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Perry Whittle
E-Learning Courseware Addendum

At newMentor, as Creative Director
 Food, Fun, and Fitness (children’s nutrition and fitness)  The Cognitive-Behavioral Solution for Bulimia Nervosa  Clinical Radiography (major revision to existing CD-ROM)  Thomson Micromedex (workflow management for medical content projects)  Abbott Laboratories and Vitesse Learnining (managed graphic production for Abbott Vascular  Ortho-McNeil and Vitesse Learnining (workflow management for medical content for sales training courses for Ionsys; managed graphic production for Levaquin sales training)  MedSN (workflow management for medical content projects)
At DigitalThink and Convergys, as Creative Director
 Kinko’s Making Every Call Count: Selling Kinko’s DocStore 2.0  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia One Business Server Sales Training  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia Firewall Solutions Sales Training  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia IP VPN Sales Training  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia SSL VPN 3.2 Sales Training  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia Secure Access System 2.1 Sales Training  Nokia Enterprise Solutions Customer First! Enterprise Mobility and Our Customer (Breeze  Texas Health and Human Services Commission Reorganization Overview  Autobytel Planning Your Online Sales Process (custom course)  Autobytel Planning Your Online Sales Process (Breeze presentation)  newMentor Local Anesthetic: Intraosseous and Intraligamentary  newMentor Endodontics and the Law  newMentor Dental Drug Reference  IntraVantage IntraFlow Product Training Course  IntraVantage IntraFlow Advantage Sales Training Course  IntraVantage An Overview of Intraosseous Anesthesia (Breeze presentation)  Babich Real Estate Licensing Exam Preparation  RedHat course updates
At DigitalThink and Convergys; Additional work outside my primary responsibilities
 Intuit Marketing demo (Design and production)  Nokia Marketing demo (Creative direction)  Morgan Stanley demo (Creative direction)  Microsoft demo (Creative direction)  Cisco Catalog demo (Creative direction)  LRN Demo 1 (Design and production)  LRN Demo 2 (Design and production)  LRN Prototype (Production)  Pep Boys demo (Production)  XML-Based User-Customizable Demonstration Template (Design and coding)  Getting Started with MediaBin (Wrote, designed, voiced, and developed Breeze presentation as internal training for asset management system)  Fremont Investment and Loan Application Training (Production)  EDS University Global Soft Skills (Creative direction and software engineering; creating At DigitalThink, as Creative Strategist
 Gallup Q12 Curriculum (5 modular courses) o Q12 for Coaches 1 o Q12 for Managers1 o Q12 Core Course o Q12 for Managers2 o Q12 for Coaches 2  Gallup Strengths Curriculum (45 modular courses) o Strengths for Coaches 1 o Strengths for Managers o Strengths: Your Theme Sequence o StrengthsFinder Themes (1 course for each of the 38 themes) o Strengths: Focus on You o Strengths: Focus on Strengths o Strengths: Applying Signature Themes o Strengths for Coaches 2  Gallup CE11 Curriculum (5 modular courses) o CE 11 Coach 1 o CE 11 Journey and Scorecard o CE 11 Personal Impact o CE 11 Team Impact o CE 11 Coach 2  Gallup Introduction to the Q12 Management System  Gallup IMPACT Team Engagement (2 modular courses) o CE IMPACT Team Engagement, Part 1 o CE IMPACT Team Engagement, Part 2  McDonald’s Crew Development Program (10 course curriculum, including:) o Lot and Lobby o Hospitality o Advanced Service o Basic Management Skills o E-Orientation and Basic Mouse Skills  Marsh & McLennan: Company Orientation  E.piphany The Campaign Process  iPlanet Portal Sales Training  Intuit Quicken Sales Training  Charles Schwab Day Trading
At DigitalThink, as Web Designer
 Amdahl Managing within the Law  Amdahl SAM: Services Account Management  Amdahl Millenium 2000C Server Differences  Amdahl Millenium 2000E Server Differences  Amdahl Platinum/400  Adobe Acrobat Business Tools Sales Training  Adobe Live Motion 1 Sales Training  Adobe Illustrator 10 Sales Training  Cambridge Technology Partners Posttest  E.piphany CRM Sales Training


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