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Since 1968, Northern Alarm Protection Co. Ltd. has delivered a full range of state-of-the-
art security solutions to businesses and residences across Ontario. Canadian owned and operated, a ULC-rated Installation and Service Security provider, and a member of CANASA (Canadian Alarm and Security Association), NAP is committed to providing superior customized security services to each of its clients. With cutting-edge technology, highly-trained installation professionals, full service and monitoring, NAP offers quick, discreet and cost effective security solutions. You achieve • Incomparable digital Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) security solutions. • Reliable, custom-designed burglar alarm systems • Well-established ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) monitoring

Northern Alarm Protection Co. Ltd. is an established, full-security supplier of electronic security devices and fire and burglary monitoring services. Remaining at the cutting edge of technology, NAP sets the standard for efficient professional security system design and implementation. We also provide you with the highest level of account service within NAP provides burglar alarms, closed circuit video systems, and card access control to major petroleum companies, exclusive golf clubs, retail chains, municipal offices, city shelters and recreational facilities. Our Account Managers work as part of your team to ensure all areas of concern are discussed and understood before we provide your business NAP also offers high-end security systems for residential customers. Account Managers visit each home and design systems unique to the lifestyle and security needs of homeowners. Our products fit any décor, our installation is hard-wired where possible, and our after-sale service is second to none. As part of your complete security package, NAP can monitor smoke detectors and call the fire department to minimize damage should a fire occur when your place of business NAP’s trained Service Department team is available 24/7, to ensure your security system is always working at optimum capacity. Our secure monitoring station is located within CLOSED CIRCUIT TV
CCTV is a proven deterrent to crime. When installed professionally, state-of-the-art CCTV security systems provide you with visual audits and critical information in the event of robbery or litigation. NAP partners with the best. An industry leader, the Sanyo VCC-6574 high-resolution video camera offers 520 TV lines of horizontal resolution. With built-in digital signal processing circuitry and intelligent backlight compensation, this camera provides a clear view of off-center and moving objects not possible to see with conventional backlight systems. Daytime and bright-light scenes are best captured with a colour camera; dark areas with a black and white camera. The Sanyo VCC-4324 Day/Night CCD camera integrates both colour and black and white. You get a sharp, easy-viewing picture during the day and a bright, highly sensitive view at night. Its extreme low-light infrared response function captures precise black and white images, even in complete darkness. The PelcoSpectra IIITM is ideal for Pan/Tilt/Zoom applications. It features an integrated high-performance camera and optics package, full pan/tilt positioning mechanism and extensive receiver electronics. The result is a small, quiet and attractive dome that offers quick 360o rotation as well as high-speed and variable-speed capabilities ranging from a blistering 250 o per second pan motion to a smooth, quiet “creep-mode” speed of 1/2 o per Long thought of business security, durable and attractive CCTV door stations can be incorporated into many residential security systems. The Aiphone Open Voice Color Video system provides exceptional viewing and communication capabilities. “Door call- in” turns on the image instantly, complete with audio monitoring. Pressing the large talk button initiates hands-free VOX communication between door station and monitor. In short, CCTV security systems from NAP equal peace of mind for your home or
Access Control Systems
Easy and manageable door access control systems enable commercial customers to monitor who goes where and when, and locate weak spots (obvious or hidden) within buildings. To prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to sensitive areas, the door access control system allows you to track and control the movement of staff and visitors. NAP partners with clients to design and recommend layers of interior and exterior protection for long-term and short-term security plans. NAP can custom-design access control systems for large high-rise buildings with multiple doors, or for smaller two-door units. Additions and/or deletions to the system can be done by computer for quick changes to authorized accessibility.

Alarm Monitoring Security

NAP’s knowledgeable Account Managers can custom-designed professional alarm systems that include a Schedule of Protection tailored to meet your needs. NAP takes into account the full range of security levels, reflecting your most challenging requirements, Security systems can cover both “open” and “closed” business conditions and can be expanded to include the monitoring of critical situations such as fire, temperature change, water flow and panic circumstances. Daily, weekly or monthly alarm activity reports provide up-to-date analysis of opening and closing traffic flows. NAP’s secure, state-of-the-art monitoring station is home to the most modern, innovative equipment and software in the industry. Professionally trained operators monitor alarms Times have changed. Thieves have learned that monitoring signals can be interrupted by cutting phone lines. That is why NAP offers security system cellular backup. This added protection provides the most secure alarm path from your premises to our central monitoring station, eliminating concerns over cut phone lines and failed alarm

Value Added Service (Mission Statement)

We make your security our business. Northern Alarm Protection Co. Ltd. recognizes that each customer’s security needs are unique, and is committed to custom-designing systems suitable for each business or residence. Your security is our first priority. Our security consultants work with closely with you to ensure all security concerns are understood before any system is designed. Our highly trained service technicians provide fast, courteous and professional service. And our monitor solutions keep you assured Client Testimonials
Northern Alarm Protection Co. Ltd. has developed long-standing business relationships with major enterprises and organizations, including petroleum companies, municipalities, schools, sporting venues and retail chains. These businesses rely on NAP to work with them to develop custom, cost-effective security solutions that protect their investments and make the workplace safe for employees. Having entrusted NAP to protect their businesses, many of our clients also trust us to protect their homes and families. NAP is discrete about the company it keeps. However, many of our clients have given us permission to share testimonials with serious, prospective customers. Contact us today. Northern Alarm Protection Co. Ltd. is also a long-standing member of CANASA (Canadian Alarm and Security Association), the national voice of the security industry. The standards set by this self-regulatory association ensure that members work in a professional manner with clients, suppliers, competitors, employees and individuals. CANASA members are aware of the trust placed in them by customers and will not misrepresent their ability, experience, credentials or reputation. CANASA also works with various levels of government to regulate the security industry.



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