Sex…the basics

Reduce Your Risk
prevents the most common strains of HPV. can’t see a sore during penis, vagina, anus, Blood, semen, vaginal Possibly no symptoms. Blood, semen, vaginal Depleted immune system. No cure. infections in 2006. enters the body of an If you want to be protected against STIs, practice safer
If you do not want to get pregnant, use a reliable method of
sex…use a barrier method.
birth control.
Condoms – come in the traditional male/external condom as Roll on condoms – 97% effective with perfect use. well as female/internal varieties. There are numerous colors, Internal condom – 95% effective with perfect use. sizes and flavors. Use male condoms for penetrative Birth Control Pills – 99% effective, just remember to take your pill every day at the same time. Depo-Provera (the shot) – 99% effective, you get one shot every 12 Dental dams – for safer oral sex (oral/vaginal & oral/anal). There are a variety of colors, sizes and flavors. You can make Morning After Pill or Emergency Contraception – can be taken if the one out of a condom, latex glove, or plastic wrap. condom falls off, breaks, or is forgotten. Take within 120 hours of *REMEMBER* Hormonal methods of contraception (birth unprotected intercourse. This should not be used as a form of typical control or depo-provera) will not protect you from STIs. *Ask your medical practitioner about these and other methods of birth control (diaphragm, cervical cap, IUD, norplant, natural family planning) Communication- Be open and honest with your partner about your sexual history, protection and
contraception. If you can’t talk about these things, think twice about becoming intimately involved.
Consent-“No” means no. Wait for a yes. Both parties need to clearly agree before proceeding with any activity.
Limits- Know your limits with drugs and/or alcohol. These substances can impair judgement and you could end
up doing something you didn’t really want to do. Having sex while inebriated may seem like it would be fun,
but the possible consequences are not at all fun.
Lubricant- How did we survive without lube? It feels good. It prevents condoms from breaking, reduces
painful chafing, is easy to use, and increases sensation. You can get it at any drug store.
1. Check expiration date, check for an air bubble, and open package carefully (not with your teeth or nails). 2. Place on tip of erect penis and squeeze the air out of the tip of the condom to prevent breakage. 3. Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. 4. After intercourse, withdraw the penis while still erect (hold on to rim of condom while withdrawing). 5. Turn away from partner, remove condom, and throw it away (do not flush down the toilet or reuse). Abstinence is a safe choice as far as STIs and pregnancy are concerned. Determine a clear definition of abstinence for yourself. Is oral sex abstinence? Although you cannot get pregnant from kissing, you can contract a variety of infections. Is kissing abstinence? Herpes can be contracted simply through kissing… Think about what abstinence means to you, create a definition that makes you feel comfortable and safe, and then stick with it. Abstinence can only work if you use it all of the time. CU Community Health Resource Center – 303-492-2937, UMC room 411 Information on sexual health, free latex products, and campus wide presentations on sexual health. CU Community Health Resource Center Free HIV testing – 303-492-8704 Free and confidential HIV testing for CU students. CU Wardenburg Health Center Women’s Clinic – 303-492-2030 STI testing and treatment for males and females, birth control, and pregnancy testing for female CU students. CU Wardenburg Health Center Medical Clinic – 303-492-5432 STI testing and treatment for male CU students. CU Wardenburg Health Center Pharmacy – 303-492-5883 Emergency Contraception available for students age 18 and over. CU Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered (GLBT) Resource Center – 303-492-1377 On-campus resources and support for the GLBT community. CU Victim’s Assistance – 303-492-8855, Willard room 217 Free and confidential resources and information about community support services. Sliding scale gynecological exams, birth control, STI testing and treatment for men and women, and pregnancy testing. Boulder Planned Parenthood – 303-447-1040 Full Free gynecological exams, birth control, STI testing and treatment, and pregnancy testing.


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