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Publication list

I. Basic research period (1996-1986) . 1 III. Publications in the HTA-period (2000-2005) . 6 HTA-lectures and abstracts in recent years, 2000-2006. 7
The present publications list only covers activities in 2 out of 3 of the periods mentioned below:
I. Basic research period (1976-1986)

medio1976 - medio 1979 (research during medical studies) primo 1981 - medio 1986 (senior research fellow)
II. Commerciel research and development (1986-2000) – not available

III. HTA-period (2000-2005)

I. Basic research period (1996-1986)
Besides publications in international journals, a doctoral dissertation was prepared ( primo 1981)
from publications finalised during the medical study period. The dissertation was accepted and
defended 5/11 1982 at Odense University. Title of doctoral dissertation:
Purification and quatification of two pregnancy associated alfa-2 mobile serum proteins with
special reference to preparative and analytical immunochemical techniques.

Regular publications as first author: 1 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.; Svendsen,P. and S.-E. Svehag An Immunoprecipitation-dissociation technique for large scale antibody purification and an antigen consumption electroimmunoassay for antibody quantification. A model study with antibodies to pregnancy zone protein. Journal of Immunological Methods, 23 (1978) 127-135 2 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Ahrons,S. and S.-E. Svehag Affinity chromatographic purification of the pregnancy zone protein Journal of Immunological Methods, 23 (1978) 117-125 3 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Westergaard,J.G. and S.-E.Svehag An automatic multi-programmed affinity chromatographic system Journal of Immunological Methods, 23, (1978) 137-147 4 Folkersen,J.;J.G.Westergaard.;Hindersson,P. and B.Teisner Affinitychromatographic purification of a new high molecular weight pregnancy specific protein - SP-4 Carcinoembryonic proteins, Vol II, Ed, F.G.Lehmann, Elsevier. (1979) 503-508 5 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Hindersson,P. and S.-E. Svehag A method for preparation of immunosorbents by direct coupling of dissociated immune complexes Journal of Immunological Methods, 32,(1980) 327-338 6 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Grunnet,N.;Grudzinskas,J.G.;Westergaard,J.G. and P.Hindersson Circulating levels of pregnancy zone protein: Normal range and the influence of age and gender Clinica Chimica Acta, 110 (1981) 139-145 7 Folkersen,J.;Grudzinskas,J.G.;Hindersson,P.;Teisner,B. and J.G.Westergaard Pregnancy associated plasma protein A: Circulating levels during normal pregnancy Am.J.Obstet. Gynecol., 139, (1981) 910-914 8 Folkersen,J.;Grudzinskas,J.G.;Hindersson,P.;Teisner,B. and J.G.Westergaard Purification of pregnancy associated plasma protein A by a two step affinity chromatographic procedure Placenta, 2, (1981) 11-18 9 Folkersen,J.;Hindersson,P.;Svendsen,P.;Teisner,B. and S.-E. Svehag Counter-current -line-immunoelectrophoresis. A new electrophoretic method for analysis of oligospecific antigen-antibody systems. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, Suppl. No. 10, Vol 17, (1983) 199-203 10 Folkersen,J.; Teisner,B.; Petersen,N.E.; Sim,R.B. and E.Jessen Preparation of antibodies against the fourth complement component (C4) and development of a direct electroimmunoassay for quantification of C4d. J.Clin.Lab.Immunol.,16,(1985) 163-167 11 Folkersen,J.;Sim,R.B.;Sottrup-Jensen,L. and S.-E. Svehag Application of the immunoblotting technique to the study of single protein species in complex biological fluids: A model study with alfa-2-macroglobulin. Electrophoresis, 6, (1985) 227-234 12 Folkersen,J.;Søfeldt.S.; and S.-E.Svehag Application of the electroblotting technique to the studies of the intestinal antibody response to extractable fecal antigens. Scand.J.Gastroenterology, 20, (1985) 247-253 13 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Westergaard,J.G. and J.G.Grudzinskas The selection of antibodies with defined desorption conditions from precipitated immune complexes for use in immunoadsorption procedures. Journal of Immunological Methods, 77, (1985) 45-54 14 Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Eggertsen,G. and R.B.Sim Immunoblotting analysis of the peptide structure of the physiologic breakdown products of the third component of human complement. Electrophoresis,7,(1986)379-386 Other authorships 15 Teisner,B.;Mogensen,B.;Folkersen,J and S.-E. Svehag Throphoblastic tumour, oral contraceptive therapy and pregnancy associated alpha-2-glycoprotein (PAAG), case report. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.vol 84, No.8 (1977) 630-632 16 Svendsen,P.;Stigbrand,T.;Teisner,B.;Folkersen,J.;Damber,M.-G.; Von Schoultz,B.; Kemp.E.;and S.-E. Svehag. Immunosuppressive effect of human pregnancy zone protein on H-2 incompatible mouse heart allografts. Acta.Path.Microbiol.Scand. C. 86, (1978) 199-201 17 Teisner,B.;Westergaard,J.G.;Folkersen,J.;Husby,S. and S.-E. Svehag Two pregnancy associated serum proteins with pregnancy specific glycoprotein determinants Am.J. Obstet.Gynecol. Vol 131, No 3, (1978) 262-266 18 Westergaard,J.G.; Folkersen,J.;Hindersson,P.;Svehag,S.-E. and B.Teisner Two serum proteins with SP-1 determinants Carcino-embryonic proteins,Vol II, Ed.F.G.Lehmann, Elsevier.(1979) 463-468 19 Teisner,B.;Folkersen,J.;Hindersson,P.;Jensenius,J.C. and J.G.Westergaard Quantification of the pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein (SP1) by immunoprecipitation techniques: The influence of a crossreacting high molecular weight alfa-2-protein. Scand. J. Immunol., 9, (1979) 409-417 20 Westergaard,J.G.;Teisner,B.;Folkersen,J.;Hindersson,P.;Schultz-Larsen,H. and S.-E Svehag Characterization of two pregnancy associated serum proteins with pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein (PS-beta-G)-determinants. Scand.J.Clin.Lab.Invest., 39, (1979) 351-359 21 Hindersson,P.;Folkersen,J.;Westergaard,J.G.;Teisner,B. and S.-E. Svehag Specific assay for pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein (SP1-beta). Preparation of antiserum specific for SP1-beta by adsorption with a crossreacting high molecular weight serum protein Journal of Reproductive immunology, 1, (1979) 159-166 22 Teisner,B.; Folkersen,J.;Svendsen,P.; Hau,J. and P.Hindersson Demonstration of an analoque to human pregnancy zone protein in the african green monkey Journal of Medical Primatology,8, (1979) 298-304 23 Grudzinskas,J.G.;Teisner,B.;Al-Ani,A.T.M.;Folkersen,J.;Westergaard,J.G. and T. Chard Immunochemical and Biological studies on two molecular variants of pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein (SP-1) SP1-alfa and SP1-beta. Clinica Chimica Acta, 106, (1980) 1-7 24 Westergaard,J.G.;Folkersen,J.; Hindersson,P. and B.Teisner Circulating levels of high molecular weight pregnancy specific protein (SP-4) in normal and pathological pregnancies. In HUMAN PLACENTA: PROTEINS AND HORMONES (Ed. A.Klopper),, London, 121-128, (1980) 25 Westergaard,J.G.;Sizaret,PH.;Hindersson,P.;Folkersen,J and B.Teisner Pregnancy specific beta-1 glycoprotein (SP1) in patients with throphoblastic disease: Molecular heterogeneity and a "SP1 consuming factor". Acta.Path. Microbiol.Scand. Sect.C, 88, (1980) 233-236 26 Teisner,B,;Grudzinskas,J.G.;Hindersson,P.;Folkersen,J.;Westergaard,J.G. and T. Thard Pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein (SP-1). Molecular heterogeneity and measurement. Serono Symposium No. 35,"The human Placenta" Ed. A.Klopper et al., Acad. Press.(1980) 79-85 27 Hindersson,P.;Teisner,B.;Folkersen,J.;Gruszinskas,J.G. and J.G.Westergaard Investigations into the molecular heterogeneity of pregnancy specific beta-1 glycoprotein (SP1) Placenta, 2, (1981) 233-240 28 Wahlstrøm,T.; Teisner,B. and J.Folkersen Tissue localization of pregnancy associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) in normal placenta Placenta,2,(1981) 253-258 29 Wahlstrøm,T.;Teisner,B.;Lee,J.-N.;Grudzinskas,J,G.;Zeppala,M. and J.Folkersen Placenta-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A, SP-4) in throphoblastic tumours Acta Path. Microbiol.Scand. Sect.C ,89, (1981) 65-66 30 Teisner,B.; Lange,A.P.;Folkersen,J.;Antonsen,H.;Von Schoultz,B, and T.Stigbrand Serum levels of the "pregnancy-zone protein" during short term prenatal dexamethasone therapy. Acta Obstet. Gynecol. Scand. 60, (1981) 161-164 31 Chemnitz,J;Hau,J.;Svendsen,P.;Folkersen,J.Westergaard,J.G. and B.C.Christensen Immunochemical demonstration of human and murine pregnancy associated serum proteins in maternal and placental tissue. Biblioteca Anatomica, 22, (1982) 87-92 32 Sinosich,M.J.; Teisner,B.; Folkersen,J,:Saunders,D.M. and J.G. Grudzinskas Radioimmunoassay for pregnancy associated plasma protein A Clinical Chemistry, 28, (1982) 50-53 33 Hansen,O.;Jensenius,J.C.;Folkersen,J. and I.Brandslund Production of antibodies against C3c epitopes which are inaccessible on native C3. J.Immunological Methods, 61,(1983)245-252 34 Teisner,B.; Hau.J.;Folkersen,J. and H.H.Jepsen Charge and size heterogeneity of C3d following in vivo activation of the complement system Complement, 1,(1984) 36-43 35 Teisner,B.;Brandslund,I.;Folkersen,J.;Rasmussen,J.M.;Poulsen,L.O. and S.-E. Svehag Factor I deficiency and C3 nephritic factor: Immunochemical findings and association with Neisseria meningitidis infection in two patients. Scand.J.Immunol. 20 (1984) 291-297 36 Tornehave,D.; Chemnitz,J.; Teisner,B.;Folkersen,J. and J.G.Westergaard Immunohistochemical demonstration of pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) in the syncytiothrophoblast of the normal placenta at different gestational ages. Placenta, 5, (1984) 427-432 37 Sottrup-Jensen,L.;Folkersen,J.;Kristensen,T. and B.F.Tack Partial primary structure of human pregnancy zone protein. Extensive sequence homology with human alfa-2 macroglobulin. Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci. USA, 81, (1984) 7353-7357 38 Teisner, B., Petersen, N. E., Folkersen, J. & Hau, J. Crossed immunoelectrophoretic analysis of split products of the third complement factor (C3d) following IN VIVO activation of the complement system. Electrophoresis, 5, 84-87, 1984. 39 Eggertsen,G.;Hellman,U.;Lundwall,Å.;Folkersen,J.and J.Sjøquist. Characterisation of tryptic fragments of human complement factor C3 Molecular Immunology, vol 22,No.8,(1985) 833-841 40 Petersen,N.E.; Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.; and S.-E. Svehag Immunoelectrophoretic analysis of C4 split products expressing D but not C epitopes: Influence of storage, Ca2+ and Ca2+-chelating agents. Complement, 2, (1985) 147-155 41 Sand,O.; Folkersen,J.;Westergaard,J.G. and L. Sottrup Jensen Characterisation of Human pregnancy zone protein. Comparison with human alfa-2-macroglobulin. J.Biological Chemistry, Vol.260,No.29 (1985) 15723-15735 42 Carlsson,L.; Folkersen,J. and T. Stigbrand Antigenic determinants of pregnancy-associated alfa-2-glycoprotein and alfa-2-macroglobulin defined by poly- and monoclonal antibodies. Molecular Immunology, Vol.22, No 9, (1985) 1073-1080 43 Tornehave,D.;Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B. and J.Chemnitz Immunohistochemical aspects of immunological crossreaction and masking of epitopes for localization studies on pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A). Histochem.J.,18, (1986) 184-188 44 Chemnitz,J.;Folkersen,J.;Teisner,B.;Sinosich,M.J.;Tornehave,D.;Westergaard,J.G.;Bolton,A.E. and J.G.Grudzinskas Comparison of different antibody preparations against pregnancy associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) for use in localization and immunoassy studies. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 43, (1986) 916-923 45 Armstrong,N.P.I.;Teisner,B.;Redman,C.W.G.;Westergaard,J.G.;Folkersen,J. and J.G.Grudzinskas Complement activation, circulating protease-inhibitors and pregnancy associated proteins in severe pre-eclampsia. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 93, (1986) 811-814 46 Petersen, N. E., Teisner, B., Folkersen, J. & Svehag, S-E. Heterogeneity of C4d and C3d and their complex formation with serum albumin. Acta Path. Microbiol. Immunol. Scand., Sect. C, 95, 129-135, 1987. 47 Jepsen, H. H., Teisner, B., Folkersen, J., Rasmussen, J. M. & Svehag, S-E. Enhancing effect of autologous human erythrocytes on generation of C3 cleavage products beyond iC3b. Complement, 5, 120-129, 1988. 48 Poulsen, O. M., Hau, J., Teisner, B., Folkersen, J., Westergaard, J. G. Proteolytic activity of human P -fetoprotein. INT. J. FET0-MAT. MED., 1, 131-136, 1988. III. Publications in the HTA-period (2000-2005)

Folkersen J og Holt Petersen P. Holdningsundersøgelse vedrørende anvendelse af mini-medicinsk
teknologivurdering før indførelse af nye medicinske teknologier på Rigshospitalet
. Ugeskr Læger
Jennum P, Folkersen, J og Andreasen J. Diagnostik og behandling af obstruktiv søvnapnø. En
medicinsk teknologivurdering
. ISBN 87-7676-312-9. 2006. 6(5). København, Sundhedsstyrelsen.
Folkersen J, Andreasen J, Basse L, Jakobsen DH, Kehlet H . Det accelererede kolonkirurgiske
En medicinsk teknologivurdering. ISBN 87-7676-232-7. 2005. 5(7). København,
Rørbye C, Nilas L, Juul Larsen R, Wallach Kildemoes H og Folkersen J. Medicinsk versus
kirurgisk 1. trimester abort. En medicinsk teknologivurdering
. ISBN 87-7676-181-9. 2005,
5(6). København, Sundhedsstyrelsen.
Lilja Pedersen B, Folkersen J, Wallac Kildemoes H, Kjærgaard H, Mogensen T, Ottesen B,
Pedersen T, Seidelin J og Weber T. Klinisk Risikostyring – en MTV-analyse af implementering
på en dansk fødegang
. ISBN: 87-988362-5-0. 2003. H:S, Hvidovre Hospital
Folkersen J. Kompendium i projektledelse. ISBN 87-988362-4-2. 2002. MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital

Folkersen J. Litteratursøgning og evidensvurdering - en kort vejledning. ISBN 87-988362-3-4. 2002.
MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital
Vrangbæk C. og Folkersen J. Vejledning i organisatorisk analyse i MTV-projekter . 2002. Institut f
Statskundskab KBH’s universitet og MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital
Larsen RJ og Folkersen J. Vejledning i detailplanlægning af MTV-projekter. ISBN 87-988362-2-6. 2001.
MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital
Folkersen J. Værd at vide om MTV.
ISBN 87-988362-1-8. 2001. MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital
Folkersen J. Indholdsvejledning for problemformulering og projektbeskrivelse
2001. MTV-enheden, Hvidovre Hospital
Hylstrup,Lars. Ancher Sørensen,Henrik. Folkersen,Jørgen. Andreasen,Jacob. Bennich,Christian.
Elektronisk patientjournal til osteoporoseambulatorium – en medicinsk teknologivurdering. København:
Sundhedsstyrelsen, Medicinsk teknologivurdering, Puljeprojekter 2008; 8(1)
HTA-lectures and abstracts in recent years, 2000-2006

” Use of non-evidence based information in Health Technology Assessment”. Foredrag i det
internationale HTAi-møde Krakov, , juni 2004, Polen:
Gehrchen, PM, Dahl,P. Kjær, T, Folkersen, J
”Medicinsk teknologivurdering af stabiliserende rygoperationer, præliminære resultater” Foredrag
ved det danske MTV-årsmøde KBH, 2003
Holt-Petersen og Folkersen. ”To fill the gap between decision makers and HTA providers”. MTV-
enhedens poster til Istahc konferencen i Canmore, Canada juni 2003
Folkersen, J
Invited speaker:”Pragmatic science-based decisions”,Mar-2002 : Basel, DIA Euro Meeting 2002:
"The Patient is waiting"
Abstract on back surgery, Istahc-konferencen Berlin, juni 2002
Cronicle in ”Dagens medicin”: ”Vi må selv gå forrest”, 8 febr 2001
Chairman for workshop på Hvidovre Hospitals forskningsdag om ”evidensbaseret medicin” 19 nov



Programme de formation-recherche « La philosophie des sciences en Autriche et en France au XXème siècle: histoires croisées, héritages, réceptions et influences réciproques » Compte rendu du workshop des 23 et 24 novembre 2007 Les premières journées organisées les 23 et 24 novembre 2007 – dans le cadre du programme de formation-recherche « La philosophie des sciences en Aut


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