What Is Qivana and Why I Recommend It. . Qivana is a nutraceutical company that was officially launched in April 2009 which has quickly developed a huge presence in the Lake City, FL, area and in other major parts of the country. Qivana has patented a multi-million dollar ‘Qore System of Health’ that is made up of two (2) very important products. The first is a revolutionary type of probiotic which has an acid-resistant outer shell able to bypass stomach acid (unlike all the other probiotics on the market today) allowing for the delivery of 1 billion LIVE (good) bacteria into the intestines to offset the (bad) bacteria present there. Approximately 85% of immune system ailments are due to poor intestinal health. Qivana has found the key to good intestinal health by ensuring that good bacteria are living and viable by the time they reach the intestines. Without a system ensuring delivery to the intestines, most probiotics are pretty much worthless! The second part of the system is an herb pack that consists of three traditional Chinese Herbs (The King Crown Herb also known as “miracle grass” and/or “immortality grass”, White Korean ginseng, and Baikal skullcap). These are adaptogenic herbs that, when linked together, have some of the highest level healing properties known to give the body After reading literature and doing my own extensive research about these products and the naturopathic doctors who formulated them, I began using the Qore System in November 2009. I was impressed by how positively my body responded. I shared this good news with several family members, and they too experienced positive changes in their bodies shortly after starting on a daily regimen. My intention was to use this product solely for my own personal use, but I am now incorporating these products into my program because of the many incredible testimonies I continue to hear from those who are using this Qore System. These micro-nutrients help to optimize health….and that Here are just a few testimonies I have heard about those using the Qore System… My mom has arthritis in her spine that had been nagging her for months. she started noticing obvious differences in her back after 2-3 weeks of using the product. One of my clients had acid reflux for 11 years & had taken prescription Prilosec (150 mg) every day until she started taking Qivana. Within 2 weeks, she no longer required the Prilosec. Her planter fasciitis.her foot pain. .also subsided considerably. I gave the probiotic and king crown herb essentials pack to a 50 year old female with scoliosis which burdened her every footstep. She started taking Qivana and experienced exceptional relief within less than 2 weeks. I have heard testimonies on other ailments that subside with the use of Qivana such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fibromyalgia (the mystery ailment), skin disorders, and more. Dr. Richard Wright , a medical doctor in Lake City, FL, with 33 years’ experience and over 12,000 patients, is a huge advocate for Qivana. He speaks of his patient who had Crohn's Disease for 18 years who finally had a normal bowel movement with no pain after taking Qivana for 2 weeks. A director of Shand's Medical Hospital (in pain management) put his young daughter on Qivana because her entire face had become inflamed with eczema. I met the little girl, and other than slight discoloration, her face had cleared. These are only a few (of many) testimonies that either Dr. Wright has shared or that I have personally witnessed and experienced. Qivana’s Scientific Advisory Board is composed of doctors and researchers who are experts in their fields. The Scientific Advisory Board is led by Dr. Marcus Laux, a world-renowned naturopathic physician who earned his doctorate at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Laux spent 15 years in his private practice before stepping out of his office to visit all points of the earth searching for the most effective therapies nature has to offer. Dr. Laux was instrumental in bringing Qivana’s products to market. He is active in product development, product safety, the science and research behind the products, consumer education, and building

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