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Sensors and Instrumentation
Radio Temperature
Battery life
depending on parameter settings, usually > 1 year Radio frequency
Transmitter / Switch
Ingress protection
IP 67
Lance shape
Temperature sensor with integrated radio interface for the
HONSBERG RF1 radio system
PT1000 sensor
Energy-saving battery operation
Robust stainless steel housing
Operation without registration or fees (ISM band 868 MHz)
Ingress protection IP 67
The temperature sensors in this range measure temperatures in liquids and gases. The measured value is polled using a radio connection. If set limit values are exceeded, this can be actively Lance type
Screw-in thread
notified by the sensor. To operate one or more sensors, at least one send/receive station (access point RF1-ETH or RF1-USB) is The robust solid metal construction makes the sensors suitable for Technical data
"Gooseneck" option for higher temperatures
male thread G 1/4 A. G 1/2 A, union nut G 3/4 connection
Metering ranges
extended range for lance shape with gooseneck Measurement



Materials, non-

Voltage supply

lithium battery 1/2 AA 3.6 V (e.g. Tadiran SL-750/S) consumption
Honsberg Instruments GmbH
Tenter Weg 2-8 ● 42897 Remscheid ● Germany
Fon +49 (0) 2191 - 9672 - 0 ● Fax - 40
www.honsberg.com ● info@honsberg.com
Sensors and Instrumentation
Compact sensor
Operation and programming
If the customer desires, the sensor can be preconfigured and made ready for use, with the battery inserted. Configuration before However, all parameters can be modified by radio using the optionally available software RF1-Control. Modifiable parameters include:● Measurement cycle time● Limit values for alarm warnings● Metering range Thanks to the flash memory used, the firmware can also be updated by radio if necessary. Software modules can be made available by HONSBERG for customer applications; this allows the use of the whole range of functionality.
Detailed information available on request.
Changing battery
The cover of the housing is unscrewed to change the battery. The battery can be replaced without the need for additional tools. Take care when removing the lid: Do not tear off the wiring! Remove the battery from the battery holder, and replace it with a suitable battery (e.g. Tadiran Lithium SL-750/S). If the battery is connected with reversed polarity, it will be discharged, but the device will not be damaged.
Ordering code
Sensor with union nut for T-piece G 3/8.G 1/2 Metering range
Handling and operation
Connection material
The sensor is fitted with a yellow LED, which briefly flashes every Connection size
Sensors with screw-in threads are screwed into a T-piece or a Process connection
nozzle in the pipework, using a suitable flat seal (e.g. Klingerit). Sensors with a union nut are mounted in a T-piece (see separate product information). Use only a hexagonal spanner to tighten.
It should be ensured that the sensor tip is located fully in the medium, and does not push against the wall of the pipe.
● T-piece type TS-2. Thread G 3/8.G 2● Cable/round plug connector (KB.) see additional information “Accessories” ● USB adapter RF1-USB● Ethernet adapter RF1-ETH

Source: http://orangetech.com.tn/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/pi-gr-RF1-T_e.pdf

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