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Lampiran Surat No. 830 /D3/PL/2009
2. The Views of Selected Respondents on EDENFT (English Drama that is Expressed in Nusantara Folk)fabrication of hybrid polymer grattings containing organic dye lasers by interference and their lasing characteristicsAmplified Fragment Length Polymorphism-Based Genetic Diversity among Cultivated Rye (Secale cereale L.) AccessionsPhylogenetic relationships of indonesian banana cultivars inffered from trnL--F intergenic spacer of chloroplast DNADynamics of Perturbed Spatial Solitons in Nonlinear in Nonlinear Reflection GratingsA. Framework for Human Spine Imaging using Freehand 3D The Chemical Medification of Pretease Isolated From Locale Bacteria Isolate, Bacillus Subtilis ITBCCB148 With Nitrophenolcarbonate-Poliethylene Glycol (NPC-PEG)Moelling for tropical peatland water management (case study in the AHL river basin, Jambi Indonesia)Effect of tilting on the performance of reflective and transmitting types of fiber optic based displacement sensorsAcceleration effects of ceriporic acid B on the oxidative degradation of a non phenolic B-O-4 lignin model compound by laccase-mediaor Universitas MulawarmansystemA Study of Hydrogen Molecule Adsorption on Alkali-Graphite Intercalates by DFT CalculationsStudy of mucoadhesive microspheres based on pregelatinized cassava starch succinate as a new carier for drug delivery Three new species of freycinetia (Pandanaceae) from west Papua The Role of Auxi Gene and Plant's Auxin Content to The Branching Phenotype of Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)Magnetic Properties and Heqvy Metal Content Of Sanitary Leachate Sludge In Two Landfill Sites Near bandung, IndonesiaProtective effect of vanadyl sulphate on the morphological change of pancreas, muscle and adipose tissues in streptozotocin induced a). Epidemiological relationshiip of methicillin resistant Staphyloccocus intermedius isolated From Various animals and a Human b). Phenotypic genotypic properties of staphylococusaureus subsp. Anaerobius isolated from lymphnode abscesses of goats Climate Variability Impact on Sea Surface Height and its Relationship on Bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) catch in eastern Change in the Chemical and Mineralogical Properties of Mt. Talang Volcanic Ash in West Sumatra during the Initial Weathering Phase The Estimation of Relative Efficiency of Test Based On Item Response Theory and Classical Test TheoryNovel Biomarker Polyclonal Antibody Fragmentasi Collagen Type IV To Detect Acute Myocard Infarction Related Infected Helicobacter Optimalization of Microship Slot Antennas Using Array Technique The Effects of Vertical Scaling to The Performances of Different Generations of SiGe HBTQuality Characteristics of Smoked skipjack (Euthynnus afinis) Processed by using different liquid smokethe Effect of Investment Opportunity Set, Earnings Management, Leverage, and Dividendto the relationship between Free Cash flow Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakartaand Shareholder value, Indonesia CaseFatigue Detection on Standing Position of doing Bubut Toward The asymptotic Distribution of The Number of 3-Star Factors in Random D-Regular GraphsProduction And Characterization of A Biosurfactant By Pseudomonas fluorescensUsing Cassava Flour Wastewater Exploring The MAUP from a Spatial Perspective Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Stability of Complex Cis- [Co(bipy)2(CN)2] and Its Interaction With NO2 GasHighParticipations in The Posyandu Nutrition Program Improved Their Nutritional StatusThe Effect Of Acidity And Boiling Time On Haemoglobin Regeneration Efficiency: Iron Binding Pattern By Dietary Fiber Of Relation Between Contextual variable and manageent control system ;Experience with Indonesian Hospitality Industry Kinetic Model Considering Positional Specificity of lipase for enzymatic Stepwise Hidrolysis of Triolein in Biphasic oil-Water SystemProcesssing and Properties of Soybean Oil Based polyol and PolyurethaneStudy on Congestion Pricing for Private Cars in Central Business District (CBD) Case Study in Malioboro, YogyakartaElectrical Conductivity and Surface Roughness Properties of Ferroelectric Galium Doped Ba0,Sr0,5TiO3 (BGST)Thin FilmsThe effect Of a flame holder shape modification toward the Diffusion flame stability zone shiftEnhacement of Performance of Internal Combustion Engine by Electromagnetic Fuel SaverAnalysis of Foliar Epidermal Features in Pandanus (Pandanaceae) From JavaLand Husbandry A Better Approach for sustainable cassava production 1. Farmer's Based Technology Development : Main Key Universitas Brawijayaof Land Husbandry The Parthenogenetic Induction Improvement of M_II Goat Oocyte Using Chemical Agent Suppemented With Crude Sperm Extract GeneticVariability of mangifera indica L. Used in the cukurgondang indonesia Breeding Program Using RAPD marker Modeling of Phase Shifting Control in High Voltage Pararelled Comarative effect of liquid and encapsulated lactic in broiler diets on performances,intestinal characteristics and intestinal microflora Colony Characterization of a Mound-Building Subterranean Termite, Macrotermes Gilvus Hagen (Blattodea: Termitidae) from Natural ForestFaithfullness on the source text and the translate version of blue ocean strategy: A textbook on strategic managementSelective Chemosensor for Hg(II) Ions Based on Tris (ethyl[4- phenylazo-pheny-phenyl]amine)cyclotriveratrylene in Aqueous Study of Earthquake Forecasts through hazard rate analysis Performance of Holography Interferometer Based on Optical Reconstruction as Alternative Dental Imaging for Artifical tooth moephology/ Detection of Thermal Deformation on Artifical tooth using holographic Interferometry Single Exposure TechniqueStatus Fertility of Soil Development on Inactive Tailings Deposition Area, ModADA, Freeport Indonesia-PapuaA Study Of Wave Transmission, Reflection And Stability Of Low Crested BreakwatersTensile Strength and Fracture Surface of Coconut Coir Fibers Reinforced Composite Manufactured by VacummPhotosysthesis and Lipid Peroxidation of Cultivated (Glycine max L.) and Wild Soybean (G.tomentella L.) Exposed to Drought Strees nad Institut Pertanian BogorParaquat.
Hepatoprotective Activity of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Roots Geographical Distribution Of The Mosses Of Sulawesi almprint features representation Using Fractal Characteristics On Total vertex-irregular strength of trees Data Mining Application with Genetic Algorithm for Job Shop Algorithms for Solving Common Replenishment Epoch Model Considering Shipment Consolidation Eligibility and Replenishment Day FeasibilityNRAMP1 Gene Polymorphism and Susceptibility to lung tuberculosis in SurabayaThe Development of combined Gravity-Multinominal Logit Estimated from Traffic Count Under Equilibrium ConditionCytotoxic Effect of Some Oligoresveratrol Compounds Isolated From Hopea Odorata On Human HeLa-S3 And Raji Cell LinesProtection Capacity of The Immunogenic Protein Membrane MP 67 on The Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon Fabricus) TO ZoothamniosisIdeology, Mortality Salience, and 'Sacred Violence" Structural Equation ModelsO-Methylation Of Phenol With Methanol in Liquid Phase Over KnNaX Zeolite Synthesized from KaolinEffect of Sulphur Supplementation on in vitro Fermentability and Batik Pesisiran of east Java an esthetical and cultural Screening and 16s rDNA identification of vibrio harveyi's inhibitor bacteria from traditional shrimp ponds in bangil, East Java, IndonesiaThe Use of Semidefinite Programming for Solving the LQR Problem Subject to Rectangular DAE SystemOptimization of Fuel Consumtion At Congested Network in Metro City in IndonesiaPhilosophy of Suryomentaram : An Anlysis of Indonesian Contemporary Novel Based on Javanese Ethnic Senzation And Corrosion Behavior of Fe-Al-C Alloy The Optimal Instrument Rule of Indonesian Monetary Policy Performance of glued laminated beams made from fast growing Diversity of Indonesian Mango Cultivars based on Morrphological and RAPD MarkersIntegrated Inventory Model For Single Buyer With Probabilistic DemandComfinement on Compressive Force Path of Bamboo Reinforce Concrete Beam for Increasing Bending Capacity Market microstructure: A Price Spread Approach A Comparative Study of the Trace Metals Depth Profiles and Physico-Chemical Composition in Lake Matano, South Sulawesi After a Decade ObservationsOptimizing contents and modes of learning in the english course for non-English Departement Students in IndonesiaAn Early Study on Acoustic Wall Panels Constructed From Paddy- StrawHigh Mobility and high N concentration of GaNxAs1-x Thin Film Grown By Metal organic Chemical Vapor DepositionThe Effect of Contextual Learning In Civic Education on Students Civic CompetencePotencial impact of indigenus arbuscullar mycorrhizal fungus in an Accumulation, Distribution, and Depuration of heavy Metals ( Cd, Cu, Pb ) In The Soft Tissue of Green Mussel ( Perna Viridis ) In Marine Coastal of MakassarManufacture of Fermented Coco Milk-Drink Containing Lactic Acid Bacteria CulturesBiodiversity and Body Size of Dung Colonizing Introduced vs. Endemic Dung along A tropical Land-use Gradient in Central Sulawesi, IndonesiaCharacterization TiO2/TS-1 With Variation of Calculaltion temperature andd its Catalytic Activity for Phenol Hydroxylation with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberH2O2 Apis koschenikovi : Distribution in south Kalimantan and Cytochrome Oxidase 1/2 and Citochrome b Mitochrome b Mitochondrial DNA VariationsIsolation, Characterization and Production of Phytase from Endophytic Fungus its Aplication For Feed Study of Agropolitan Model to Support Regional Development: Case of Lampung Province, IndonesiaCan We Make Peace Through the Media? Some Lessons From the Roles of Media on Peace Building Programme in Poso Central Sulawesi IndonesiaAdsorption Characteristics of Pb(II) onto C-4-Hydroxy-3- methoxyphenyl calix[4]resorcinarene in Batch and Fixed Bed Column SystemsInvestigation of stability, response profile of doped polypyrrole to humidity and effect of other volatile compoundsWebsite Interactivity: e-Commerce Usability Perspectives In Performance test of novel tubular V-collector for Phenol removal from aqueous solutions over TiO2 activated carbon Nanocomposite Thin Film of Ag-TiO2 on Graphite Substrate as Catalyst for Disinfection of Eschericia Coli Contaminated -water Cluster Industry Policy in a Decentralised Government: Lesson from the Leather Good Cluster of Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo, Indonesia On the Theory of Cognitive Structure of Proverbs Nutrition Knowledge, Attitude, and practice of mothers and child nutritional status improved after five months nutrition education and Institut Pertanian Bogorhome gardeningPlacemaking Phenomena Residential Riverfront Experience in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Signal transduction of curcumin for protection of endothelial cell in hypercholesterolemiaState Control And The Privatisation Of The Indonesian Telecommunications Industry: From Ownership To RegulationEffects of Groups of Soil Saprophytic Microfungi Application on Soil Fertility Based on Their Decomposition Properties disposition Error and Individual Investor Decisions in Indonesian Stock market: The Contribution Of New Integrative Model Of regret Phase Only Correlation Based Hierarchical Serach Motion Estimation for High Resolution Video Using Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)Cutotoxic Activity of N-benzyl 1, 10-phenanthroline Derivatives In Human Cancer Cell LinesBiosorption Of Heavy metal Ions From Aqueous Solution Used Immobilized Spirogyra Sublasa biomassAl-Tufi's concept of maslaha and his role in developing of Islamic Ant-colony Heuristics For Solving Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows for Intek-city Courier Service Providers Local Wisdom values in Serat babad Tengger of Reversed Arabic VersionFuzzy Clustering For Mulitiojective Optimization Problems As Decision Support On Non Player Character For Business Game On Universitas Negeri SurabayaElectrical ProductionTiO2 Dispersed on Aluminium Pillared Montmorillonite and its Photocatalytic Activity Toward Methylene Blue Decolorization Path Finding Algorithm on Fuzzy Travel Cost Condition Biodiesel Production from jatropha curcas seed Oil via Calcium oxide Catalyzed Transesterification and its Purification using Bentonite adsorbent.
Opportunistic behavior of executive stock option plans: Analysis in Fabrication and Characterization of Sulfonated Polyether-ether Ketone Composite Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Mutual Coupling reduction of Multiband Microstrip Antenna Array Using Defected Ground StructureDesigning Pension Program to Strengthen Formal Labor Market in Developing CountriesBacterial Contamination in Foods and Drinks Served at University's Canteens, 2008Influence of collaborative learning and achievement motivation for learning result and social RelationshipMental health status and sense of coherence of internally displaced people adolescents in ambon island indonesiaA Continuous-Flow Bubble Column Reactor for Biodiesel Production By non-Catalytic TransesterificationBatch Scheduling Model for Multi Item Products Minimize Total Flow Time in no wait Flow ShopsSUPERSTUCTURE OPTIMIZATION OF WASTEWATER DISTRIBUTIONA Novel And Simple Design of Portable Optical CT-Scan Using NIR Laser DiodeProtective effect of Sargassum echinocarpum agains oxidative stress in diabetic ratsEffect of jasmonic acid elicitor on synthesis increease of andrographolide bioactive compound of andrographis paniculata cultureQuenching Mechanism and Kinetics of Quercetin for reduction of the Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas photosensitized Oxidartion of palm oil and Linoleic Acid Analysis of three phase controlled rectifier with the same distance control as compared to the same angle control A Study on Languange Laboratory Program Development Dose Response and Optical Properties of Dyed PVA-TCA polymeric blends Irradiated with gamma-raysThe Role of Customer Education on Perceived Benefit, Economic accessibility and intention to buy for green products: Indonesian's Improvenents In The Growth Of Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana L) Seedings By Inoculation Of Agrobatterium Rhizogenes The Effecct of Light Work on Glucose kinetics working Lactating Spatial Pattern Based On Social Interaction Of Society Case Study: Wonokromo Village, Special Region Of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Reduction of Aflatoxin B1 by Garlic Extract in Rations on Hepatotoxicity in BroilerMechanical Properties of New Biocomposite From Ramie Fiber and Laccifier Lacc Secretion As Natural MatrixLethalithy of Listeria monocytogenes inoculated to dendeng giling before drying(2-3)-D Mathematical Moodels For HIV/Aids Transmision in Active Heterosexual Population and Their Applications For HIV/Aids Cases Universitas Nusa CendanaIn Bali IndonesiaIdentification and characteriization of indonesian potato cyst nematode using molecular characters1. Night pray and its effect in Quality of Life in Aging 2. Public Health and Aging : Health Related Quality of Life among Low income Persons aged >50 yearsY-Chromosome Azf Region Microdeletion in Infertile Men in Predictive Equations for Estimation of Stature from Knee Height, Arm Span, and Sitting Height in Indonesian Javanese Elderly People Modelling of the behavior of women in relationships to maintain State of Nature And Indicators of Manager's Corruption in Indonesia Universitas Surabaya Disturbance cancellationof A Nonholonomic Mobil Robot Using Active force Control MethodEffect of Ca2+ and Gustducin Expression Change On Bitter Taste The determinants of islamic banking growth in indonesia Fisherman Houshold Saptagon Accessibilities to Solve Their PovertyInvestigation of Air Mixed and Displacement Ventilation Systems to Improve The Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality in Office Room Institut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberBased On Computational Fluid DynamicsTrophoblast Cells Developmnet and Mitochondrial NADH Tetrazolium Reductase Activity in Hatched and Non Hatched Chamois Leather Tanning Using Rubber Seed Oil Interesterification of fried palm oil with methyl acetate using candida rugosa lipase to produce biodiselIsolationand Charecterization of an APETALAI from Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)StrokeProfile in Surabaya : Demographic characteristics, Arrival Time at Hospital, Warning sign, and Risk FactorsAn Optical Fiber Biosensor for Heavy Metal Ions based On a Modified Single SOL-Gel Film Of Urease and Chlorophenol red in Flow SystemDevelopment And Investment Profile of Traditional Shipyard Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) in East JavaThe Influence of Routinity Using Computer on The Speed of Convergency Neural Network in Recognizing the Pattern of Keyboard KeystrokeGeneralized covariation Function for stochastis Process with Finite First MomentsOn The Dynamics of An Aeroelastic Oscillator With A Dynamic AbsorberLaboratory Study on the Performance of Sandbag as Time Varying Autoressions For Hyperbolic Decline Curve Initial Screening of Psedomonas. Spp from Milk for Biosurfactant Production.
Development and Validation of Prediction Model for O2 and CO2 Concentration of Fresh Tropical Horticultures under Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)Development of List of Research Questions on Dilectology of javanese LanguageNumerical Realizations Of Iteratively Regulazed Gauss-Newton Method For Electrical Conductance ImagingThe Dark side Of Masculinity: Uncovering Psychological Aspects of Preveting Retailiation in Trade By Harmonizing The SPS Measures Universitas Syiah Kuala Mitotic Index of Algal Symbion zooxanthellae at Sea Which is Resulted From Asexual ReproductionDemocracy and Constitution : The Growth of General Election In Indonesia Since Parliamentary Democracy Era Until Reformation EraBiodegradation of Monoclhrotriazinyl Reactive red By Pseudomonas Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Effect of Protein Supplementation On Maturation And Development Of Cross-Breed Goat Oocytes In VitrioInfluence of Dietary Fermented Tapioca By Products on The Performance of Broilers and Ducklings Effect of Different sources of tannin on in vitro methanogenesis and fermentation characteristicsTourism, Spatial Development and Conflict: Socio-Cultural Significance of Territoriality in BaliNutrient Intake and Nutritional Status of Farmer Households in Horticulture Area Are Better Than Those in Rice Area.
The Influence Of Soil Erosion on soil properties of sawah in areas surrounding sumani watershed west sumatera Indonesia: I carbon and texture distribution under different land covers, soil types and topographical positionsIdentification of genotype x- Casein at Bali Cattle Population in Breeding Centre of Bali CattleA Singgle Nucleotide polymorphism Of the RET Proto- Oncogene Was Over- Represented In Indonesian Patients With Sporadic Improving Protein content of Indonesian high tuber-yeilding sweet potato cloneCorporate Social Responsibility, Good Corrporate Governance and the Intelectual Property: An External Strategy of The Management to Universitas BrawijayaIncrease The Campany's ValueSpeciation Of Organotin Compounds With Ion Pair-Reversed Phase Metacognitive Empowerment at senior high school biology learning Hybrid Coordinator Node for Multi Fuzzy Q-Learning Coornination for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in Cluttered Environment The Javanese Palace and Its Patterns of Adapting European ElementsSchemes to the effective Implemention of green Fiscal Policy in Indonesian Forestry SectorAlbendazole And Mebendazole Effects On Sterilizing Ascaris Lumbricoides EggsPerformannce Improvement Modeling (Case Study: Micro And Small Estimation of streamflow and sediment rate based on point rainfall using artificial neural network in upper citarum river basin, Indonesia Depositional Model of Volcaniclastic-Carbonate Facies of Sentolo Dynamic Interaction Analysis of soil and pile due to harmonic waves Universitas Katolik Parahyangan The Usage of Green betel as a Natural Antioxidant Detoxification of Metal Ion Cr6+ by The Eukaryotic Microorganisme Two New Species of Morinda (Rubiaceae) From Sumatra Legislation On War Crimes In Indonesia : An Effort To Participate In Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata The influence of Pretreatments of Strands on the Properties of OSB Made from Sentang Wood (Melia Excelsa Jack)The Impact of Market Integration and Investor's Trading Behavior on Market Liquidity: The Use of GARCH Model on Indonesia Stock Exchange (ISX)A comparative study of cadmium biosorption by eucheuma cottonii marine and carrageenanFormation of Excitation at Photobacterium Phosphoreum that Isolated From The Indonesian Marine Squid Mlesed and Nggandul in Yogyanese Style Shadow Puppet Theater Musical Accompanient: A.Case Study of gendhing Ayak-Ayak Role of E.Coli pili adhesin molecule to inhibit E. Coli adhesin to Presiction Model For Shrinkage of Loghtweight Aggregate Concrete Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta Alanysis of Corporate Governance Structure and Timeliness of Financial Report in Indonesian Stoct ExchangeRole of bacteria in the growth of rhizopus oligosporus and the The Influence of Information Asymmetry on Earnings management Practice and their Implication on Ahare Price Changes Gaussian Formula and Spherical Aberration of the static and moving curved mirrors from Fermat's PrincipleUsers Preferences regarding Public Transportation Policies In Indonesian Cities: An Initial StudyInformation Technology and Business Performance: A Case Study in Small Manufacturing FirmsBiomarkers Application as Biomonitoring of Affectivity of Industry Waste Water Treatment Plant Processingthe Use of public Access to Information and ICTs for Underserved People: Lessons from Yogyakarta IndonesiaAn Integrated Model For Production, Inventory and Distribution Adorption Thermodynamic of Single And Mutiple Metal Ions (Pb,Cd, and Cu) by Biomass from Cassava Peel Waste (Manihot Esculente Universitas LampungCrans)Isolation and Identification of Java ras Amniotic Membrane Secretory Leucocyte Protease inhibitor genePrewriting and Drafting Strategies of Graduate Students in Writing Term Paper in EnglishAntitermites and Antifungal Properties of Soldier Defensive Secreations Produced by Subterranean Termites Coptotermes curvignathus Holmgren (Blattodea: Rhinotermitidae)Dietary Cation-Anion Difference Affect on Blood Gas Sheep (ovis aries)Gis for Banking: Land Appraisal Decision Suport System for collateral assessment in surabaya - indonesia dividend, Debt, and Investment Policies As Corporate governance Design Low Cost Digital Distance Relay For Transmission Line Protection Microcontroller BasedGeografic Distribution Of Mallan Sooft-Shelled Turtle Inferred From NucleotideVariation In Conserve Domain Of Control Region Of Study of Cellulolytic Bacteria as Probiotics for Ruminants Isolation and Identification of antiradical and antiphotooxidant compound of aloe chinensisPinostrobin Isolate from Kaempferia pandurata Roxb Induced Apoptosis in TD-47 Human Breast Cancer Cell LineImprovement of Voltage and frequency Control Performance for Micro Hydro Power generation Based on fuzzy LogicDeveloping Technology of natural color: Effect melinjo epidermis on Quuality of Red Pepper PureeEconomic Valuation Of Emission Impact Reduction by Using Alternative Path In Yogyakarta Urban AreaThe Influence Of Social And Career Sponsorship Toward Bumn Manajer In East Java-IndonesiaThe Enhancement Of Theacher's Performance Of Special Education Failed Attempt of Unification of Land Law In Indonesia Seahorse (Hyppocampus Barbouri) Larvae Production, Survival and Growth Culturing at The HatcheryInsecticidal Bioactivity of Barringtonia sarcostachys Against Cabbage Head Caterpillar (Crocidolomia pavonana L)An Integrated Model for process Selection and Quality Improvement in Multistage ProcessesThe Relationships between Environment, Strategy, Organizational Control System and performance: Interaction and system Approach Universitas Islam Sultan Agung to Contingency Research in Management Accounting Protection power of grouper fry (chromileptes altivelis) to the Vibrio sp. After giving whole cell and intracellular components Vibrio alginolyticus and Vibrio anguillarum with chitosan layerThe potency Of Fluorescent Pseudomonad in Extract Water compost Of vegetable Wastes As Biopesticide Of Cucumber Mosaic Universitas JemberVirus And Biofertilizer of TobacoConserved mutation of epstein-Barr virus-encoded BAMHI-A Rightward frame-1 (BARF1) gene in Indonesian nasopharyngeal Design of Key Performance Indicator for A Comprehensive Performance In Marine Agro-Industry ClustersModel Based Filter To Separation Of Gravity Anomaly Caused By Subsidence And Groundwater Level Lowering Of Time Lapse Microgravity DataProgram pecepatan publikasi pada jurnal ilmiah bereputasi international bagi para dokter baruA Model of Forward Buying Decisions Within Decremental The Interpreatation of Gender Role of Children Through Socialization of Androgynous Education By Career WomenWomen'strepreneurship and Empowerment As Beginner EntrepreneurCharacterization of goat follicular fluid (GFF) for supplementation of oocyte maturation madium in vitroA New Strategy to Analyse D.C. Motor Performance With PWM Multi Material Deposition-indirect Sintering (MMD-is) Process Studies of Thermal Annealing on Suppression of Plasticization of the Asymmetric Hollow Fiber Mixed Matrix MembranesProduction of Biodiesel From Oleic Acid and Methanol by Reactive

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Evaluation Phyto-Anleitung Evaluation der Anleitung zum Einreichen von Zulassungsgesuchen für pflanzliche Arzneimittel der Humanmedizin (Phyto-Anleitung) Name Verband, Firma oder Person; Strasse, Nr.; PLZ/Ort) Vorbemerkungen Die Phyto-Anleitung gilt für pflanzliche Arzneimittel der Humanmedizin. Es handelt sich um eine Verwaltungsverordnung, die sich an die Verwaltungsorgane ric

Escapade à bangalore

Promenade naturaliste autour du VISHALAKSHI Pour tous les curieux de la nature Raphaël présente quelques observations qu’il a pu effectuer lors de son séjour à Bangalore à l’occasion des fêtes de Navrati 2009. Il vous invite ce mois-ci à admirer la remarquable fleur du Lis glorieux qui est cultivé dans les jardins indiens et notamment en bordure des allées qui mènent au

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