Psych dimension #2

Psych Dimension #2 Dr.Svolos August 21, 2003 “What kind of doctor you is?”
(apparently, an illiterate one. –Ed.)

Identity as a doctor

• Specialization vs. Non-specialization • Authoritarian vs. Shares responsibility You will be called upon by the patient and their family to make ethical decision • Pull the plug vs. Not to pull the plug
CASE #1 (Pregnant Woman) Who will do the delivery?

Patient perspective
Some mothers like the pregnancy while other hates every moment of it. Some took good care of themselves while other binge on alcohol and drugs Some mother want to endure the pain of labor while other just want to be knock out (ex. “I want this kid out before my senior prom” kind of requests”)

Physician perspective

More personal treatment by doctor vs. Non-personal treatment by Staph (I mean staff) Get to know your patients. A bad outcome + bad feeling = A LAWSUIT • Good medicine vs. Defensive medicine In the first Psych lecture, Dr. Fernandes stated that he “does not like defensive medicine” You are responsible for the outcome Some patients prefer doctors to deliver their baby while other want the intimacy of a midwives delivery • Your schedule vs. Your colleagues’ schedule You have to negotiate with your college on who will get the crappy shift • Price per capita vs. Price per procedure Sometimes you get pay per delivery while other pays per procedure
Note: check with your patient’s insurance…….You could get PAID!!!
Note: If you are considering a career in Obstetrics, keep in mind that you will get reimburse $3000 per
birth. If you are in Florida, you have to pay $50,000 per year in medical malpractice insurance.
CASE #2 “Do you have a minute?” (Your interactions with people other than your patients)
Drugs reps
• They are good vs. They are bad
Pfizer have Viagra while Schering-Plough has other less important drugs
• They give you good stuff vs. They don’t give you anything Beware of the evil drug reps. Studies have shown that freebies DO, over time, influence how and what you
Be aware about what you prescribe. You habits are tracked by the Communist Pharmacist. They would
then sell your information’s to the ruthless drug companies.

Greater Social medicine
In the United States, Ear infections are treated with vigorous regiments of antibiotics.
In Europe, however, Ear infections are left to run their course.
We should be more aware and careful when prescribing antibiotics.
Clostridium difficile, (Gram + spore-forming rods) a pathogen responsible for antibiotic-associated
pseudomembranous colitis (diarrhea), which can follow the use of broad spectrum antibiotics.
(I felt bad, so I decided to look up a bug so that you guys will not totally waste your time reading this

There was an outbreak of the bug in a hospital where residents were treating themselves with antibiotics.
Note: you should not treat your friends or family!
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Consent to dermaplane and/or chemical acid peel procedure for cosmetic purposes

Consent to Dermaplane and/or Chemical Acid Peel and/or Microdermabrasion Procedure for Cosmetic Purposes 1. I hereby request and authorize Patricia Giordano to treat me for the purpose of attempting to 2. The effect and nature of the treatment to be given has been explained to me. I acknowledge that the goal of the treatment is to induce improvements in my skin, but individual results ma


NEW MICROBIOLOGICA, 30 , 346-349, 2007 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in HAART and antibiotic therapy Marta Boffito St. Stephen’s Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK Therapeutic agents used to inhibit the HIV replication are used in combination. The achievement of effective plas-ma concentrations of the drug in its active form, and sustaining such concentrati

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