Curriculum vitae kristian rousku andersen

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Curriculum Vitae for Kristian Rousku Andersen

MSc. International Business & LIF-Education Certificate KAM'er, Product Specialist, Sales Representative 8 years of sales experience in pharma / medical / optical Analytical and inquisitive Outgoing, friendly, smiling and communicative purposeful, strong-willed and business acumen Reliable, independent and competing (12 years of Elite Volleyball)

Education Direction
2006-2004 LIF-education completed (Pharmaceutical Consultant Programme, which consists of 4 modules: Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology and Regulation laws) equals approx. 30 ECTS credits. 2003-1997 Bachelor and. MSc International Business - Aarhus School of Business.
Work Experience
Year Title / Responsibilities / Results
2012 May – Sales Representative for Disophta ApS, Temporary position until 1st of November.

(6 month) District Denmark – I am in charge selling Contact lenses from scratch and building up the
market again. Disophta have been in this business a decade ago, where I worked in this company as
well. It is based on pure “canvas” to Opticians. I am also in charge of establishing distributor agreement
in the Nordic countries.
Results: Established good Targeting strategy and been visiting the Opticians with highest potential and
with success. I have created a future co-operation with a Finnish & Norwegian company to sell our
contact lenses. In November we will start with a Swedish company as well.
2011 Dec–Feb 2012 –Sales Representative at MEDA – contract 2 month
(Neergaardkompagniet) (2 month) The District was Region Mid and North of Jutland. I was in charge of
visiting GP´s with Gemadol Retard (Tramadol) to make an uplift of turnover based on the Non
Government Contribution of Glucosamine. The GP´s was from A to D targeting.
Results: I visited 6-8 GP´s on “clean” drop in visits without any samples etc. – I used my personality to
find “the door” to open the gatekeeper (secretary) and made my call based on the recommendations from
MEDA and Neergaardkompagniet.

2011 March-Nov. 2011 LifeScan/Johnson & Johnson – Product Specialist – contract 6 month
(Neergaardkompagniet) (6 month). The district was from Region Mid Jutland and south from there incl.
Fyn. I was in charge of new customers not visited yet from my existing colleagues in these areas. I was
searching for the “unknown gold” and the aim was to make them “A-customers” with the product
assortment from the ONETOUCH family.
Results: During the 6 month I have created many new customers and they are very thankful to my visits
and input of changing the Diabetes treatment with OneTouch Glucose Monitoring System. Many of the
diabetes nurses have already started new Type 1 patients on the Onetouch devices.
2009 June -2010 Nov. ALCON (Medico) District Manager/Product Specialist Jutland.
(18 month) The district began as Jutland, but finished as a region MID-NORTH. Customers were private
ophthalmologists (including their nurses) and Eyedoctors on hospitals (including nurses) in the district.
Purchasers and hospital purchasers were also influencers who were important in the selection of
products to hospitals. Product responsibility were Medico, ie. Sale of phacoemulsification machines,
Intraocular lenses, viscoelastica and Custom packs for cataract operations, particularly "single use"
products. The work consisted of mechanical presentations, participation in the OR, training within
ALCON's product portfolio. Further, I was also at conferences / symposia, both domestically and
abroad. On average, I traveled 50 days a year.
Results;We were three PS'ere which handled the Danish sales of approx. 65 million. Annually, of which
I was responsible for the 25 million. kr, where I had developed / maintained a good coverage/earning
rate - significantly higher than other districts - we are talking about 5 to 8% higher. I created the trust to
the customer that Alcon can/could deliver what they wished for in terms of price and quality. For both
evening meetings and lunch arrangements I created close relationships with decision makers and their
Girlfriend + Jakob (4Y) each second week Nationality
influencers and closed many contracts. The participation in the OR also gave me an analytical
perspective of the Eyedoctors daily workflow.
2007 Oct.-2009 June. ALK (Pharma) Product Specialist for ALK-Abello in region MID-NORTH.
(20 month) Therapy area was; Immunotherapy and allergy / asthma in the region of mid-north of
Jutland. Customers were respectively pulmonary physicians, Ear Nose Throat Physicians, Pediatricians
and general practitioners. Product Responsibility, respectively ALUTARD GRAZAX and EpiPen. We
held evening meetings for both allergy nurses and GPs to increase awareness of allergy vaccination. On
average, I traveled 30 days a year.
Results; We were three PS'ere which was responsible for the Danish sales. I "nursed" several of the
largest allergy clinics in the DK, where sales rose continuously from more referrals from GPs, which I
visited to get referrals from these clinics. A permanent increase in sales of EpiPen was created by "raw"
canvas to many practitioners, so this adrenalinpen was "top of mind" during the summer months.
2006 Aug.-2007 Sept. MSD (Pharma) Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for MSD in the region of MID.
(13 month) Therapy areas were; hypertension (Cozaar), migraine (Maxalt) and allergic rhinitis / asthma
(SINGULAIR). Customers were both Gp´s and nurses who worked with allergies and asthma.
Distribution of the visit was about. 60% fixed and 40% canvas. In this position I collaborated with a
"twin" to promote sales of Singulair. Evening meetings were a natural part of everyday life. On average,
I traveled 20 days a year.
Results; My "twin" and I made good growth rates on Singulair, which was well above budget. We were
5 MSD sales representatives in the district and which I helped to create a good atmosphere, so that we
did much coordination with each other and thus synergy of each others products.
2004 March-2006 Sept. Servier (Pharma) Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. for the Region Midjutland.
(30 month) Therapy areas were; hypertension (Coversyl), diabetes (Diamicron Uno) and osteoporosis
(Protelos). Clients consisted practitioners and nurses. The working day consisted of both fixed and
canvas visits. Evening meeting held with colleagues. In this position I collaborated with a "twin", which
Results; I was quickly accepted by doctors as a good partner and had ample opportunity to obtain new
contracts in the book, so sales could be increased. In this job I was clear about the importance of
creating the good contacts "first time" and thus build on top.
2003 Aug.-2004 March. DISOPHTA Pte Ltd. (sale of cleaning solutions and contact lenses) Sales
Representative throughout whole DK
(10 month) Workday typically consisted of clean canvas visits to opticians. I was well known in the
products because my Thesis and I constantly had worked in this business. The product range consisted
of soft contact lenses and cleaning solutions. We had a “gentlemen agreement” saying “push the sales”
and apply for jobs in the Pharma Industry.
Results; to get on the canvas with understanding the customer's time-made me many positive
conversations about the products and subsequently also increasing sales. In this position, I found out that
I am a seller who can open doors and opportunities for new sales or additional sales of existing products.
2000-2001 The Danish Consulate General, Frankfurt am Main. Export Assistant Handelsattachéen.
– Trade Council department
(7 month). Full-time position where I was responsible for market research, trade fair participation, etc.
for Danish companies wishing to export to the German market. Look recommendation.
Results, I generated a good German language and got used my expertise in seeing possibilities rather
than limitations. I was responsible for upgrading several of the catalogs to help Danish companies
seeking export to Germany. In these catalogues had Gkl. In Frankfurt not previously received advertisers
to pay for the column space, I contacted accountants, law firms, etc. And I created additional revenue of
15,000 dkr. In terms of advertising kroner.

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Abroad Experience
Country Reason / Purpose
2003 China (3 months) Dessertation for Disophta, Beijing and Hong Kong
2000 Germany (7 months) Export Assistant at Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main
1999 Finland (6 months) Student on the Swedish Business School, Helsinki
Military Service
1997 Navy Force, Defense of Harbours in both Frederiksværk and Frederikshavn. (5 months)
2008-1998 Volleyball Elitedivision Skovbakken - won 1xGULD & 3 x SILVER
1998-1996 Volleyball 1st Division ASV - Playing on the B-team / U21
1996-1995 Volleyball 1st Division ASV - leader of young men national team
1995-1994 Volleyball 3rd Division ASV - Player of youth’s national team
Student Jobs
2003 - 2001 Skovbakken Volleyball Association.

Press and sponsor responsible for Elite structure. Establish new contacts for sponsorship, and maintain
existing sponsors. Provide coverage of the teams to the media and on websites. Coordinators at major
association events, and reconciling work.
2003 - 1997 DISOPHTA Ltd.
Customer contact by telephone. (Receiving orders) and order processing. Further, I also handled
shipping and receiving of goods, according to CE and ISO standards.
2001 FALCK Telemarketing sells private branch, ie. sale of roadhelp subscriptions.

2000 SMC Car Sales Assistant.
– Volkswagen
Every other weekend I was responsible for the initial contact with potential buyers of Volkswagen. In
this job I had experience in "face - to - face" - Guide for sale. Look recommendation.

Magrethe Neergaard – Recruiting Manager Cindy Nijs – Sales Manager for OneTouch family 23212291 Jakob Bennike - Sales Manager / Vitrectomi 8698 6540 Thorkild Andersen Admin. Director +49- (030) Carsten Schmidt Commercial Attaché for
Language skills
Swedish acquaintance with the language Norsk acquaintance with the language Finnish – I have relatives in Finland – understand culture and many sentences.


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