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Dear Internationals,
Yesterday morning the Informal Get-together took place and it was a very fine prime time. With a lively discussion and good pieces of information were exchanged. In the afternoon from 3 pm the workshop ‘strengthening intercultural work relations at AU’ with great contributions by Lotte Skovborg, InsideDenmark and Iris Rittenhofer, ASB took place. With participation of academic staff as well as staff from the administration and HR units it gave way for fruitful discussions. And many expressed their sincere wish for having the workshop to be continued.
. And now some information about what’s on in Aarhus, about Christmas, but also
about the future International School in Aarhus, the Engineering School and AU and
much more:

For years there has been a growing demand for a real Christmas Market downtown. From today it has become a reality. Not the biggest you have seen, but with some 20 to 25 stalls opening on Clemnes Bro there should be something to see, buy and try. Among others toys from Krea, knitwear, and jewellery. Make sure to note the special bargain by being a member of The Old Town – CHRISTMAS STARTS IN ‘DEN GAMLE BY’ - THE OLD TOWN:
Saturday 20 November at 10 am is the grand opening day of the Christmas eventful weekends of 2010! In The Old Town there has for quite some time been a lot of preparations to ensure the opening of the Christmas Season with lots of ‘hygge’ – cozyness - and interesting activities. Every day, but especially during the weekends there will be so many things to do, to see, to taste, to try or to buy. – Expect the quiet narrow streets to be very busy, so that you will have to watch out! Singing in the streets, music, houses full of life, cafées and the Christmas market with lots of inspiration for your Christmas gifts. Thousands of visitors are expected. So plan your visit. Limited parking spaces is sure to become a challenge. Therefore, it is advisable to take the bus to avoid the trouble. Sunday Consider buying a membership of The Old Town. If you buy it now after 15 November
2010 it will include all the visits you can possible find time for until end of March 2012!
And each time you visit The Old Town you can take your spouse or a friend along, plus
all your kids or grandchildren under age 17 for free! –
1 adult pays DDK310 and can take 1 adult along for free. One couple pays DDK515 and A student pays DDK155, and can also take an adult along for free. Retired & senior pays DDK260 and can take one adult along for free. A retired or senior couple pays DDK415, and can take 2 adults along for free. This is a bargain – especially when you look into what a 1-day ticket amounts to!

He has left Greenland and will arrive in Aarhus next Friday. A lot more about the arrival and the following activities involving a parade through the city in the next UIC Newsletter. This is to prepare you for that special evening where the city will be open until
Are much in favour of merging with Aarhus University. In fact they see it as the only way to ensure better educations and better teaching. The students have sent the prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen a merger request! And can be seen in continuation of the boards of the Engineering School and the Aarhus University who sent their letter in june with their wish to merger the two institutions. The Engineering School, Ingeniørhøjskolen, has some The Engineering School will in within the next couple of years move to a new location on the waterfront, where also a 12 floor collegium with 160 apts for the students is included. What a view for the future students living at the planned new housing facilities of the Engineering School. The estimated rent seems very affordable!

Today the International School, the ISAa, is part of the private school, Interskolen on Engtoften in Viby. But with the expected 200 pupils by 2012 it has been decided to establish an International School somewhere in Aarhus. At the moment not published, but hopefully on an attractive address close to the center of the city. ISAa is working toward becoming an IB certified school, so that pupils freely can move to and from any IB certified school around the world. Included in the plans is also an International Kindergarten. With the newly announced International Baccalaureate at Langkær Gymnasium from august 2011 Århus City can offer the full range of education to international families. An extra benefit at the coming ISAa is the goal that half of the
I guess you noticed this news: AU Associate Professor Jens Vellev is part of opening the tomb which took place Monday 15th November. It is one of the biggest highlights so far in a project which aims to give new and more exact information on the world famous Danish astronomer’s general health and medical prescriptions. World famous Danish astronomer, considered to be the founder of modern observational astronomy. There is much to know about him. Of Danish noble stock, wore a silver prosthetic nose, the result of a duSplit with the hitherto accepted theory that the universe and its celestial bodies were unchangeable in 1573, when he published his book De Nova Stella (The New Star), after discovering a bright star in the constellation Cassiopeia. From his observatory Uranienborg, on the island of Hven, he also discovered the fact that comets are further Please read more on the AU website in English.
This is one of Aarhus’ favourite slogans. Is there any facts supporting this expression. Yes, the statistics are: 87 pro cent of DK’s wind energy is produced here and in the surrounding region. 57 pro cent of all top executives in the wind industry work in Greater Aarhus and the surrounding region. It speaks for itself.
In Ridehuset, the building across the street seen from the City Hall, a mini town is underway. Some 20 artists create there a new settlers’ town. Feel free to join from Friday 4 INTERESTING OBSERVATION –
Knowledge minimizes prejudices. The JP paper has it that international staff members, who contribute with new knowledge at the work place, will easier become accepted by their Danish colleagues. This result is from a survey among 500 academic staff members at Danish universities, who in many ways are easy to compare with knowledge companies in general. – But is this new. More likely to prove what we already anticipated, I guess.

Thursday 18 November
4 pm Music lab – open stage at Studenterhus Århus at AU, free 7 pm Århus Music School – ‘new stars’ concert at the Concert Hall, Musikhuset. Free 7.30 Violin concert by the Royal Academy of Music at the Concert Hall, Musikhuset, Free
Friday 19 November
4 pm See the New Settlers’ town in Ridehuset, Vester Allé, on the corner across the street 7.30 Flute and guitar evening by the Royal Academy of Music at the Concert Hall, 9 pm Paraguay – singersong at Fairbar, Nørre Allé 66. Free admission.

Saturday 20 November

8 am to 2 pm Farmers’ Open Market on Ingerslevs Boulevard is a fantastic experience. When combined with the 12 noon concert in Sct. Lucas Church a supreme experience. 9am to 5 pm Julestue, Christmas shop at Clarina Florist, you are invited to come and enjoy all the beautiful decorations and plainly enjoy some æbleskiver (kind of pfannkuchen) and Glühwein. Address: Clarina Blomster, Sct. Pauls Kirkeplads 16, Århus C. Free admission. 10 am to 3 pm Advent and Christmas market, Risskov Church (kirke), Solbakken 2. Free. 10.30 am Rythmic and fun for 0 to 6 years old children with Dorthe Nørgaard, at the Hovedbiblioteket, Main Library, Møllegade 1, Århus C, free. 12 noon to 5 pm Design and Applied Art Market at the private school N. Kochs Skole, Skt. Johannes Allé 4 ( 5 min.s walk from Nobelparken, AU) 12 noon Skipper Flytkjær og Anja Fønss – roots at the Concert Hall, Musikhuset. Free 1 pm Pianist Aya Tominaga, the Royal Academy of Music, classics. At the Concert Hall, 7.30 pm Prize winners from ‘Music without limits’ – classical piano concert at Piano company Juhl-Sørensen, Skovvejen 2B, Århus C. Free admission.
Sunday 21 November
12 noon to 5 pm Design and Applied Art Market at the private school N. Kochs Skole, Skt. Johannes Allé 4 ( 5 min.s walk from Nobelparken, AU) 12 noon Julehygge – A Christmas-cozy-time at Skovmøllen, Skovmøllevej 51, in the Marselisborg Forests, bus no. 6. Free admission. 2 pm ‘Solisteries’ with Simon Rosenbaum, Anna Carina Sundsted, Thomas Peter Koppel and Torben Petersen at the Café at the Concert Hall, Musikhuset. Free.

Monday 22 November

7.30 pm All evening a joint concert with musicians from Prinsens regiment and students
from the Royal Academy of Music, with brass music at the Concert Hall. Free admission. With the many Christmas Markets opening and much more hereby the very best wishes for your last extended weekend, before the Advent time begins (next weekend, and Advent is the last four Sundays before Christmas!)



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