Important Information Regarding Your Radiology Examination
If you are on any medications that are necessary to take on a daily basis, please DO NOT withhold
these medications without checking with our staff. If you are DIABETIC AND TAKE
please alert our
office at the time of scheduling your examination. You will be given specific information after your
examination is completed.
If you have any allergies to Iodine, other medications, or have asthma, please contact our officeprior to your examination.
If there is a possibility that you might be pregnant, please let our office know at the time ofscheduling.
If you have any questions regarding your examination, please be sure to contact our office and wewill be glad to help you.
If for any reason you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call to reschedule
your appointment. If you need further directions,
please contact our office at 816 941-1400.
MAMMOGRAM: No body powder, body lotions or deodorant prior to your examination. Please bring
old films with you to your scheduled appointment. If this is not possible, please provide us with the
necessary information to obtain your previous mammograms for comparison reasons.
US ABDOMEN/GALLBLADDER/RENAL: Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before
your examination.
US PELVIS: 1 _ hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, drink 32 ounces of fluid (water or
tea preferably) to fill your bladder. Do not urinate until after your examination is completed. Please
avoid carbonated beverages.
CT HEAD/NECK/SINUSES/IAC’S/CHEST: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your scheduled
appointment time.
CT ABDOMEN/PELVIS: If you need to drink barium prior to your examination, please pick it up from
your physician’s office. If you physicians office is not able to provide you with barium please pick it up
from our office. If you are unable to do so, please plan to arrive 2 hours prior to your scan time in
order to drink the barium and provide enough transit time to coat the entire bowel system. Please do
not eat or drink any thing after midnight the night before your examination other than your barium.
Please drink one bottle the night before the exam and the other one hour prior to your
scheduled appointment time.

CT ANGIOGRAPHY(CAROTIDS/AORTA/RUNOFFS): Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your
scheduled appointment time.
CT RENAL STONE: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.
ALL MRI’S: Please alert the scheduler at time of scheduling if you have a pacemaker, any implants,
and implanted pumps, metal in the eyes or vena cava filters. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at


Advance Access Publication 25 August 2006Healing by Gentle Touch Ameliorates Stress and OtherSymptoms in People Suffering with Mental Health Disordersor Psychological StressClare Weze1, Helen L. Leathard2, John Grange3, Peter Tiplady4 and Gretchen Stevens11The Centre for Complementary Care, Muncaster Chase, Ravenglass, Cumbria, CA18 1RD, 2Faculty of Health andSocial Care, St Martin’s College,

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