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Louis Miller Wins Common Wealth Award
Carver Mead Wins
Invention Prize
the National Institute of Allergy andInfectious Diseases (NIAID), receivedthe 1999 Common Wealth Award for science at the California Institute ofTechnology, was awarded the 1999 Louis Miller
1965 when he was assigned toBangkok, Thailand, with the U.S.
An Interview with Sigma Xi President Peggie Hollingsworth
of importance to scientists and engi-neers; and it can be carried out with The highest number of chapters in
the Society’s history have been
reported in “good standing.” Do you
think this indicates a resurgence of
activities among the chapters?

You will be presiding over the 1999
Sigma Xi Forum in Minneapolis

(November 4-5) on reforming under-
cially in light of the annual reports of a graduate science and engineering
education. What do you hope will
On July 1, Peggie J. Hollingsworth begins come out of this conference?
her one-year term as president of Sigma reverse the decline in our membership.
Xi. The following article is excerpted from a longer interview that is available at <> in the “Sigma Xi News” section. Hollingsworth is a University of Michigan pharmacologist and toxicologist who has been active in Sigma Xi, both locally and at the Societal Xi at the “grass-roots” level and that What goals do you have for your
year as president?
Board and who subsequently becameinterim president of the University of Michigan chapters have been meet-
increase its efforts to stimulate partic- ing regularly with members of their
Congressional delegation to talk
about the importance of research to
our national interests. Is this science
advocacy program something that
other Sigma Xi chapters can effec-
tively pursue?
graduates at the Research University.
chapters as well as the Congressman.
tion in the activities of the Society…. tion more inquiry and research based.
other collaborative efforts; it fulfills a nity to contribute to this discussion…. S I G M A X I T O D A Y
1999 Sigma Xi Forum Topics Explore Science Education Reform
Science and Engineering Education: Tools for Better Learning will intro- Format: As much as is possible,
the Society’s long-standing interest in across the disciplines. Roundtablediscussion groups will address vari- (Shaping the Future, NSF 96-139).
or facilitated change in institutions.
Web-based Resources: In conjunc-
ples of best practices are available. The Goals: The meeting will (1) employ
with contributions from participants.
cussion of science education reform.
Annual Meeting Activities: During
Audience: In addition to Sigma Xi
Contributed Presentations and
Demonstrations: In addition to invit-
forum site at <>.
Help Sponsor
1999 Forum Proposal Deadline is July 1
Sigma Xi Chapters

July 1 is the deadline for submitting presentation proposals for the 1999 Sigma XiForum Reshaping Undergraduate Science and Engineering Education: Tools for BetterLearning, to be held November 4-5 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in conjunction with This interactive conference will give educators and administrators from academia and industry the opportunity to experience innovative science instruction, experi- ment with state-of-the-art educational materials and discuss a variety of models for institutional reform, science curriculum and pedagogy with their developers.
one of their primary interests in SigmaXi membership lies in the potential for There are no initial restrictions on the format or length of presentations. Formats may include, but are not limited to, demonstrations of tools, techniques or activities, discussion groups or workshops and poster presentations.
The inclusion of presentations on the program is at the discretion of the organiz- ing committee. Likewise, the committee may request a change in format to suit program needs. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged, and authors will be notified about the status of their presentations no later than July 31. All individu- als whose presentations are accepted for inclusion in the program will be expect- Please visit the 1999 Sigma Xi Forum site on the Web at <> for complete information about submitting presentation abstracts for consideration.
communication have been established,sponsors may nominate the interna-tional scientists for membership in theSociety. The sponsor chapter can RTP Chapter Advises State Government
begun science policy initiatives, setting Xi site at <> (in the


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