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Ralf Müller, M.D.
Specialist for Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine
Stachelbauerweg 4/2
8062 Kumberg
Phone: +43 664 633 70 10
Fax: +43 1 804 805 311 02
URL: www.ralfmü
Curriculum Vitae
1 Personal Data

Surname Müller
Full Names
native: German excellent: English, IELTS-Test 2010: 7,0 traces: Spanish, Greek MS-Windows, MS-Office, Adobe CS 5.5, various anaesthesia documentation system Date of Issue: 2011-10-13 Valid to: 2021-10-12 Stachelbauerweg 4/2 8062 Kumberg, Austria Stachelbauerweg 4/2 8062 Kumberg, Austria Medical University Graz, Clinic for Anaesthesiology & Intensiv Care Med. Auenbruggerplatz 29 8036 Graz, Austria Mobile: +43 660 633 70 10 Job: +43 316 385 80 609 2 Educational Qualifications

2.1 Secondary Schools
American High School Diploma
2.2 Tertiary Qualifications Medical Doctor (Doctor Medicinae Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, (Leitender Notarzt, LNA) Specialist for Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine Diploma of Continuing Education Membership, monthly Jour fixe Red Cross Paramedic Courses Emergency + Disaster Medicine Seminar: Parenteral Nutrition Hiesmayr, (Emergency Medicine Society) Bronchoscopy Course Anaesthesia and ICM Anaesthesia Training Course Internship: Internal Intensive Care G. Krejs, Prof. Dr. Anaesthesia and ICM Chief Emergency Doc Course 2 Emergency Medicine Internship: General Surgery Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and ICM Bronchoscopy Course P. Lechleitner, Prim. Doz Serfaus, Tirol Medicine Congress of the AGN Pharmacological Interaction Medicine Congress of the AGN Difficult Airway Management Medicine Baseleaders Refresher: Chief Emergency Docs B. Mayer, Dr. OMR Medicine Baseleaders Pain Treatment Course Medicine Congress of the AGN Symposium for Emergency High-End-Simulator Workshop: CPR and Multiple Trauma Megacode Training Workshop: Ultrasound Guided Center for Styria IELTS: International English Accompanying Gerneral Deseases Medical Doctors (ÖÄK) ÖNK-Kongress: Austrian Society of Emergency- & Disastermedic. Workshop: CPR-baby session Diploma of Continuing Education Austrian Academy of 3 Work Experience

3.1 Present Employment
Medical University of Graz, University Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine Employment Dates since 01.09.2006 Position Held Description of Unit The university clinic handles all kinds of anaesthesiology-, intensive care-, emergency medicine- and pain patients. Starting out with preclinical emergency treatment on the helicopter and mobile ambulance, followed by emergency room care and anaesthesiologic care in all kinds of operation rooms the patients end up either in one of 4 ICU’s or one of the recovery rooms. Besides there is a pain ambulance and 24hour pain treatment, various preoperative ambulances and quiete some scientific studies, which have to be done. More then 36.000 narcoses a year, 4 ICU’s, 160 anaesthesiologists, 3
I’m “specialised in general anaesthesia” – in other words: there is
very little anaesthesia left, I cannot handle. For the past 6 years my
main job has been anaesthesia for various operations, such as: large
abdominal-, endocrine-, trauma-, orthopedic-, urologic-, dermatologic-,
plastic surgery. Further I do endoscopic and radiologic diagnosis and
therapies, as far as anaesthesia is needed. My favorite anaesthesiologic
pathway is regional anaesthesia by nervstimulation as well as
ultrasound guided. For more the 20 years I do obstetric and
gynecological anaesthesiologic treatment, for example obstetric
For the past 20 years, my main fields of work besides anaesthesia has
been: Preclinical emergency medicine, leading an emergency
ambulance base for about 15 years. We did handle all kinds of internal
as well as traumatologic emergency cases. My intensive care
experiences have been trained in various ICU’s.
Patients who need elective or acute surgical intervention, vitally
threatened patients in the ambulance, emergency room and ICU. Also most of my patients are adult I did handle a lot of paediatric cases. I like to do general anaesthesia as well as regional anaesthesia,
including SPA, PDA and almost all kinds of nerve blocks. Having done about 2000 emergency missions I’m used to all kinds of
emergency medicine treatments, traumatologic as well as internal
cases. Further I’m familiar with most of the intensive care procedures.
There is very little equipment left, which I’m not familiar with. 4 Employment History

Position Held
Describtion of Unit
Intern, specialising in Dep. of Anaesthesiology 5 References

University of Graz, Department of Histology Meduni Graz, Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM G. Habermann, Prim.Dr. Retired Head od Department LKH-Voitsberg, Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM Meduni Graz, Department of Internal Medicine Meduni Graz, Department of Internal Medicine Meduni Graz, Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM 6 Publications

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Chapter 5:

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