s ø r e n M ø r c h , B oA r d M e M B e r o f t h e dA n i s h B r e w e r s ’ g u i l d , e - M A i l : s o e r e n @ M o e r c h . c o M 3. The trust a young master brewer is given in his or her first
real position is unique. When he or she has been through ‘the mil ’, and has completed the practical and theoretical training, he or she is regarded as ful y equipped to go out and take a job with high complexity, high responsibility and great opportunities for getting a lot of experience. Through a young brewer’s first few years of work, he or she usual y gets several years of experience, which he or she can use for many years to come – no matter what industry he or she chooses to work in.
the industry. Actual y, the number of master Actual y, this is a historical thing – that the brewing industry brings experience and knowledge out to other industries. pharmaceutical industry, alone, is probably larger than in any Whether this is due to J.C. Jacobsen’s ideals about sharing knowledge, I don’t know, but it might be a good guess.
In a way, this is a bit sad, but on the other hand, this is A good example is one of this country’s largest and most something that the brewing industry could choose to be proud successful companies, The Novo Group (Novo Nordisk and of. Because the good news is that these brewers working outside Novozymes), build on technology that came out of the brewing the industry, in general, are highly treasured and most often industry’s research. Here, I’m thinking of the fermentation of have high positions, usual y as leaders.
penicillin in the 1920s which was one of the first commercial utilisations of the fermentation knowledge created by the Wel , I will give you my opinion. I think there are three Later on, the brewing industry was amongst the first to build fundamental reasons why brewers are so appreciated as they quality systems, with all principles and procedures written down in manuals. This was copied 20-30 years later by the pharmaceutical industry who called it GMP.
1. The selection of trainees and candidates is done carefully with
interviews and tests by skilled people (often older brewers), and
The brewing industry now also has GMP, but in a larger context they are chosen from a pool of very talented applicants.
with concepts such as BAT (Best available technology), which 2. The education at the Scandinavian School of Brewing is
once more has brought the brewing industry in front.
indeed a good education. It is up-to-date, and it has been tested for many years and has been regularly updated to come to its So, even though we are an endangered species in the brewing present state. The skil s and tools that are taught there are, of industry, we are absolutely still not outside the industry where course, focused on brewing, but most of them are universal and have great usefulness in many other industries, especial y such as other food industries and the pharmaceutical industry.


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APPENDIX A “MARKET VALUE” ON RESERVE: MUSQUEAM INDIAN BAND V. GLASS 1 AND THE IMPLICATIONS FOR PROPERTY ASSESSMENTS While the Canada Supreme Court decision on the market value of leasehold land on the Musqueam reserve was for the purpose of determining leasehold payments, and not assessments for property taxes, it is useful to understand the basis of the court’s decisi

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