Springturner installation instructions

SpringTurner Installation Instructions
New Door Install:
1. Determine size of fingers for spring to be wound.
2. Release latch and remove drum from SpringTurner body.
3. Slide drum apart – now there are 2 halves.
4. Slide fingers into drum.
5. Place half of drum on top of shaft with winding finger in cone.
6. Place remaining half of drum onto bottom of shaft with winding
finger in cone.
7. Slide the two halves together until unit becomes one.
8. Place SpringTurner body around drum and lock down latch.
9. Determine your winding direction to wind springs – left or right.
10. Using drill on LOW SPEED (less than 500 rpm) wind spring.
11. During winding, lubricate spring and tool periodically with white
lithium grease.

Putting Cable Back On Drum:
1. Determine which cable is off – left or right.
2. Attach SpringTurner to appropriate shaft (in the same manner as

directed above for new door install).
3. Do not remove tension on spring. Spring MUST be secured to shaft.
4. Start drill using LOW SPEED. Wind spring so cable can be installed

on drum. Make sure opposite cable remains on drum.
5. When finished, reverse wind and remove SpringTurner tool.
Changing Panels:
1. Raise door 2”.
2. Vice grip panels above the panel(s) that need to be replaced.
3. Place SpringTurner tool on shaft (in the same manner as directed
above for new door install). DO NOT release spring tension from
shaft – spring should still have tension.

4. Start drill on LOW SPEED. Wind spring so cables relax.
SpringTurner tool holds tension on springs.
5. Remove panel(s) and replace with new panel(s).
6. Reverse spring, winding cables to tight.

7. Remove SpringTurner tool
8. Remove vice grips.

Replacing Cable and/or Placing Cable on Hub
1. When replacing cables it does not matter which spring the
SpringTurner is placed on.
2. If cable is off on the left side of door, place the SpringTurner tool on
the left.
3. If cable is off on the right side of door, place SpringTurner tool on
the right.
Changing Cable
1. Leave tool in place on shaft and spring. DO NOT release spring
from shaft.
2. With SpringTurner secured to drum, use handle or LOW SPEED on
drill and wind spring ¼ turn allowing cable to relax. SpringTurner
holds the tension on both springs and allows cable to be removed
and/or replaced.

3. Reverse winding with SpringTurner allows spring to reset pressure
on cables.
4. When finished, remove SpringTurner tool.
When using the SpringTurner tool, it is important to periodically lubricate
spring and tool with white lithium grease.

Source: http://www.springturner.us/documents/Installation%20Instructions.pdf

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