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Mental Chemical Locha
quarrels and fights between partners or relatives can In our nervous system, messages are transmitted cause ‘chemical locha’ in the brain and induce sexual by chemical messengers at lightening speed from the brain to all the parts of our body and vice versa. These At such times, counseling to correct thoughts, messengers are called ‘neurotransmitters’.
lifestyle and diet is important not only for the patient ‘Chemical Locha’
Dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, adrenaline, but also for his/her near relatives. Medicines can be noradrenalin, phenyl ethylamine, oxytocin, endorphins, of help in resolving this locha but they have to be and Sexual Problems
nitric oxide, estrogen, testosterone, vasopressin, used with great caution because strong medicines prolactin, etc. are some of the many neurochemicals can themselves cause a bigger ‘chemical locha’ and having an important role in sexual function. Scientists Dr. R. S. Sathe
now believe that even ‘falling in love’ is determined by Sometimes, doctors advise couples to have sex Physician & Sexologist
three important neurochemicals - phenyl ethylamine, on some particular days in order to have a child.
Some men feel particularly pressured and become Two questions that bother many patients who ‘impotent’ exactly on those days. This is again due to visit me are: 1: Why did I get this problem? and 2: communication between these neurochemicals is a ‘chemical locha’ in the brain and needs counseling What is the solution? Are medicines available or vital. In 2001, I proposed a hypothesis that, “when a cure is possible without medicines? This article person reaches the peak of sexual excitement, Physical Chemical Locha
addresses these above-mentioned difficulties.
endorphins are suddenly released in large amounts Modern medicine debunked the existence of The concept of ‘Chemical Locha’
the brain and body - as a result, we experience euphoria any medicine to treat sexual problems until 1998, (Locha= bmoMm=muddle or mishmash) in the brain of orgasm. Then, the after effects of endorphins bring when sildenafil citrate (Viagra) became available because of extreme mental stress is nicely shown about peaceful & relaxed feelings along with extreme in the United States for treatment of impotence in in the film ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai.’ However,
drowsiness.” (Published in ‘The Archives of Medical men. Until the advent of Viagra in 1998, the have you considered what would have happened American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if Janhavi would have turned down Munnabhai & Just as each musician in a large orchestra plays were emphatic that so-called sex tonics are based rebuked him in their first meeting? There are many his instrument at the right moment using the correct in folklore, not fact. They declared that there is no cords, similarly each neurochemical has a role to scientific proof that any medicine can cure sexual exceeded their limits & done grievous harm to play in a perfect ‘symphony’ during the entire sexual problems. However, all that suddenly changed oneself or the person he/she loved so dearly.
act. Even if one neurochemical becomes ‘out of sync’ when sildenafil citrate (Viagra) was accidentally with the others, the entire process can become discovered to help men having impotence.
as impotence, premature (quick) ejaculation,
Suddenly ‘sex-tonics’ were accepted and a large lack of desire, lack of pleasure, etc. occur due
If things start to go wrong and a person gets number of men in the West started using Viagra to two different types of ‘Chemical Lochas.’ The depressed, it results in a ‘chemical locha’ in the brain.
whether they had problems or not. It was used, first is ‘Mental Chemical Locha’ wherein constant
misused, abused by men and even women.
stress, tension, workload, etc. causes depression, neurotransmitters can result in sexual problems.
anxiety & mental fatigue. The second is ‘Physical
Thoughts about masturbation, size of penis, with heart disease died suddenly after using Viagra.
Chemical Locha’ wherein various diseases of the
homosexuality, etc. can become excessively It is now becoming increasingly clear that many bothersome and cause a ‘chemical locha’. Frequent diseases cause ‘physical chemical locha’ and are responsible for sexual problems. Very often men attention to ‘andropause locha’ as the changes If Dr. Munnabhai were to say this concisely he with impotence already have coronary artery occur very slowly and they accept this condition would say: ‘Aare Circuit, bheje ke ya sharir ke
disease. Therefore any overweight person, even if as a part of ‘getting old’. Highly accurate blood chemical loche se sex problem aate hai yaar. Aisa
he is in his 20’s or 30’s and has impotence along hua na to darne ka nahi. Kya? Bole to aise time
with blood pressure or diabetes becomes eligible available but not everyone can afford doing them pe acche doctor ke paas janeka, salah leneka,
for investigations for heart disease.
as they are expensive. Therefore, ‘hormonal dava leneka, phir enjoy karneka aur aaram se
chemical locha’ in men and women remains soneka. Kya? Tension nahi leneka, nahi to aur
problems, diseases of liver, kidneys, etc. also bhi bada chemical locha hoega. Samjha?’
make a chemical locha in the body. Impotence is (Aao g{H$Q>, ^oOoHo$ `m emara Ho$ Ho${_H$b bmoMo go goŠg
also reported by men who have pre-diabetes or my clinic totally unaware that they have pre- àmoãbo_ AmVo h¡ `ma. Eogm hþAm Zm Vmo S>aZoH$m Zhr. Š`m? insulin resistance or Syndrome X. In this condition, existing diabetes, blood pressure or some other ~mobo Vmo Eogo no Q>mB_ AÀN>o S>m°ŠQ>a Ho$ nmg OmZoH$m, gbmh because of improper insulin action, there is boZoH$m, Xdm boZoH$m, EÝOm°` H$aZo H$m Am¡a Amam_ go gmoZoH$m.
inadequate uptake sugar from the blood by all body examination and investigations, many of them Š`m? Q>oÝeZ Zhr boZoH$m, Zhr Vmo Am¡a ^r ~S>m Ho${_H$b cells. This causes the mitochondria within the cells are shocked to know that they are already to produce less energy (called ATP) causing vague suffering from a major disease. Some medicines Dr. R. S. Sathe
symptoms like weakness, fatigue, craving for food used to treat blood-pressure cause a ‘chemical (especially sweets), weight gain, flatulence, locha’ and induce impotence.
If you like this writeup, photocopy it & give to indigestion, etc. Any person with a strong family Treatment of almost all the chemical lochas your friends. It could help them. Your comments are history of diabetes, is overweight and above forty is possible with medicines but it is unwise to take years must be investigated for insulin resistance any medicines without medical supervision.
and diabetes. Later if the person really becomes a (especially drugs like Viagra, Testosterone). The diabetic, a severe chemical locha occurs and affects nerves and arteries in a way resulting in without medical supervision are well known.
Dr. R. S. Sathe’s ‘Sexual Problems: Counselling
Starting, changing or stopping any medicine and Medical Treatment’ (in Marathi)
Hormones are important chemicals that are without informing the doctor is dangerous.
along with an illustrated booklet ‘Positions that
responsible for making men ‘masculine’ and With recent advances in science, doctors are Enhance Sexual Pleasure’ ( Price Rs. 90/-)
women- ‘feminine’. As a result of reduced hormone becoming aware that ‘chemical lochas’ of the Also available Dr. Sathe’s ‘granth’ on Tantric Sex
‘Kama-Tantra : Prem-Tantra’
production, a natural ‘chemical locha’ occurs mind and body can cause sex problems.
above age forty. This is called ‘menopause’ in Therefore, correct and judicious use of medicines Address: Sathe Clinic, Shrinivas Apts.
women and ‘andropause’ in men. Menopausal can be of immense help and they must be used
584 Narayan Peth Pune 411030
once correct diagnosis is made. However this irritablity, depression, lack of sexual desire and does not mean that personal counseling is not P h o n e : 2 4 4 7 1 8 4 8 , 9 8 8 1 4 7 0 2 0 7 .
vaginal lubrication, reduction of calcium in the body important. Problems such as lack of knowledge, Time: 10am to 1 pm & 6pm to 8.30 pm only
causing bone pain and leg cramps, etc. Men can relationship issues, sexual fears & phobias need Closed on Wednesday evening and Sunday.
experience lack of sexual desire & impotence along correct scientific advice. Hence, counseling is of Available at Rasik Sahitya (Ph: 24451129) and with irritablity, depression, etc. due to andropause.
great significance in both ‘mental and physical Many doctors and patients do not pay much



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