Instructions for Use & Technical Description Professional acne treatment for personal use Meet no!no! Skin
Know Before You no!no! Skin
Charging the no!no! Skin
As with any electrical device, certain precautions are necessary in order to READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING no!no! Skin ALL WARNINGS
DANGER - To reduce the risk of serious injury from electric shock: • Do not reach for no!no! Skin if it has fal en into water during charging.
• Do not place or store no!no! Skin near a sink or bathtub.
• Do not place in or near water or other liquids.
• Always unplug the no!no! Skin from it’s charger before use, cleaning or
WARNING & PRECAUTIONS - To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric • Use this device only for its intended use as described in this manual.
• Provide adult supervision when used by children under the age of 14. • Do not submerge in water or al ow no!no! Skin to become wet in any way.
• Do not use the device or the charger unit if they are damaged in any way, do not work properly, were dropped into water or are wet. Return the damaged part to a service center for examination or repair.
• Only use no!no! Skin with its original charger.
• Do not use an extension cord with the charger. • Keep no!no! Skin away from inflammable environments and hot
surfaces such as stoves and radiators.
• Do not use no!no! Skin near or rest it on flammable objects such as
• Do not open the outer casing of no!no! Skin. This wil void your warranty
• If you have any skin condition, consult your doctor before using no!no! Skin.
• Do not use no!no! Skin if you have been using Accutane or any
photosensitizing medications in the past 6 months. Check the medication • Do not use no!no! Skin if you suffer from epilepsy.
• If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before using no!no! Skin
• Do not use no!no! Skin if you were exposed to strong sunlight or an
artificial tanning device in the past month • Do not use no!no! Skin if you have an active implant, such as a
pacemaker, incontinence device, insulin pump, etc. • Do not use no!no! Skin on sunburned skin, rashes, open cuts and sores,
bruises, blisters, moles birthmarks, pigmented lesions - like sun spots, age spots and raised areas such as scars.
• no!no! Skin is for personal use only .
• Do not look directly at the light coming from the opening.
• Do not use no!no! Skin on or near the eyes.
• Do not point no!no! Skin so it emits a light pulse into the air.
• Always keep the treatment tip pointed at and in full contact with the skin • If, during the pulse sequence, no!no! Skin feels too hot, remove it
immediately from your skin and al ow it to cool.
• Stop treatment if you experience full redness of the skin, blistering or • In case of burns, apply first aid treatment.
• Before using no!no! Skin, make sure your skin’s surface is completely
dry: no deodorants, no lubricants, no liquids, no creams, no gels, no water - should be applied to the skin surface.
• Only use no!no! Skin for the purposes described in this user manual and
according to the treatment instructions.
no!no! Skin puts the power and precision of professional acne
phototherapy safely into the palm of your hand. no!no! Skin is the quick way
to treat individual pimples caused by mild to moderate acne. Simply put the treatment tip over your pimple and push the button.
no warm-up time, no mess and no stress – no!no! Skin helps keep acne
Acne comes in many shapes and sizes. It starts when a build up of oil clogs your pores, trapping dead cel s and oil beneath the surface of the skin. This creates an oxygen free environment ideal for the growth of Propionibacterium (P.acnes), the no!no! Skin & LHE technology
no!no! Skin is based on LHE technology, used
by skin care specialists throughout the world. no!no! Skin combines the healing powers of light
and heat to accelerate the healing process of mild to moderate acne sores. Green light, red light and heat reach deep into the pore to stop acne at its Green and red light reach deep into the pore. This begins a process to destroy the P.acnes. (Figure 2) Additional heat speeds up the process. It gently opens the pore, soothes inflammation and reduces swel ing. (Figure 3) Know Before You no!no! Skin
• Treat yourself in front of a mirror.
• The recommended treatment schedule is two sessions a day, 6-12 hours • Treat only one pimple at a time.
• Treat each pimple twice per session.
• Wait 5 seconds before treating the pimple a second time • One treatment lasts 10 seconds.
• A single beep will sound to signal the start of treatment.
• A double beep will sound to signal the end of treatment.
• A light will flash for the duration of the treatment.
• You may treat as many pimples as you want during each session.
no!no! Skin is meant for the treatment of individual mild to moderate acne
lesions only. Refer to the chart below to determine if no!no! Skin is right for you.
Is no!no! Skin good
Moderate acne Many papules & pustules (with pus) Charging the no!no! Skin
Charge no!no! Skin overnight before using it for the first time.
For safety reasons, your no!no! Skin wil not operate while plugged into the
Please refer to the table below to understand the dif erent meanings of the LED Indicator located at the bottom of the Treatment Guide.
Steady Orange Very low battery Charge immediately, will not work Operating Instructions
no!no! Skin helps speed the healing process of mild to moderate inflammatory
acne. A patented treatment tip provides therapeutic light and heat to the body. no!no! Skin can be used on the face, arms, back, and chest.
Important Notes:
• Test no!no! Skin on your arm before
familiar with the pulsing sensation.
• no!no! Skin must be charged
• Treat only areas that are currently • For safety reasons, no!no! Skin wil • Treat each pimple individual y.
not operate when plugged into the • Treat each pimple twice before 8. Keep no!no! Skin in full contact with
up the no!no! Skin treatment tip to
no!no! Skin emits a double beep.
6. Place no!no! Skin directly against
the pimple and in full contact with 11. After treating one pimple twice, Cleaning Instructions
In order to prevent infection, thoroughly clean the no!no! Skin treatment tip
before and after each use, especial y if used by more than one person. Dip a clean piece of gauze or cloth into rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the treatment tip. Be sure the treatment tip is completely dry before the next Technical Specifications Light Source .Halogen Lamp with Light & Heat Energy (LHE)Wavelength Range .480 – 2000 nmFluence .6J/cm²Pulse Train .20 pulses per applicationTreatment Area.0.5 cm²Treatment TIme .10 secondsClassification .
Mode of Operation .Short-time OperationOperating Conditions .Ambient Temperature: +5°-35°Electrical Requirements for Battery Charger .Electrical Input Voltage 100 – 240VAC at 50/60Hz.
no!no! Skin was designed to give you a trouble-free method to deal with
acne. However, from time to time, problems may appear. my no!no! Skin does not emit a pulse?
Check the power indicator to make sure your no!no! Skin has been ful y
I’ve charged my no!no! Skin, but the power indicator remains at low and it
• Check the charger’s power cord and plugs for damage. Try another outlet, the one you were using may not be working properly.
• If a problems persists, or one that is not mentioned occurs, contact a no!no! Skin service center
2008 Radiancy Inc. All rights reserved.
no!no! Skin User Manual, Revision 03, May 2008 Part
Manufacturer: Radiancy (Israel) Ltd., 9 Gan- Note: The information in this document is confidential Rave St., P.O. Box 13111, Industrial Park, and proprietary. It is provided to customers and Yavne 81223, Israel, Tel: 972-8-943-3100, authorized representatives of Radiancy only. The content of this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Brussels, Belgium: Tel: 32 (0) 2 732 5954, Fax: 32 (0) 2 LHE® is a registered trademark, and Radiancy™ and 732 6003, GSM 07545 4660, e-mail: no!no! are trademarks of Radiancy in the United States The Quality Management System of Radiancy complies The number (0344) is of the certifying body KEMA


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