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Minutes of the Medico-Legal Society’s 38th Annual General Meeting
held on 16th March 2011
at the Health Sciences Authority Auditorium at 8.00 p.m.

Mr Jeffrey Chan, Senior Counsel
Dr Todd Tomita

The AGM was preceded by a seminar, “Dealing with the Mentally ill offender – Forensic Assessment & Sentencing Options” presented by Dr Todd Tomita, Acting Chief of General & Forensic Psychiatry, IMH and Mr Wong Kok Weng, Senior State Counsel, Attorney-General Chambers. The President, Mr Jeffrey Chan (“Mr Chan”), called the meeting to order at 8

President’s Address
Mr Chan thanked the outgoing committee for their commitment and participants for supporting the myriad of activities organised by the Medico-Legal Society (“MLS”). Page 2 of 4
Specifically, Mr Chan expressed his appreciation to Dr Wee Keng Poh, a long-serving and integral committee member of MLS for his invaluable contributions to the Society over the years. Mr Chan also thanked the out-going Hon. Secretary, Associate Prof Stella Tan (who would be stepping down as she would be going for further studies overseas) for her contributions to the MLS. Mr Chan was pleased to give a brief report on the MLS’s activities for 2010, which included:- (i) 13 May 2010: Round-table discussion on two recent court cases
involving decisions of the Singapore Medical Council ((1) Dr. G
Devathasan v Singapore Medical Council, and (2) Dr Low Cze Hong v
Singapore Medical Council) held at the Health Sciences Authority
(HSA) Recreation room;
30 July 2010: Round-table discussion on the “Legal and Ethical
Aspects of Influenza Pandemics” held at the HSA Recreation room;
24 July 2010: First Joint-Seminar with the Medico-Legal Society of
Malaysia held in Malacca at the Mahkota Medical Centre. This Joint
Seminar discussed various issues including the resolution of medical
disputes through mediation and the different tests for liability for
medical negligence in Singapore and Malaysia;
3 September 2010: A Public Forum on “Liability of Trainees and
Supervisors for Medical Negligence” held at the Postgraduate Medical
19 September 2010: the MLS Golf Tournament held at the Singapore
Island Country Club;
23 September 2010: The 3rd Prof Chao Tzee Cheng Memorial Lecture
by Prof Tan Ser Kiat, Group Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Health
Services on the medical, legal and
healthcare to the public. This was held at the HSA Auditorium; 20 and 21 November 2010: The MLS Annual Seminar on the
“Challenges of Managing Healthcare Costs” and the MLS Annual
Dinner held at the Raffles City Convention Centre;
(viii) 9 December 2010: A Public Forum on “Issues in Obstetric Litigation:
Placental Pathology and Neurologic Outcome” held at the HSA Auditorium; and Confirmation of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 19 March 2009

The minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting were read and considered. Page 3 of 4
There being no amendments, addition or deletion, the minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting held on 24 March 2010 were passed as proposed by Associate Prof Lai Siang Hui and seconded by Mr Kalaithasan s/o Karuppaya. Hon. Treasurer’s Report

Prof Bosco Chen Bloodworth, presented the Statement of Accounts for 2010 (as at 31 Dec 2010) which was verified by 2 internal auditors (Dr Lim Swee Lian and Mr Yap Tien Siang. The Treasurer’s report was adopted, having been proposed and seconded by A/Prof Tan Soo Yong and Dr Wee Keng Poh, respectively.
Election of Office Bearers

Mr Chan introduced the proposed line-up for the 2011 Council as follows:- Dr Marian Wang Mr Prakash Otharam Ms Agnes Chan Associate Prof. Thirumoorthy Dr Tan Tong Khee Mr Malcolm Tan Mr Yeong Zee Kin Dr Tommy Tan proposed that the line up to the new Council be elected en bloc. This was seconded by Mr Malcolm Tan and Dr Wee Keng Poh. The proposal was unanimously accepted by all present. Election of Auditors

Assoc Prof Tan Soo Yong proposed that the current auditors be retained for the coming year. He was seconded by Dr Wee Keng Poh. There being no other nominations, the members unanimously elected Dr Lim Swee Lian and Mr Yap Tien Siang as internal auditors. Page 4 of 4

Other Matters

Mr Chan thanked all members for attending the meeting. Mr Chan outlined three areas that the new Council will work on immediately: To increase the MLS membership, and attract new members from the ranks of younger doctors and lawyers; To organise the upcoming Seminars, Public Forums and round-table discussions and provide early notice and information to all members; To maintain the MLS website so that it would be a good repository of knowledge. The AGM ended at 8.45 p.m with a vote of thanks to the President. All participants of the AGM were thereafter invited to a buffet dinner in the HSA Recreation Room. ____________________ President Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck SC _____________________ Hon Secretary Nicholas Cheong Dated 16th March 2011


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