Information about.
What is flexible sigmoidoscopy?
Flexible sigmoidoscopy allows inspection of the lining of the rectum, anus and lower part of the colon. It uses a flexible tube with a “video camera” at the tip. The instrument is about 1cm thick.
What preparation is required?
Your doctor will tell you what preparation is required.
Usually there is no need to fast prior to the procedure and a small enema is the only preparation, given just before the procedure. Occasionally your doctor may decide not to use any preparation. If you are receiving sedation for the procedure you will need to have an empty stomach. This will require fasting for 6 hours prior to the procedure. It is unusual to require a full colonic preparation prior to this procedure.
What can I expect during
If your doctor finds polyps, he/she might take a flexible sigmoidoscopy?
biopsy of them as well. Polyps, which are You will lie on your side while your doctor growths from the lining of the colon, vary in size and types. If your doctor sees polyps, he/she might organise a colonoscopy in order to
feeling of pressure, bloating or cramping What happens after a flexible
What if the flexible sigmoidoscopy
finds something abnormal?
Your doctor will explain the results to you when Should I continue my current
If your doctor sees an area that needs further the procedure is done. You might feel bloating medications?
evaluation, your doctor might take a biopsy or some mild cramping because of the air that Most medications can be continued as usual.
(sample of the colon lining) to be analysed.
Inform your doctor about medications that you're Biopsies are used to identify many conditions, examination. This will disappear quickly when taking - particularly blood thinning medications and your doctor might order one even if he you pass gas. If you did not receive sedation such as warfarin, aspirin, Plavix or Iscover.
you will be able to drive afterwards.
An information leaflet for patients and interested members of the general public prepared by the Digestive Health Foundation What are possible complications
This information booklet has been designed of flexible sigmoidoscopy?
by the Digestive Health Foundation as an Flexible sigmoidoscopy and biopsy are very aid to people who will under go a flexible sigmoidoscopy or for those who wish to know specially trained and experienced in these more about it. This is not meant to replace endoscopic procedures. Complications are rare, but it's important for you to recognise The Digestive Health Foundation (DHF) is an educational body committed to promoting abdominal pain, fevers and chills, or rectal better health for all Australians by promoting education and community health programs If you have any questions or concerns
about the procedure or don’t fully
The DHF is the educational arm of the understand the contents of this document,
Gastroenterological Society of Australia, you should discuss this with your doctor
the professional body representing the prior to undergoing the procedure.
Specialty of gastrointestinal and liver disease in Australia. Members of the Society are drawn from physicians, surgeons, scientists and other medical specialties with an interest Since its establishment in 1990 the DHF has been involved in the development of programs to improve community awareness and the understanding of digestive diseases. Research and education into gastrointestinal disease are essential to contain the effects of these disorders on all Australians. Further information on a wide variety of gastrointestinal conditions is available cannot be completely comprehensive and is intended as a guide only. The information given here is

Source: http://www.peninsulagastro.com.au/index_files/PDF/GESA/GESA_Flexible_Sigmoid_1Ed_07.pdf

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