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What is your company doing to meet these demands,
and the company’s expected growth in Asia Pacific for
With regards to printing technology, although digital printing technology itself is not a new technology, the use of this technology in the flooring industry is a recent innovation and has become an attractive option for the laminated floor Direct printing technology and digital printing technology differ in the application method of the printed image. Digital print applies the image using advanced inkjet technology instead of the roll coat application of direct print. The applied image is then protected by multiple layers of UV curable coatings much Further possibilities of adding value to the surface are 3D structure and synchronised pore coatings DPL-floorings. Whether direct or digitally printed, they offer an opportunity to provide maximum product diversity. On top of that, optical and haptical appearance of the surface can be varied by a Designed To 3D-structured surface or even a so called ‘synchronised pore’,
by the use of thixotropic coating systems applied with engraved The expected growth of sales for this market in Asia Pacific Match Needs this year is five percent. This is due to the considerably high
investment still needed for the equipment. However, we expect a growth of 20 to 30 percent on the markets of Europe and Klumpp Coatings, of Friedrich Klumpp GmbH,
develop and manufacture high-quality, innovative
In 2010, the company developed the so called ‘Lifetime coating systems for markets that include furniture,
Coating’ - a hard but elastic coating system. The system provides panelling and flooring. Stephan Klumpp, the
abrasion scratch and impact resistance, thereby extending the company’s GM, talks about today’s trends and the
company’s plans to meet it.
Additionally, the layer built-up of protective sealants could be adjusted to higher abrasion values by using a sandwich of the anti-abrasive standard and the recently developed What are the upcoming trends for the industry that we
system, extending a flooring’s lifetime and preserving the can expect from Germany?
The major trends we currently see for the flooring industry The expected growth of sales for this market in Asia Pacific First, digital printing technology, which is a technology The use of UV coatings has opened up possibilities in enabling laminate-flooring manufacturers to customise their surface design, durability and sustainability for panel, furniture products with an unlimited variety of décors/ designs.
and door skin industry (so called ‘flat stock’).
Secondly, we see and support an upcoming trend leaving The company’s research and development made it possible the old paths of classical UV coatings for flooring, using solely to transfer the know-how of UV-curable coating systems for anti-abrasive sealants towards more elastic systems, providing rollcoat application of the flooring industry to the furniture and crucial improvements in view to deep scratch resistance – a The expected growth of sales for this market in Asia Pacific Thirdly, the use of UV-curable coatings instead of solvent- based systems gets more and more popular in the panel, furniture and door skin industry (so called ‘flat stock’).
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