3) Cephalosporin, Bacitracin, penicillin, Vancomycin 1) Lymphopenia (dec in # of circulating lymphocytes) 4) Oral sulfonylurease such as Tolbutamide (orinase) 1) Cephalosporin, erythromycin, Vancomycin 2) Cephalosporin & Penicillin antibiotics 4) Bacotracin, Polymyxin, Neomycin *NOT BACTRIM* 1) Exophthalmos but are:-hypoventilation, dec cardiac output, dec appetite, weight gain 3) Has narrow spectrum of antimicrobial activity 4) -mixed infections-infections w/ clinical outcomes that depends on drug synergism -emergency situation involving unknown cause of infection 2) Penicillin, erythromycin, Vancomycin, Bacitracin 3) Tetracycline (Achromycin)Chloramphenicol (Gray baby syndrome)Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) (affects cartilage) 2) -Mucolytic agent-Used in Acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose to stim glutathione production 4) For minor infections to enable use of lowest dosage possible 4) -Lyme disease -cholera-mycoplasma infection-rocky mountain spotted fever 3) -different spectrum of antibacterial action-change in antibacterial potency-greater resistance to action of beta lactamase-more stability in an acidic environment 1) Congenital valve disorders who plan a dental visit 2) Directly interfering with the manufacture of tetrahydrofolate 1) Acyclovir (Zovirax), Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) 2) Tamiflu, Relenza, Symmetrel, Flumadine 3) Digitalis (glycoside), Nitroglycerin, Verapamil 4) An assessment of fluid and dietary fiber intake 3) -Dec blood pressure & aldosterone levels -inc bradykinin (vasodilation), inc cardiac performance 2) Prostaglandins, Thromboxane A2, Leukotrienes 1) Inhibits conversion of Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II 2) -enhanced sympathetic-inc vascular blood volume 3) -inhibit calcium influx into cardiac and smooth mm cells-vasodilates coronary aa, inc myocardial O2 supply-dec peripheral resistance thus dec O2 requirements of heart -patients complain of occasional anal seepage -can result in a decreased absorption of fat soluble vitamins 2) Inhibition of prostaglandin synthetase 3) Ibuprofen, naproxen, salicylates, Indomethacin 4) -Dry-Pale/flushed skin-bounding pulse-normal/shallow breathing-symptoms improve with fruit juice 4) Ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, salicylates, ketoprofen (orudis) 1) Irritation of bowel wall causing an accumulation of fluids Creating an inc in osmolarity of bowel contents**** 2) Inc systolic contraction, inc atria refractory period Prolonged A-V nodal conduction time Dec in ventricular size of failing heartNegative chronotropic effect on failing heart 1) -inc blood glucose levels, inc cardiac output-inc amino acid intake by liver for gluconeogenesis -dec endogenous ACTH levels-dec histamine rel & lymphocyte count-neutrophilia 3) Patient is hypoglycemic and needs some carbohydrates 2) -prolong (inc) healing time-Dec endogenous ACTH levels-Dec production of prostaglandins-cause atrophy of zona fasciculate of adrenal gland -hyperglycemia-polycythemia-polyuria-thrombocytosis 3) Dec blood pressure & treatment of hypertension 3) False (fine brittle hair and not coarse dry hair) 4) Seasonal rhinitis, Allergic dermatitis, Urticaria (hives) 4) Possesses analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflam properties 2) Directly relaxing smooth muscle of bronchi 3) -Beta-adrenergic agonists-corticosteroids-Theophylline (Theodur) 1) Nothing; no laxative should be given under these circumstances 1) -Doe not inc bleeding time-does not typically cause gastric irritation -cause hepatic centrilobular necrosis in high doses 2) Non-narcotic analgesic & antipyretic 2) Inc segmental peristalsis while decreasing longitudinal peristalsis 3) No effect. This is an erroneous statement 4) -constipation, mydriasis, bradycardia 3) -adult onset of diabetes-chronic prostatitis -urinary tract infection-Hypertension (etiology unknown) 4) Release of rennin & rel of aldosteroneRetention of sodiumActivation of angiotensinogen 2) A more detailed initial eval is indicated 3) -catabolic effects upon lymphoid tissues-cause atrophy of zona asciculate of adrenal gland-prolong healing time & dec production of prostaglandins 4) Have a Hypercalcemia due to catabolic effect upon bon tissue 3) -Inc capillary permeability (it would dec it)-dec gastric acid production 4) Lymphopenia (dec in # of circulating lymphocytes)

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Enfermedades contagiosas: moluscos, piojos y papilomas impétigo.) y dermatosis atóptica en los niños son sólo algunos de los múltiples problemas dermatológicos que pueden padecer a lo largo del ciclo vital. La lista es mucho más larga, pero probablemente los enumerados sean los de mayor prevalencia. Aunque, según señaló el doctor Jesús Gardeazabal, del Servicio de Dermatología


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