: Reality Prof Marc Peeters, University of Antwerp, Belium SESSION 6C – Psychosocial
Chair: Ms Elma Hamilton
Medical update for social workers regrading hormonal therapies in Medical update for social workers regarding therapies in patients with testicular cancer and prostate cancer Medical update for social workers regarding target therapies in SESSION 6D – Nurses
Chairs: Prof Lize Maree & Mrs Joy Gordon
Why is it so difficult to understand and fulfil pain related information Prof Ina Fourie, Department of needs in palliative care? [25] Information Science, University of Pretoria Health seeking behaviours of women to detect cervical cancer compared to health seeking behaviours of women with cervical Quality of life from the perspective of the palliative patient in a resource poor community of South Africa [27] Breast cancer awareness: The role of the oncology nurse [28] ASTRAZENECA EVENING SYMPOSIUM

SESSION 7A – Lung Cancer
Chairs: Prof Lydia Dreosti & Dr Poovan Govender
Targeted therapies for lung cancer: The new frontier Prof Suresh Ramalingam, Emory University, Winship Cancer Institute A retrospective review of demographics, histology, smoking status, Dr Sze Wai Chan asbestos exposure and EGFR mutations in lung cancer patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, from 1999 to 2013 [29] A retrospective review of chemotherapy, responses and overall survival in lung cancer patients at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (1999-2013) [30] Implementing ExacTrac in clinical routine: New possibilities for lung Dr Jesper Carl, Aalborg University SBRT REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 7B - Haematology
Chairs: Prof Paul Ruff & Dr Ashraf Wadee
Aggressive B-cell lymphoma: Progresses and challenges Prof Gilles Salles, Université Claude Bernard de Lyon & Hospices Civils de Lyon A retrospective review of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at Groote Schuur Hospital over a 5 year period: Demographics, disease profile and treatment outcomes [31] HIV associated Hodgkin’s Lymphoma : A Groote Schuur Hospital Management of newly diagnosed myeloma: What is new? Prof Shaji Kumar, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 7C – Radiotherapy General Session Room 5
Chairs: Prof Roy Lakier
A total body irradiation protocol on a 6 MV photon beam [33] Should IMRT plan optimization really be driven by PTV dose Planning parameters influencing calculation time of VMAT [35] Malignant primary cardiac tumours: A comparitive study between Equra health protocol and international standards [36] Conformal avoidance as a method of brachytherapy dose control to Mr Willie Shaw organs at risk [37] Implementation of respiratory gating for radiotherapy patients [38] REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 7D – Psychosocial
Chairs: Ms Hedri Powell
WORKSHOP: Positive psychology interventions [39]
Prof Tharina Guse, University of Johannesburg REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 7E - Nurses
Chairs: Ms Petra Fordelmann & Ms Belinda Bailey
The importance of publications and nursing research in the South Cancer nursing research: An integrative review of the literature 2000 Prof Lize Maree, University of the to 2012 [40] REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 8A – Breast Cancer & Colorectal Cancer
Chairs: Dr Georgia Demetriou & Dr Barbara Robertson
The use of biomarkers in clinical decision making for the treatment of Prof Bruce Giantonio, University of colon and rectal cancer The role of adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer patients with axillary node negative or limited nodal disease after total mastectomy, axillary nodal clearance and systemic therapy [41] LUNCH, POSTER SESSION & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 8B – General
Chairs: Dr Hannah Simonds & Dr Ashraf Wadee
How to organize a screening programme for colorectal cancer Prof Marc Peeters, University of Antwerp, Belium The incidence of contralateral nodal relapse in the neck in patients treated at Groote Schuur Hospital for T1–T3 N0/+ squamous cell carcinomas of the lateral tongue between 1990 and 2010 [43] A descriptive analysis of patients with multicentric Castleman’s Disease seen at Groote Schuur Hospital Oncology Department from 2005-2012 [44] LUNCH, POSTER SESSION & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 8C – General
Chairs: Dr Poovan Govender & Dr Jeffrey Kotzen
What does it mean to be a radiotherapist? [45] Frameless stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) using rapidarc technique: Mr Sebushi Makgere Netcare Unitas Oncology Centre experience [46] Guidelines for the introduction of verification image review by Analysis of the planning target volume margins [48] Patient’s 26 year journey post craniospinal RT [50] LUNCH, POSTER SESSION & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 8D – Psychosocial
Chair: Ms Wilna Burgers
WORKSHOP continues: Positive psychology interventions
Prof Tharina Guse, University of Johannesburg The role of the oncology social worker in discharge planning LUNCH, POSTER SESSION & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 8E – Nurses
Chairs: Ms Florence Arends & Ms Dorah Masingi
Ms Dorien Wentzel, School of Nursing, University of KwaZulu-Natal AIDS defining malignancies at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital Medical Oncology Unit [51] Incidence, severity and management of cancer chemotherapy related oral mucositis in Eastern and Western Cape [52] LUNCH, POSTER SESSION & TRADE EXHIBITION
Sponsored by MSD
Chair: Dr Daniel Vorobiof
Prof Sanjiv Agarwala, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA TRADE SYMPOSIUM 4
Sponsored by Tema Medical
NSCLC "new" and "old' treatments: The case of the NavoTrial study
Chair: Dr Michiel Botha
Mr Greg Sudrow – CEO, Tema Medical (Pty) Ltd Dr Francesco Grossi, National Institute for Cancer Research, Genoa, Italy Dr Samuel Fourie, Wilgers Hospital, Pretoria SESSION 9A – Radiotherapy General Session Room 2
Chair: Prof Raymond Abratt & Dr Samuel Fourie
Clinical set-up error manifested by 2D-2D and/or 3D-3D matching for Mr Thuso Ramaloko RapidArc [53] Developing paediatric radiotherapy services in Africa [54] Comparison of stereotactic radiosurgery techniques [55] Comparison of stereotactic radiosurgery planning systems [56] Mrs Shamiela Karriem & Mrs Theresa Binz Retrospective clinical review of patients diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma at Groote Schuur Hospital from 2005-2010 [57] Incidence of childhood cancers in South Africa 1987-2007: Changes Prof Cristina Stefan over time and correlations with children’s age [58] Taxpas: An open label, national, multi-centre, observational survey Dr Devan Moodley conducted over 6 years in breast cancer patients treated with Taxotere® [59] REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 9B – Medical Oncology General Session
Chair: Dr Bernardo Rapoport & Dr Georgia Demetriou
Curative treatment for local recurrent H&N, optimal radiation and The phenotype and treatment of breast cancer among HIV-positive *Dr Lizanne Langenhoven women in Cape Town, South Africa [60] Retrospective audit of patients treated with Stage III colon cancer at *Dr Komeela Naidoo Groote Schuur Hospital in 2006 [61] The role of f-18 FDG -PET scan in invasive cervical cancer [62] Elderly breast cancer: A review of characteristics, treatment and outcome of elderly patients presenting to Steve Biko Academic Hospital with breast cancer [72] Pharmacists’ interventions in the prevention of medication errors in Ms Carolina Swanepoel the oncology pharmacy at an academic institution in South Africa: A retrospective evaluation [65] REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 9C – Psychosocial
Chair: Ms Engela van der Merwe
Healing through arts in therapy (Workshop with practical) Dr Elzette Fritz, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Johannesburg REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
SESSION 9D – Nurses
Chairs: Ms Belinda Bailey & Ms Florence Arends
Oncology Nursing from a Funder’s Perspective Ms Charne Willemse, Network Case Manager, MSO Home Nursing in Oncology – past and future Ms Gloria Mokwatle, NHLS / MRC Cancer Epidemiology Research Palliative care in oncology patients: The nurse’s role Ms Natasha Nunan, Nursing Service Manager, Oncology Unit Oncology nursing: An international experience applied in a South REFRESHMENTS & TRADE EXHIBITION
Oncology Social Work Forum AGM

SESSION 10 – Professional Development & Ethics
Chairs: Prof Amo Jordaan & Prof Lydia Dreosti
Changes in the syllabus and examination structure of the College of Prof Raymond Abratt Radiation Oncology South Africa [66] Writing and submitting medical manuscripts Prof Daniel Haller, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia When pricing becomes perverse: An analysis of law, politics and Clinical trials and ethics in a developing country [68] Prof Paul Ruff (SASMO Chair) & Dr Samuel Fourie (SASCRO Chair) Adjourn & Refreshments
08:00 & 11:30 - Shuttles depart from Champagne Convention Centre to King Shaka Airport and OR Tambo Airport. Delegates are requested to bring their luggage along to the
Congress Office in the Convention Centre
A retrospective review of patients with Stage 1b2 cervical cancer treated with radical radiation versus radical surgery as a primary modality [69] Kaposi’s sarcoma of the vulva: A case report [70] EGFR mutations, ALK gene rearrangement and KRAS mutations in non- small cell lung carcinoma in South Africa: A private laboratory experience [71] A retrospective analysis of patients presenting to the Department of Medical Oncology, Steve Biko Academic Hospital with lymphoma over a 10 year period: Trends pre and post HAART rollout [64] A retrospective analysis on objective tumour response in patients treated with radioembolization for unresectable primary and metastatic liver cancer with yttrium – 90 microspheres (therasphere) [74] Radiotherapy in the management of unresectable clear cell carcinoma of A neuroendocrine tumor occurring as a second malignancy in a patient with previous carcinoma of the colon [76] OTHER POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Clinical audit of rapid arc at Addington Hospital, Durban: 2-year experience Dr Smitha Abraham [77] Critical appraisal of volumetric-modulated arc therapy compared with electrons for the radiotherapy of cutaneous Kaposi’s sarcoma of lower extremities with bone sparing [78] Sialoblastoma: Management of an unresectable salivary gland tumour in a Effects of conventional 2D planning compared to 3D conformal planning in the management of post mastectomy breast cancer patients [80] Hyperthermia experience at Wilgers Oncology [81] Scripting a linac couch on pinnacle for treatment planning purposes [82] A protocol for the use of mega voltage cone beam CT imaging for correction of radiotherapy setup deviation in head and neck cancer patients: The Langenhoven Drive Oncology Centre experience [83] Implication of weekly verification of the treatment fields on the total therapeutic dose in cervix cancer patients in the Department Radiation The impact of primary breast cancer on the quality of life of patients Is exactrac beneficial to both patient and radiotherapist? [86] Extracorporeal irradiation of the bone affected by cancer [87] Digital C-ARM verification for intraoperative brachytherapy in breast cancer Ms Elsabe du Toit patients [88] Chromosomal radiosensitivity of triple negative breast cancer patients in National core standards - national health insurance: What position are we The value of stereotactic proton beam therapy for large intracranial Comparitive study of computer tomography localization couch and linear accelerator (LINAC) treatment couch deflection in patients with head and neck, thorax and pelvic neoplasms at Steve Biko Academic Hospital [92] Chromosomal radiosensitivity of lymphocytes of South African cervical Comparison of TLD, Mosfet and Film dosimetry for dose mapping of a Impact of waiting times for radiotherapy for cervicfliesal cancer [95] Occupational exposure in a radiotherapy department and preventative Primary and secondary prevention of oral cancer [97] Chromosomal Radiosensitivity of in vitro HIV infected cell lines [98] A preliminary investigation of cardiotoxicity in the treatment of breast Current statistics and forecasting the number of patients requiring Deciding on beam energy for different patient separations [101] Breast cancer profile and subtype diagnosed in a single mammography Investigation of resistance to IM therapy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Does the C-terminal of ABL play a role? [103] Breast cancer tumor subtypes in a Western Cape population [104] Phase III randomised controlled study on electro-hyperthermia and chemoradiotherapy on cervical cancer patients in South Africa [105] The use of supplementary fields to achieve dose uniformity in 3-d Comparison of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) technique versus 3D Conformal technique with treatment of anal carcinoma [107] Positional Verification in Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Radionics XKnife vs Co-existing Kaposi’s sarcoma and tuberculosis in a patient with AIDS [109]


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