Plasma clozapine analysis request form

Please send the completed form with a blood sample (at least 2 mL - collect into EDTA tube) to: Dr RJ Flanagan, Toxicology Unit, Bessemer Wing, King’s College Hospital,
Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS
Tel: 020 3299 5881, Fax: 020 3299 5888, e-mail:
*** Pack safely to Post Office regulations - Use KingsPath address envelopes
(available from the CPMS) - Do not send with courier for CPMS FBC ***
 Take the sample before a morning dose or in the morning after an evening dose (“trough sample”).
Sampling < 6 h post-dose may make the results difficult to interpret/compare with previous results
 Serum can be analysed although plasma is preferred  Addresses to which the report and invoice are to be sent must be supplied.
 The assay cost is £25 per sample.
 The report will be sent to the consultant, unless other arrangements are specified or in place.
 Assay results will be available on-line within 2 working days of sample receipt (log on to
to register with our free, secure Results On-Line service).
Report and invoice
Clozaril Patient Monitoring Service No *Address for report & invoice (if invoice address is different, use space below)  Baseline value?  Poor / non-compliance?  Dose correct?  Drug interaction?  *Address for invoice (& cost centre if needed) Adverse reaction?  Other (please give details)? Postcode * Invoice details may be omitted if invoice address/cost centre already notified for this patient This form may be photocopied or downloaded ( Plasma Clozapine Assay Service – Clozaril Patient Monitoring Service Guide


Clozapine is a second generation antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia resistant to conventional therapy. Adverse
effects may include hypotension, lethargy, somnolence, hypersalivation, and constipation. There is a risk of seizures at
higher doses/plasma concentrations. There is evidence that clozapine metabolism is saturable at higher dose. Smoking
habit has a big (on average ± 50 % smokers/non smokers) effect on clozapine dose requirement
 Dose adjustment: ‘trough’ plasma concentrations ≥ 0.35 mg/L are suggested to ensure a fair trial of the drug  Assessment of the impact of changes in smoking habit on clozapine dose requirement  Investigation of possible dose-related adverse effects
Note: Patient consent should be obtained before taking a sample for clozapine monitoring. Information given on the assay
request form will be entered on a computer database and used to help interpret the result or improve result interpretation
in future. The information provided on the request form is not made available to CPMS.
Minimal sample requirement 2mL EDTA blood - collect blood and mix well (do not shake). ‘Trough’ samples are preferred,
either pre-dose or minimum 6 hours post-dose
Pack safely to Post Office regulations using KingsPath address envelopes (available from the CPMS)

 Full CPA accreditation with participation in external quality assessment (Heathcontrol (LGC Standards)  Consultant-led service – Clinical interpretation and advice available based on 18 years of service provision  Fast Turnaround - Clozapine and norclozapine (N-desmethyclozapine) results will be available on-line within 2 working days of sample receipt (log on toto register with our free,
secure Results On-Line service).

VISIT- For further information and to preview the KingsPath Results On-line service.
CONTACT: Tel: 020 3299 5881, Fax: 020 3299 5888, e-mail:
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