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We are pleased to offer this fine property on sole mandate. This report is a teaser outlining the basic concept of
the envisaged development and not a full and final report.
This farm is 612 hectare in extent and privately owned. The farm has an excellent location 82km south east of
Windhoek just 6km off the Windhoek-Dordabis tar road.
The property is well positioned to perform a variety of tasks. It could be used as a private retreat for active
pensioners, used by country loving commuters or turned into a profitable venture which is water wise.
This could include the cultivation of high value crops such as Hoodia garipensis, cut flowers, red peppers or as
a base station for scientific livestock farming. This could include the Ultra High Density Stocking Rate either as
a permanent land use feature or on a speculative basis.
The owner and developer are considering utilizing these factors to best advantage. That is why the creation of a
country estate ranks high on the agenda of development.
The property is stunningly beautiful and the basic infrastructure of high quality.
There is a brand new farmstead built of face brick, and several smaller service buildings.
These features will be used as a basis for development. It will be used as headquarters of the country estate.
Additional development at the headquarter would be a multi-purpose shed with a simple and effective farm
abattoir for use of residents, vehicle and tool storage and conference/
gathering for members of the Body Corporate during their Annual General Meetings and as a meeting place for
youth and church groups.
A rudimentary camp site is envisaged for the purpose of accommodating these groups.
Furthermore an upgrade of the workers houses is envisaged.
There is one equipped borehole, and the water is reasonably strong and sweet. The water supply is sufficient for
a water wise development. The aquifer is recharged during the rainy seasons from flow off the mountain side.
The aquifer has proved dependable even during dry times. There are also two earth dams in the veld.
The Farm Stinkwater has been settled for over one hundred years, starting off as a farm in the late nineteenth
file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
century. It got the name Stinkwater from a sulphur spring located on the original property. The Baster
community under the leadership of Hermanus van Wyk settled in this area during the late nineteenth century
due to its nutritional grazing and plentiful water reserves. Stock farming and small scale agriculture have been
practiced here from the start.
We have decided to rename the project to Blinkwater. Firstly, this is better marketing strategy and better
sounding as a residential address; secondly the wealth of crystal clear streams that come from the granite
mountains during rainy season and the excellent borehole water on site make Blinkwater a more appropriate
name for the future development.
It is envisaged to provide the water infrastructure once seven units, meaning seven times 4% shares have been
sold. This will involve a distribution pipeline from the farmstead to the area designated for residential purposes
and providing each site with a water T-off.
Each T-off to a site will be fitted with a water meter, and each owner will be responsible for the payment of
own water consumption.

The portion of the farm on offer covers an area of 612 hectares. Despite its small size it offers an incredible
variety of habitat and very prominent landscape features such as camel thorn tree studded savannah plains,
riverine forests, island mountains and granite koppies.
Botanically the farm falls under the tree savannah basically of the Kalahari type and very nutritionous grazing
of scrub and grass in the open rangeland. The average rainfall lis about 300mm per annum.

This option would be very feasible due its proximity to Windhoek and the International Airport. Both stressed
city dwellers and active retirees or commuters would be catered for.
It has been decided to name the Estate Blinkwater Country Estate and offer a maximum of sixteen sites for
residential purposes. These will be sited a central ridge of granite outcrops, ensuring privacy and at the same
time retaining the pristine beauty of the entire estate.
Each designated site will represent a share of 4% of the holding Company and it will be offered for an inset
price of N$950,000-00 per site all costs included. Each site will be close corporation registered and therefore
each owner will hold full title to his portion as well as shares in the holding company. Each site is about five
hectare in extent.
The body corporate will be elected by the registered owners and manage the estate according to the principles
of the body corporate. Conservation and serenity will take priority
Development is scheduled to begin, once six firm confirmations to purchase are on the table.
Water will be provided, and the owner can build whenever he wishes. There is no obligation to build. However
every building- and siting plan must be submitted to the body corporate for written approval before embarking
on any construction. It is not the aim to be unduly restrictive. The aim is to put development in harmony with
the existing environment and serenity.
The keeping of domestic animals is permitted on each site. This may be done after a stock proof fence 1,2m
high and nine strands has been erected at the owners cost.
The commonage will be rented out for an initial period of two years.
A network of 4x4 trails will be constructed as well as three designated Braai-and Sundowner spots for the
file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
enjoyment of the residents and their friends and family. While on the subject of 4x4 it is important to note that the emphasis is on serenity and peace. That means that no quad bikes or motorcycles of any description are permitted on the estate. Hiking trails and scenic rests will be laid out in due course. Furthermore a basic camping site with ablution facilities is envisaged near the existing homestead for church-and youth groups. In order to accommodate the groups with adequate shelter, a multi-functional shed is envisaged, which will also cater to the needs of the estate as a maintenance centre. As we have the property on sole mandate, it would mean that being in possession of this report or having read it means that you have been introduced to this property by us alone, and we would be the effective cause of any sale of this property. Yours faithfully, W K W KIRSTEN Proprietor: Agri Land Real Estates cc file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
Front view of the main farmstead. This will become manager’s house. TOP: self-contained wendy house for guests file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
TOP: at the classy entrance gate. BOTTOM: granite koppie scene file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.
TOP: view to the south west. The south western beacon is on top of the large mountain in the background. The residential sites are to be located in the middle ground along the granite ridges showing up in a lighter green on this side of the dark gallery forest of the river. file://C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\My Documents\CCA_PROJECTS\C041_Dordabis_Lodestone_magnetite\Rep.


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