Vital signs: lipid regulators were the third-best-selling drug class in 2010

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Lipid Regulators Were the Third–Best-Selling
Drug Class in 2010
40% increase in the risk of bladder cancer. Respiratory agents
crease the risk of bladder cancer, the Food da), is also available in combination with Lipid regulators
Antidiabetes agents
most 200,000 patients with type 2 diabetes not be used in patients with active bladder Antiulcerants
found that overall, there was no increased cancer, and that it be used cautiously in pa- Antidepressants
risk of bladder cancer pioglitazone users tients with a history of bladder cancer.
Autoimmune agents
ment for age, sex, smoking, use of other di- HIV antivirals
abetes medications, and other risk factors.
authorities in June to suspend the use of Angiotensin II receptor
However, the risk did increase with higher ties to proscribe starting pioglitazone treat- Note: Figures represent U.S. wholesale revenue in billions.
Source: IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics –Elizabeth Mechcatie


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