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The case of the painful hands

It was part of his employment conditions. He could have as much free fizzy drinks as he wanted for himself and his
family. At the factory where he worked, massive quantities of this popular brew left the premises in huge delivery
trucks. Destinations? As many outlets as possible.
The workers at this plant were encouraged to be the greatest fans and consumers of their product. Hence, the perk
they were given at employment date was to take home as much to drink as you want for yourself and your family.
He held his hands a distance from each other, fingers spread apart. In his working life as an artisan he had never
had a problem with the skin on his hands. “Look at them. The cracks open up like ravines, sometimes oozing a
sticky substance. Otherwise the skin just dries up and cracks or flakes. I have tried all sorts of creams and pills. It
seems to help for a while. Somehow it is just getting worse and worse. I can’t close my hands; the cracks on my
fingers are too painful. I have been off work for a few weeks as I cannot work on the machines with my tools. Do
you think you can help me?” He was obviously embarrassed by the appearance of his raw, oozing, cracked fingers
and palms. He was an uncomplicated man, of an average background. Does his job, pays the bond, raises his
children, takes his wife to movies once in a while. Not the questioning type at all.
“How long have you been working at this cold-drink factory?”
“I have had about 10 years service which was interrupted when I tried to open my own business for about 2 years.
Since I have been back, it is about 6 years that I work there.”
“When did your hands start to give you trouble?”
“About 2 years ago I started with little patches on my palms. It would come and go. Now it is there permanently.”
He answered my questions easily.
“Have you always been a keen drinker of your product?”
“I love the stuff! I must admit that I have been drinking nothing else for a while now. I even get up at night to have a
glass full. My wife even cooks our meat and poultry in marinades made from the cold drink.”
“Have you been ill in any other way, perhaps over the last 3 to 4 years?” I kept on probing.
“Strange that you should ask. Yes, I had a touch of malaria when going on a fishing trip to Mozambique. The
medication I used to prevent it and to cure it made me feel awful. If I think back now, my hands got much worse
thereafter. Surely there could not be a link between the malaria and what is now happening?” He asked with an
incredulous look in his eyes. Bingo! But of course!
The body acts as a whole. The skin is its largest organ. The skin can protect but can also be an elimination organ.
The malaria would have affected the liver and the spleen. The quality of the blood would have become weaker.
Less oxygen and nutrients would have found their way around the body cells to nourish, replenish and cleanse the
systems. Add to this the unlimited consumption of a high sugar content drink, which would deplete mineral levels,
and you have the perfect picture of a body which is going to pull out all the stops to keep going, using the skin to
eliminate toxicity is an accepted pathway to restore body wellness. However, one needs to assist the organs which
are under duress, thereby strengthening normal elimination channels, and the skin will most probably heal. No
harm in trying! Expensive creams and pills are not helping, so here goes!
Copyright protected - SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd It was a joy to help him get well. He ate his vegetables and brown rice and fish. He drank nothing but water, quite a mean feat while being surrounded by tanks full of cold drinks! It was amazing to see how rapidly the skin healed. He took his Urticalcin calcium supplements together with his Boldocynara liver drops daily. In his case I also prescribed Bioflora capsules to restore the flora in the bowel after all the sugar he had consumed. He was grateful and I was strengthened in my belief that the body will heal, provided we stick to its rules. I saw him again, more or less back in the same state, 4 years later. I remembered Dr Vogel’s lament of how he wished people would apply that which they had learnt! How fortunate we are to have a tolerant, forgiving body, willing to heal itself again and again. Copyright protected - SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd

Source: http://sanatural.co.za/sanp/pdf/Archive%2061%20-%2070/The%20case%20of%20the%20painful%20hands.pdf


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