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Achievement Awards
Yesterday evening we welcomed some of you into school to discuss our revised Behaviour Policy and we would like to thank those who came along. We know that so many of you are busy, especially at this time of year, but it is really important to us that we get your input and thoughts—so Thank You. I am delighted to be able to welcome the following Lisa Gardner, Serena Keough and John Bassi. I am sure that many of you will know them already and I am delighted that they have volunteered to take up this important role in our school community. I look Today we have had a horizontal climbing wall in- stalled in the playground—thank you to FoS, Mr Maddocks and Mr Bridgen for organising this and making it happen. We are sure that many of you will also have noticed that we have said goodbye to the Melodasaurus and in it’s place the children requested that the area be made into an outside stage and performance area. Mr Bridgen and Mr Booker have now finished this and we look forward to seeing the children making good use of this. We have had a few dressing up clothes donated but if you have anything else they could use for their ‘productions’ please send Isobel Armitage
For winning the School Values poster com-petition. The School council would like to thank everyone for their fantastic competition entries. The winning poster will be displayed throughout the school. KS1 teachers urgently need parent volunteers to come and listen to children read between 8.45—9am Reminder
Please can we remind parents & carers of the 48 hour rule when it comes to sickness and diarrhoea. To help reduce the spread we must insist this rule is adhered to. Children must not return to school within 48 hours from the last productive bout of one of the above. Thank you for your support in this matter. Diary Dates (so far)
Fri 14/12/12 After School Club Christmas Party Mon 7/1/13 In-service training day Tues 8/1/13 In-service training day Wed 9/1/13 Term 3 begins Fri 8/2/13 Break-up Christmas Events
11th & 13th December—Year 2 afternoon performances to of this bulletin so that we can plan for numbers. dinner. Please return your order forms by TOMORROW (Friday 30th Nov) at the latest. 12th December—Year 1 celebration to parents 6pm main school hall - the children have all had letters and if you would like to come along please complete the slip on the bottom of the letter. 14th December—After School Club Christmas 18th December– Foundation Stage Nativity to Parents. Time in the afternoon to be confirmed. KS2 Carol Service—Letter and ticket request will follow. Tuesday 18th December at 2pm Wednesday 19th December at 6.30pm 20th December—Foundation & KS1 Party I would like __ seats on the afternoon of Tuesday 11th December. I would like __seats on the afternoon of Thursday 13th December Child’s name: Class: We hope to accommodate everyone’s wishes but please let us know if you can be flexible with days.

Source: http://www.portisheadprimary.co.uk/assets/bulletin/2012-2013/bulletin-12.pdf


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