June 2009 101 School Street Trevor P. Hovde, Principal Lodi, WI 53555 592-3842 A note from the principal
beginning at 1:00 PM. After that date placements will be posted on the wall outside of the elementary office. I’m sure this past week with the unexpected closing of Registration materials will be mailed out around August school due to the H1N1 flu (Swine flu) caught us all a little off guard. I am so thankful for the work of our school nurse Terry Haag, our secretaries, custodians, The elementary school will begin summer office hours support staff, and teachers. They have been helping to on Monday, June 22nd, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm clean, organize, and prepare for the remainder of the Monday through Thursday, and closed on Friday. Our school year. It has been neat to see our staff pull summer office hours will remain in effect through together during a time when we were facing unexpected August 14th. The elementary office will be closed the adversity. It makes me realize the dedication that these week of June 29th. Our normal scheduled hours will folks share which is a common thread that binds us begin on Monday, August 17th. I would suggest calling together. Along with that, I appreciate the effort and concern of our parents regarding their children’s health. We had to make so many unexpected calls on Monday, Summer is a great time for vacations, and special get- to parents to have them come and pickup their children. togethers. Although children are away from school, they Parents were considerate, accommodating, and should be encouraged to continue to read books of concerned about their children and our school Thank interest, play math games, explore nature, and visit you for the effort that you have put into this week given historical sites. Learning opportunities are endless our unfortunate situation. My wife and I have used this time as an opportunity to continue to encourage our children to wash their own hands regularly. Good hand With that said, I would like to wish everyone a happy hygiene is one of the best preventative strategies that we Our school year has been filled with special learning opportunities for our children. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and effort to make this a successful year at Lodi Elementary School. Teachers have guided and encouraged students to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Parents have supported students at home with children’s homework and projects. We are proud of our students and the goals they have accomplished. Learning is a partnership between all of us. I’m proud of our students for their hard work and Please view page 2 of this newsletter for summer
LMC reading book checkout times. We will be open
two days a week most of July. This is a great
opportunity to check out books for summer reading!
10th 3rd grade swim at HS, 8:30-11:00 am Parents will be able to find out next year’s placement on Thursday, August 13th. This is our scheduled 11th Market Day pickup, MS, 3:30-5:00 pm Registration Day. Registration will take place at the high school from 1:00-7:00 pm. You will find the classroom placements posted up at the high school See you at the Lodi Agricultural Fair!
Thank you for entering your projects in the Lodi SCHOOL DISTRICT OF
Agricultural Fair, we have a wide variety! You are invited to view the projects at the fair on July 9th-12th. You may pick up your projects ALL DISTRICT
between 4 and 6 pm on Sunday July 12th, or between 4 and 6:30 pm on Monday July 13th at the Lodi Curling Club. They will also be available REGISTRATION
at registration day in August. Enjoy the fair! Could you add that they should pick up fair projects at the curling club on Sunday July 12th
Six fourth grade students from Lodi Elementary School participated in the Math 24 Regional Competition on April 1 in De Forest. A total of twenty-seven students from Waunakee, Fall River, Lodi and Mount Horeb attended the morning competition. Congratulations Logan Walzer (4th place trophy), Gabi Acker (6th place trophy), Jacob Michel, Alex Von Behren, Sam All library books and materials should be Beckwith, and Kendra Nicolay. Mrs. Autz and returned to the LMC by June 1st. If you are doing a special project, they could be kept longer. Summer library hours are every Tuesday
and Wednesday, 8:00-11:00 am, July 6th-30th.
Mrs. Peggy Schaub and Mrs. Linda Brokish NOTES FROM THE NURSE
particular virus is droplet bound so a sneeze • Good immune systems! Drink water, not pop. I am including information about N1H1 (Swine flu). Fruits and vegetables. Fermented vegetables, Some of you have experienced this virus yourself and such as un-pasteurized sour kraut (in freezer the rest of you have been hearing a lot about it. So section or health food stores), are promoted here are some thoughts and facts for you. to have anti-viral qualities. Extra vitamin C, lots of sunshine for vitamin D. Plenty of sleep. You may have heard about confirmed cases of H1N1 Swine influenza and wondered what the process is for support and boost the immune system. Raw confirming that an illness is indeed this one. If a garlic, great in salads or just chopped up and person presents to their medical provider with eaten may also assist warding off germs. symptoms of influenza, (fever over 100 degrees, These are just some natural approaches that achy, sore throat, and or cough, nausea and vomiting are possible to keep healthy or if you do get are not usually included, but could be), the medical provider may swab the back of the nasal passage to Summer is coming and hopefully the most we’ll test for the influenza. You may have heard about a have to worry about is poison ivy and sunburn! If rapid test. If the rapid test for influenza comes back you have any questions or concerns, please call, or positive, the clinic will send the culture on to the e-mail me at the El. School. If I am in another State Health Lab to confirm if it is actually a case of building the secretaries will let me know and I will Swine flu. This usually takes at least 36-48 hours after its sent to the State Lab. Some rapid tests have been negative and have been sent in, and still turn positive for Swine flu. Also many clinics aren’t testing and just tell people with the symptoms, to stay home for 7 days. Why seven days, you might be asking. Most viruses take about 7 days to complete their cycle in your body. So since there have been confirmed cases in the El. School, and many have had symptoms but their clinic chose not to test, we can assume exposure has taken place. Therefore if your child or you, experience the above listed symptoms, please call your medical provider, and stay home for the 7 days unless seeking medical assistance. If you or your student, or any family member, is immune compromised for any reason, and you experience, or have been exposed to the H1N1 Swine flu, please check in with you medical provider for • Viruses and bacteria enter our bodies through mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes, in this case). So covering coughs, don’t share drinking glasses, food, etc. to minimize spreading. Hand washing for 30 seconds with soap and water is the best. Hand sanitizers if coughing persons by 6 feet at least. This Upcoming Dates
First Day of School
Tuesday, September 1st
NONDISCRIMINATION The School District of Lodi does not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed,
pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, cognitive, emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its education programs or activities. If any
person suspects that such discrimination has occurred, they may file an informal and, if needed, a formal complaint by contacting Anne Thompson, Director of Student
Services, School District of Lodi, 115 School Street, Lodi, WI 53555, 608-592-3851, x-5487

Source: http://www.lodi.k12.wi.us/cms_files/resources/June%2020091.pdf

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