Cuppa questions – answer sheet

How to play:
Cut out the questions from QUESTIONS_PAGE1.pdf and QUESTIONS_PAGE2.pdf, and
put them in a cup.

Let your friends each select a question from the cup, and read aloud. Ask your friends:
Dragon or Braggin'?

(A dragon is the logo for MOLT: The Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime. Check it out at!)

1. BRAGGIN' (false) – The doctrine of preemption, which states "injured consumers [.] are
barred from suing in state court when the products that hurt them have met federal standards"
applies to medical devices like tampons, not medications like Phenergan. See
Pharmaceutical-Warning-Label-Case.html - Fair or unfair?
2. BRAGGIN' (false) – The common cold is due to viruses, eczema's cause is unknown; while
menstruation results from the interplay of hormones.
3. DRAGON (true) – But be sure take calcium AND vitamin D both. Visit online and type 'calcium PMS' into the search box. It's the one
called, "Calcium and vitamin D intake and risk of incident premenstrual syndrome."
4. DRAGON (true) – Try it yourself, or suggest it to someone you know who has cramps. Slow
dance or disco, reggae, heavy metal – pick the one you like best.
5. BRAGGIN' (false) – Paris, France, Friday evening, January 15, 1672, Madame de Sevigne
wrote this in a letter to her daughter, Madame Grignan. Visit
6. Okay, so it's a trick question – who knows what the answer to this one would be. But still it's
fun to imagine the Presidential Address announcing such.from the Ovum, er, Oval Office.
7. BRAGGIN' (false) – Alice Walker was describing her thoughts and feelings about the
possibility of nuclear war. Check out:
2005/05/alice-walkers-foreword-to-codepinks.html & also for the
menstrual connection.
8. DRAGON (true) – Not just true, but very true, totally dragon! Although tampon-related toxic
shock is extremely rare, cases still do occur. If she's not, and wonders why you asked – it's an
opportunity to tell her about Menstrual Monday.
9. DRAGON (true) – 189,000 women have received free menstrual pads. “We’re keeping girls in
school,” said Ms. Tobiko. If women get education, “we want nothing else,” she added. “We will
fight our way into every field, but we need the main key - which is education.”
2007/04/inspiration-from-kenya.html [This is a bit dated – check out - note: Menstrual Monday not affiliated with Lunapads!]
10. BRAGGIN' (false) – It was a red broken cup in a box of "sanitary towels" (UK name for pads).
"My wife wondered who this woman was who sent me a box of Kotex," Lennon said later." features/story/0,,1464884,00.html
11. BRAGGIN' (false) – Only the first of the three listed items. To see what else flies in 'In
Search of Juan Colorado,' see the film.
12. DRAGON (true) – How do you feel when you're menstruating (if you do?)
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