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We recommend that you read this handout carefully in order to prepare yourself or family members for the proposed procedure. In doing so, you will
benefit both the outcome and safety of the procedure. If you still have any questions or concerns, we strongly encourage you to contact ou r office
prior to you r procedure so that we may clarify any pertinent issues. “An educated patient is the best patient.”


When undergoing some procedures or operations, it is important that your blood be able to clot. M any over-the-counter and prescription drugs, in one
or several ways, may prevent your blood from properly clotting in a timely fashion. The most common of these medications are the analgesics
(medications that minimize pain) and the anti-inflammatory compounds (medications that reduce inflammation or swelling), although there are others
as well.
Tylenol® is a trade name for "acetaminophen." Compounds that contain acetaminophen do NOT (by themselves) affect your ability to clot your
blood. Therefore, they are, safe to take in the days preceding surgery, provided they do not contain a mixture of any of the compounds listed below.
Some medications are a blend of different analgesic or anti-inflammatory compounds. Most over-the-counter "cold remedies" contain
acetaminophen, but please read the ingredients label carefully.

The long list below contains some of the more common medications that fall into this category. If you have recently (anytime within the past 2
weeks) taken any of these medications, or anything that you believe to be similar, please let us know. Of course there may be_other
medications not mentioned here; and so if you are in doubt, please call us and inquire.

Alka-seltzer® (any variety)
Aspirin Compounds (the ingredients may read "aspirin" or "acetylsalicylic acid or salicylate")
Coumadin® (Warfarin)
Diclofenac Compounds
Diflunisal Compounds
Etodolac Compounds
Ibu profen or Ibuprofen-like Compounds
M idol IBS (one of they types contain ibuprofen: check label) Orudis® (contains a related compound "ketoprofen") Indomethacin Compounds
Ketorolac Compounds
Naproxen Compounds
Nabumetone Compounds
Oxaprozin Compounds
Tolmetin Compounds
Piroxicam Compounds
Sulindac Compounds
Many of the Pain Relieving Creams/Ointments
Vitamin E Capsules/Tablets

*The arthritis medications in the category of Cox-2 Inhibitors are called "celecoxib" (Celebrex®) and "rofecoxib" (Vioxx®). While they do work as
analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, they may not interfere with ones ability to clot the blood. You need to tell your physician if you are on
these however other medications that may inhibit your ability to clot blood are those that you may be taking if you see a cardiologist or a vascular
surgeon. We need to know if you are on, or have recently taken any of these medications:
Fragmin® (dalteparin – given by injection at the doctor) Lovenox® (enoxaparin - given by injection at the doctor) The information contained in this Medical Informed Consent Form (“Consent Form”) is intended to solely inform and educate and should not be used as a substitute for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a physician or other healthcare professional. Please call your doctor if you have any questions.


Training and Resources for Clinical Excellence in Energetic Therapies [Laser correction of microcirculation disorders in patients having CHD with hypercholesterinemia] Vasil'ev AP , Sekisova MA , Strel'tsova NN , Senatorov IuN . The study demonstrates that hypercholesterinemia in patients with coronary heart disease(CHD) is associated with functional depression of microcirculation, increas

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2009 Four-Tier Prescription Drug List Reference Guide IMPORTANT NOTICE – PLEASE READ Your pharmacy benefit offers flexibility and CAREFULLY choice in finding the right medication for you. Your Prescription Drug List (formerly known as Preferred Drug List) has changed. Please note that prescription medications on this new list may be in different tiers than those on your

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