Resources for young women

Choice Clinic – The Royal Women’s Hospital offers advice, consultation and treatment for all
contraceptive and sexual health needs. Tel 9344 2183 Fertility Clinics/Reproductive Services offer counsellors, a fertility specialist and a specialist
gynaecologist. All women are welcome to see a counsellor to discuss the impact of cancer treatment on their reproductive health. Royal Women’s Hospital 9344 2057 or 9344 2372
Sunshine Clinic
9356 9133
Epping Clinic 9408 2236
Ringwood Clinic 9871 4766
Dandenong Clinic
9706 9995
Jean Hailes Foundation provides services on women’s health and menopause, including
alternative/ complementary therapies. Tel 9562 7771
Menopause Clinics
Mercy Hospital for Women
The Royal Women’s Hospital 9344 2183
Monash Medical Centre
9594 2445
Sexuality Counselling Clinic – The Royal Women’s Hospital 9344 2717

Books or online files
Western Breast Services Alliance Booklet:
What to ask, when: questions for younger women with breast cancer
The booklet covers issues and topics such as: feelings; body image; relationships; contraception;
fertility; and menopause. It provides key questions to ask and consider when undergoing treatment. The booklet is available electronically to health professionals on intranet sites of The Royal Women’s Hospital, The Melbourne Hospital and Western Health. This booklet is also available in printed form
Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management and Support of Younger Women with
Breast Cancer (2004) (Australian)
National Breast Cancer Centre 2004. This book is written for clinicians but can also be sued by women.

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book
Love, Susan M. 4th edition. US: Da Capo Press. 2005
Fighting for our future: how young women find strength, hope and courage with taking
control of breast cancer
Murphy, Beth. Sydney: McGraw-Hill. 2003
Can I Still Have Children? – Fertility Options For Young Women Having Chemotherapy
and Radiotherapy
Reproductive Services, Royal Women’s Hosptial: Women’s Health Publications. 2004
No Less a Women: femininity, sexuality and breast cancer
Kahane, Deborah Hobler. Alameda, CA: Hunter House. 1995 Sexuality and fertility after cancer
Schover, Leslie R. Brisbane: John Wiley and Sons. 1997
When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring For Young Children
Harpham, Wendy Schlessel. New York: Harper Collins. 1997

My Mum Has Breast Cancer, A Family's Journey Lisa Sewards and Harrison Sewards 2006

When A Parent has Breast Cancer: How to Talk to Your Kids. A Guide for parents with
cancer, their families and friends Cancer Council NSW 2005 DVDs/CDs
Young Women Talking – New Information for Young Women with Breast Cancer
Young Women Talking’ is a unique resource for young women affected by breast cancer. It includes a 20 minute DVD and supplementary booklet exploring the issues affecting young women with breast cancer as told by a group of young women, in their own words. The women in the DVD address particular themes which reflect the unique issues that young women face such as early menopause and fertility, the impact on relationships, particularly young families and body image. The resource has been funded by The Cancer Council Victoria and meets an important information need for young women under 45 years of age. Young Women Talking also provides a brief guide for health professionals on how they may use the For further information about this resource, or to obtain a free copy please contact BreaCan on 1300 781 500.
So, I have breast cancer, what now? A guide for women and their families
Produced by the Women’s Health Program of Monash University. Information and support services
BreaCan – Breast Cancer Support

BreaCan is a unique service that provides breast cancer information and support for people with breast
cancer, their families and friends. Trained volunteers, all of whom have experienced breast cancer, or
had a close association with someone who has, assist people either face-to-face, by phone and/or email at BreaCan’s city based resource centre.

Location: Queen Victoria Women's Centre, Ground floor, 210 Lonsdale Street. Opening times: 10am-
2pm every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Telephone: 1300 781 500 (cost of a local call for country callers) BCKOnline
Welcome to Breast Cancer Knowledge Online (BCKOnline) – your gateway to breast cancer information. This portal is the combined work of women with breast cancer and a team of Monash University researchers. It can be tailored to the needs of women under 40 or 40 – 49. There are over 1000 items for women under 40 and another 1000 items for women 40-49.
The Cancer Council Victoria (TCCV)
TCCV provides information and support through the Cancer Helpline, Multilingual Cancer
Information Line, Look Good Feel Better Program, Cancer Connect and other support groups. Telephone: Cancer Helpline 13 11 20 (For all states of Australia) Current clinical trials specifically for young women
There are three trials designed for young women with early breast cancer. They are all cooperative
groups trials and available at various sites in Australia.
IBCSG 24-02 SOFT (Suppression of Ovarian Function Trial) - this trial is suitable for
premenopausal women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer when the woman's ovaries are continuing to produce oestrogen (ie remain premenopausal) after chemotherapy (if given). For the hormonal part of their breast cancer treatment women are randomized to (i) 5 years of tamoxifen alone (this is the standard arm) (ii) 5 years of ovarian function suppression + tamoxifen (iii) 5 years of ovarian function suppression + exemestane The ovarian function suppression can be achieved by monthly injections (reversible method of inducing menopause) or by permanent methods (eg oophorectomy). Women can enter the trial up to 8 months after completion chemotherapy - ie they may have their periods stop for a while after chemotherapy and then restart and they can still be suitable for the trial.
IBCSG 25-02 TEXT (Tamoxifen and Exemestane Trial) - this trial is suitable for
premenopausal women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer when the doctor and woman
think she should definitely receive ovarian function suppression as part of her treatment. Chemotherapy is optional according to patient and clinician preference. Randomization for hormonal part of treatment to: (i) 5 years of ovarian function suppression + tamoxifen (ii) 5 years of ovarian function suppression + exemestane
IBCSG 34 POEMS (Prevention of Early Menopause Study) - this trial is suitable for
premenpausal women with hormone receptor negative (ER and PR negative) breast cancer who will
receive adjuvant chemotherapy and want to avoid premature menopause which is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Women are randomized to receive in conjunction with their chemotherapy (i) monthly injections of zoladex or (ii) no zoladex Prue Francis from Peter MacCalllum Cancer Institute chairs SOFT and TEXT within Australia and Kelly Phillips also from Peter MacCalllum Cancer Institute chairs POEMS if additional information is required. There is some information on ANZ BCTG website in clinical trials section, see Oncologists can provide contact with these trials. Aussie Breast Cancer Forum
An email forum for sharing the experience of breast cancer and for their family, friends, carers and loved ones.
National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC)
Some information for young women can be found at
Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) The BCNA website has a section devoted to young
women with breast cancer, with personal stories, information about support groups and services relevant for young women with breast cancer and their families
New South Wales Breast Cancer Institute
Has a few young women’s stories Website:

The American Cancer Society
Because this is a general cancer site it is necessary to search for young women and breast cancer. There is a lot of information availa
The Young Survival Coalition, an international, non-profit network dedicated to the concerns and
issues unique to young women and breast cancer. Through action, advocacy and awareness, the YSC
seeks to educate the medical, research, breast cancer and legislative communities and to persuade them to address breast cancer in women 40 and under. The YSC also serves as a point of contact for young women living with breast cancer. Websit


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