July 2008

Pink Tie Friends
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Pictured in the back row, left to right is: Robb Kunkle-Director, Pat Harrison-
President, Connie Karol-Director, Debbie Hollister-Director, Carolyn Wilsey-
Director, seated is: Sherry Walker-Secretary, Cindy Allen-Vice President,
Valerie Collins-Treasurer, Nancy Sailer-Director
Our Mission: To provide
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This section is for our Pink Tie Friends, who may need flowers sent to them, or perhaps a card with words of comfort, encouragement, and humor, or even a visit by one of us. We invite you to share with us the names of anyone who may need this; in doing so, please make sure you have their permission. Please email me at Here within is an update on two of our past calendar girls, please continue to keep these women in your Trini Hartley, "2007 Pink Tie Calendar Girl"
For those of you who have not visited Trini's blog, here is the latest info posted. Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - This is a response from Trini after her sister Tami wrote about their relationship. Heavens how do you follow a post like that.As you all can see I am so very blessed. I have the most Editor Susan Morris
incredible friends and family. I am not sure that I would be fortunate enough to realize that love had I not faced the struggles that I have in my life over the last 5 years. As you can see by my sisters post, we all get caught up in our own lives. Family would come to visit, and I would find myself too busy to spend quality time with them. I can only hope that those of you reading these posts call someone in your life that you have not talked to in some time just to catch up. I spent over 3 weeks in the hospital surrounded by my friends and family with cards, emails, visits and phone calls I would not have gotten through it without your prayers and support, I cannot possibly thank each of you enough nor express how much it has all helped me through a very difficult time. I am doing very well, still experiencing some pain and weakness, however I do think I am getting along and progressing each day. I go to chemotherapy every Friday and not experiencing too many side effects. I have gone back to work a few hours a day, I will say it wears me out, but I am so happy to be back. Luke has been going to all sorts of camps he had the opportunity to go back to Bridges for a week with some old friends, and he loved it. This week he is in baseball camp which he is really enjoying however he is very tired when he gets home. Brett is doing well and business is steady in the summer it does slow down a bit which is good I suppose simply due to the heat that they all contend with working on the cars outside. I am still not a lot of help in the evenings or outside with the yard, so he is busy but doesn't complain. Again, thank you all for your continued prayers. "If God brings you to it. Shiloh Reynolds - "2007 Pink Tie Calendar"
At this point I am feeling much better, gaining my strength and energy back slowly. The effects of the removal of my ovaries have been something very hard to deal with along with the depression I was having. Therefore, all those things they say about menopause are sooo very true ahhh. However, with the help of some meds I am able to take to counter act all of the anxiety, depression, shaking, crying whenever for no seamless reason, breakdowns, sleeplessness, racing minds, hot flashes to freezing cold which are all normal symptoms for menopause (mine being referred to as surgical menopause) so all of this hitting me head on at one time instead of over a time period spaced out along the way as would be for a normal woman to experience menopause as nature would have it to be. Along with taking the Femara to fight the cancer this is overwhelming and exhausting. On the other hand, I feel the meds are working, and I am feeling better, I have gained 5-7 pounds back which is great for me being so small to begin with. I am up to whopping 102 pounds aiming for 110. I have received my results for the genetic testing and the great news and wonderful blessing is I DO NOT CARRY THE GENETIC MUTATION FOR CANCER!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! This means my risk for a secondary cancer is greatly reduced and chances are the girls do not have the gene and will not have to be tested. Why we're never going to stop helping.
Breast Cancer remains the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women. Breast Cancer is second only to lung cancer deaths in the United States. In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2007, 178,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women and 40,460 will die. Breast Cancer among MEN has been increasing and in 2007, 2,030 men will be diagnosed, and 450 expected to die. African American Women are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than white women, they are more likely to die from the disease. The Good News - The survival rate has increased
from 80 percent in the 1950's to 89 percent today.
The past two years, the breast cancer death rate has
dropped 2 percent annually in all women combined.
This is attributed to earlier detection, increased
awareness and improved treatment.

Have you had your mammogram this year?
Are you doing breast self-exams?
Don't make excuses, Just do it!
Please support Pink Tie Friends and our efforts to
ably support men and women of the Treasure
Coast, by attending one or all of our fundraising
events listed below.
Mark Your Calendars!
23 - General Volunteer Meeting
13 - General Volunteer Meeting
23 - Pink Tie Friendship Luncheon - Tickets available at all volunteer meetings,
or by contacting Susan Morris 772-216-2082
27 - General Volunteer Meeting
10 - General Volunteer Meeting
20 - Macy's "Shop for a Cause" Charity Day.  Discount tickets available for $5
purchase at all volunteer meetings
24 - General Volunteer Meeting
1 - Crystal Lake Elementary Fundraiser Breakfast to benefit PTF
4 - Pink Tie Gala - "Celebrate"
12 - Cost Cutter's "Cut-A-Thon" at all Cost Cutters locations to benefit PTF
14 - North River Shores Tennis Tournament to benefit PTF
15 - Zafka's Studio Breast Painting Fundraiser runs through November to benefit
14 - Docktail Party at Pirates Loft to benefit PTF
4 - Zafka's Studio Silent Auction of the painted breasts to benefit PTF
All general volunteer meetings are held at:
Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center
Martin Memorial North
Second Floor Reception Area
501 SE Osceola Street
Time: 5:30 - 7:30pm
Pink Tie Friends, Inc. • PO Box 209 • Stuart • FL • 34995 Subscribe
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