In the office.
Medications, health supplies and medical
Administrative costs
.the physician - REAL COST of drugs and anesthetics:
- Summary and transmission of medical records
MAY * charge
• IUD with / without hormones: Ex: 320 / $ 60-175 - Most forms:
• Xylocaine (local anesthesia): Ex: $ 1 / mL • Cortisone (injection): Ex: $ 4 / dose - ACTUAL COST of splints, bandages and casts
agrees: see back or - RAMQ form for “Exceptional Medications”
- Phone consultation
- Office visit solely for prescription renewal
- Ultrasounds, CT scans and magnetic resonance

.the physician - Drugs priced higher than their actual cost
- Access to a participating physician
- Vaccines on the standard immunization schedule
- Administrative and support staff
charge for:
- Injection material and storage equipment
- Opening of a medical chart / Electronic record
- Various dressings
- CSST and Social Solidarity forms
- Charges for covered diagnostic testing:
- Any mandatory steps to access a physician:
Eg: ECG, treadmill test, endoscopy, X-rays, Pap test, STI screening, skin biopsy, etc.
• Consultation with another professional - Global fees (“block fees”) for administration
- Global fees (“block fees”) for uninsured services

- The physician must display al prices in the waiting room and give you a detailed invoice.
- Questions? Contact RAMQ: 1 800 561-9749 : - Abusive charges? Go to - To contact the Régie's Commissioner for insured persons' complaints: 1-888-899-2121- RAMQ Info: : What does Quebec law say :
“A professional in the field of health subject to the application of an agreement shall not exact or receive for an insured service any other remuneration than that provided for by the agreement
“No person may exact or receive any payment from any insured person for a service, the
supplying of something or costs accessory to an insured service furnished by a professional subject to the application of an agreement (…) except in the cases prescribed or provided for in an "Fees may be required only: by a non-participating physician or; for uninsured (or considered so)
services provided; as compensation for incidental expenses stipulated in the agreements. " What MQRP is asking to the government, the medical federations and the College of Physicians:
That physicians and patients be better informed
That the Health Insurance Act be more strictly applied
That the practice of global fees be eliminated
That all medically necessary care be covered by public insurance, including:
- Medications and anesthetics administered in the office - Remote consultation, consultations for prescription renewal, splints, casts, bandages, health record summaries and transmission

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