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President Johnson called the meeting to order at 0942 hours. Johnson called for a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of Mechels Poker run, Motion by Howe, and second by Gall. Carried. Secretary of State Gant was introduced and he spoke about concealed weapons permit changes that his office has been working on to make it an electronic system.  Handout was given to the group  Reviewed current system and then two new options for the change of the system to be electronically done via a secure internet system  Currently $10, new system would be $15, with an additional $1 to State and then $4 to Sheriff, making it $8 and $7 split  Questions were asked and discussion was held about the handouts and proposed  A Committee of Sheriff’s to work with Gant was appointed by President Johnson to be Leidholt, Rathburn, Howe, DeBoer, and Staci.  Updates on the progress of the new electronic system will be presented at the fall Dick Tieszen spoke to the group regarding the highlights from the Legislative session:  HB1003 – 911 committee or any rules committee mandating requirements. The new bill takes out the “unreasonable” wording and inserts “nominal” as the wording, and the rules committee still can’t impose anything more than nominal costs.  HB1149 – Concealed Weapons law made changes to allow “legal resident” and  SB 32 – Sex Offender Registration, made the change to THREE days from 5  SB 33 – The 24-7 Interlock and Fee bill, AG Jackley had a discuss with us at the  SB176 – Created a crime of human trafficking; various penalties depending on the  Discuss the final outcomes of several other bills in general  HB1014 – “Allowable” non-recurring expenses still to be defined; Serr is on the board. President Johnson appointed Sheriff Lamphere and Sheriff Merwin (along with Staci) to be on committee to assist Kelly  $10000 donation made anonymously  Deputy Tom Wilts – has looked into training and Ellsworth and HP will help us. Wilts had prepared a set of criteria to be used for Honor Guard consideration and membership.  Motion made by Leidholt, Second by Gall to approve criteria, passed  President Johnson appointed Sheriff Merwin, Sheriff DeBoer, and the Executive Board to appoint members to the Honor Guard and to a board to oversee the program.  Renewals, Staci suggests we need membership management software.  Suggestion made by Hall to have a membership form in our offices to handout to persons coming in. Staci provided us with pads of membership forms.  Mailing lists are very expensive, electronic is the coming thing, our website needs updating, we need a generic press release to get our word out, Hall would like to give out a free membership once in a while,  Newsletter needs info, Website needs updating  Getting the Deputies involved, Deputy of the Year recognition at Fall Conference. Consensus was to not have a Deputy Award program, but rather an award for young people similar to the Spirit of Six award. Pseudophedrine program – program updates Leidholt handed out a Hiring Process Guide used by Pennington County as an information item supplied by Sheriff Thom.  Jeff Miller – Special Olympics funding appeal. Motion to donate $1001 to Special Olympics and deny the HP Fishing Tournament request made by Leidholt, second Nogelmeier. Unanimously passed  Motion by Gall, second by Klinkhammer to sponsor the Mechels Poker Run. Tieszen will review the release form. Pass unanimously. Dave Ackerman, State Radio Communications Committee:  Communication committee. Get narrow banding done NOW.  Board took action to move forward with P25 compliance. Reprogramming costs  Kelly threw in 911 fee increases. The magic number seems to be about $1.50 per month. It was mentioned to have a meeting of ALL psaps with the 911 Board to discuss these matters. Suggestion was made that it be a formal request.  Peer Review and Support: To look into unethical behavior, and the like. There isn’t a mechanism in place to handle some of these situations. We need to police ourselves. We need to be able to say that we are taking steps to handle problems. We answer to the people every four years. The committee will be formed to come up with protocols and procedures on how the committee will function and bring them to the Fall Conference.  The association vice presidents will be the Peer Review and Support committee. Motion by Sheriff Merwin, second by Sheriff Stahl, passed unanimously. Road Closure issues briefly discussed, however most Sheriff’s had sent emails back and forth and it has been addressed. Paper license plates were brought up. Is anyone having an issue with this? Treasurers are only issuing one and therefore cars are being stopped when the second plate is not seen. There didn’t seem to be many concerns from the body. Motion was made to adjourn by Sheriff Serr, second by Sheriff Milstead, passed. Meeting adjourned at 1209 hours. Minutes


Tired out: approaches to tiredness and fatigue

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