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■ Dear Carrie;I thank you very much for the use of the Bio- Mat. As you know, with the recent spinal surgery, I have been very uncomfort-able and will be so for several weeks. I could not get relaxed in any position. The BioMat made me feel very relaxed and noticeably more comfortable. I slept much easier and quickly. I could feel the energy and the mat did make this very hard healing period significantly more tolerable. I do believe that with regular and long - term usage, the BioMat would be very beneficial to many chronic pain sufferers. This is a product that we canhave faith in. Not to be the Miracle Cure but rather to be a product that will make our pains and sufferings easier and significantly more I thank you very much and hope that many others will enjoy the Clyde Scurry 45, High Springs, Florida Nov. 16, 05 ■ I'm 88 years old and have severe Varicose Veins inboth my legs. I have extremely poor circulation in both legs and they are very discolored-a scarlet purple, and ache. After sleeping on the Bio Mat for a 25 minute nap, I noticed thatthe color was returning to normal and my legs were not as achy. I now take an hour nap three days a week on the matand my toes aren't cold and blue anymore. My podiatrist is amazed.
Else Pomerantz, 88 , Gainesville, FL info@thebiomatcompany.comwww.thebiomatcompany.com Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0 ■ At age 50, I've never understood what people meant when theysaid they felt refreshed in the morning when they woke up. I've never had a sound restful sleep and have trouble "turning my brain off" at night. A friend had me try out the mat in the middle of the day , and I fell sound asleep right away. When I woke up I felt so invigorated and refreshed! I t wasgreat! I'm also always cold so the wonderful soothing heat was com- forting. I now sleep on my mat and pillow every night and never seem to have a problem falling asleep right away.
■ I have had deep pain in my left hand from osteoarthri- tis. After the first time I used the BioMat this pain went away. Icontinue to use the BioMat every day and have done so forthree months. The pain in my hand has not ■ According to orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jaffe my right knee was thecondition of an 80-year old with severe arthritis. 23years post triple knee reconstruction surgery, I was facing the possi- bility of a fourth operation. After 2 weeks daily on the BioMat,my pain disappeared by 95%, avoiding a totalknee replacement operation. ■ For many years chiropractors have not been able to adjust my tho- racic spine by their usual means. My thoracic spine was “frozen.” After three months of daily use of the BioMat I went to the chiropractor who easily made three Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
adjustments to my thoracic spine. This is a minor T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0 ■ Hi Gail,I would like to tell you about the success my mother, Betty Willis, has had with using the Bio-mat and Alkaline water system.
Her journey began on January 21, 2005 when she was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma (cancer of the bone marrow). We puther on a health specific diet along with sleeping on the BioMat nightly and drinking 11 glasses of Alkaline water aday. Within the first week her blood levels nor- malized and have stayed that way ever since also the per-centage of myloma cells have continued to lower.
Oncologist that follows her every 2 months says that myMom is doing Great! and does not need any cancer treatment due to her diet, Bio-mat andAlkaline water.
I Thank the Lord for His perfect work in my Moms life and allowing us to find these health and wellness tools.
■ I have suffered terrible insomnia for more than sixmonths. With the BioMat I sleep like a baby.
I also have stopped having hot flashes at night and no longer have info@thebiomatcompany.comwww.thebiomatcompany.com Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0 I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I wish you could have seen the look on the nurse's face after she took my blood pressure. It was 120/80 ( I had gone on the BioMatjust prior to going to the office.) Grace had this puzzled look like "What are you doing different?”Dr. Knizley also looked at the results of my thyroid test and told me he would need to take another blood drawing as he might need to lower my synthroid dosage! This was a first for me.
■ My friend’s mother, who is 85, came from out of town to visit.
When she arrived her feet and legs were swollen like “ele- phant legs” due to her congestive heart failure. Her legsalso were covered with red streaks. She slept on the BioMatthat afternoon and continued to sleep through the night (her daugh- ter turned the mat to the lowest setting overnight). The next morn- ing all of the swelling and red marks were gone. I saw her legs myself. Her ankles were slender, as were her legsand feet.
■ My energy level, my relationships, my work, my life in general have all improved dramaticallyover the past few months that I have been using the BioMat. My outlook on life feels more like I’m in my twenties instead of in my sixties. A few days ago I got thewater alkalinizer and started drinking alkaline water. My energy level info@thebiomatcompany.comwww.thebiomatcompany.com Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0 ■ Discovering the BioMat and Alka-life Water Ionizer has changed our lives. I first purchased the professionalBioMat for my dog, a 14+ year old lab who was having difficulty standing and walking. Within a month of using the ability to walk. Now after several months of time onthe BioMat he is walking to the park again and doing little jigs when he gets excited. Of course his servants use the BioMat too and have experienced relaxation, pain relief and an alertness among other things. I no longer have lower back pain! And it is great after exercising or to just fallasleep on. My energy level is definitely up and my feeling of well- being has increased too. We have been enjoying it so much that we also bought a mini BioMat to take with us wherever we go or put in the chair! The Alka-life Water Ionizer produces the sweetest and smoothest water you have ever tasted! We are feeling so much better and enjoy drinking water more than ever. The water is so good that you simply want to drink it all the time. Chad even gets alkaline water ice in his alkaline water! Since he had cancer,drinking alkaline water is important for himand preventive for us! We are very lucky because we donot have illnesses or disease and we want to continue that trend! With the BioMat and Alka-life we feel internallyclean and balanced! And that’s a good feeling and wellworth the price! info@thebiomatcompany.comwww.thebiomatcompany.com Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0 ■ Nov 13 05I was feeding my horses from a plastic bag full of hay, whenone of them freaked out and as fast as lightening, stompedwith amazing accuracy and very deliberately on my foot!Fortunately I at least had gym shoes on, but the throbbing started instantly. I think my horse thought the rustling plastic bag was a snake! By the time I got back up to the house, the front of my foot and toes hurt like the dickens and looked like shinny, plump, fussed together, cocktail franks! I iced them down and went about my day very painfully. When I went to bed on my Bio Mat that night, they were still throbbing, immobile, plump and red. By the time I got up the next morning, the swelling was almost gone the pain had been reduced todiscomfort, and the color had returned to normal and I could bend a wiggle all my tootsies:) Thank You Bio Mat!!C. Boots, Gainesville, FL info@thebiomatcompany.comwww.thebiomatcompany.com Copyright 2005. Reprint + Duplication Prohibited.
T h e B i o M a t C o m p a n y ® 8 6 6 . 6 1 7 . 1 3 0 0

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