Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Last day to bring in orders for school photos. Open Evening for 2014 Reception Intake at 6pm Wednesday: Y3 Inspire Workshop for parents at 9am Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Thursday: Open Morning for 2014 Reception Intake at 9.30am Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm
Ummaysah Asad, Mohinddin Jabber, Viran Takiar, Hafsah Khan, Rayhan Mahmood,
Sahiba Bashir, Jayden Bailey-Wallace, Aliza Riaz, Ryan Workman, Ruben Rose, Evie Manders, Emelia Daly. Abigail Kelly, Aleena Rafiq, Maddie Miller,Laveza Jabber, Cian Donnelly,Emily Hatton, Jay Lakhanpal,Kian Jagatia, Max Miller,Hamza Maflahi, James Oyaide, Lewis O’Brien. Robyn Russell, Benjamin Treanor, Hamaad Hussain, Orian Oldfield, Jairaj Taak, Karum Supra, Eleonore Sweeney, Alicia Padam, Amy Adalat, Layla Trombley, Chloe Mason, Jaden Sterling,Freya Davis, Cormac Sweeney, Zahrah Ahmad, Robert, Anisa Awan, Suraya Luhar, Braithwaite,Amy Cross,Seren Baxter,
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Anna White, Ikra Hussain, Aleeza Malik, Rachel Evans.
The class with the best attendance before half term: 6Chestnut with 99.7%
Other information
May I remind parents that we only administer medicine that is prescribed by a GP and is needed 4 times a day. If this is the case you will need to fill in a consent form which can be obtained from the school office. Next week on Friday 15th of November we will be joining in with the fundraising activities of the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ and holding ‘Pudsey’s Pyjama Party’ all day. For a suggested donation of £1 children may wear their Pyjamas or something yellow for the day if they want to. A range of games, competitions and activities such as a penalty shootout, egg and spoon race, hula hoop will be in the playground and there will also be a cake sale at morning break for the children. Cakes will be on sale for 20 pence and all donations of cakes will be gratefully received. Attendance
During the next week, every Chilcote family will receive a letter about an attendance spotlight in the post. Attendance at the school is very good with the overwhelming majority of families striving to ensure that their children are at the school on time and as often as possible. However, we still have a small number of children who have poor attendance and in order for us to focus on their families more we need to send the whole school letter out for our processes to be legally sound. I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that when children have excessive amounts of time away from school for medical reasons a letter or phone call from a parent will not always be good enough for us to authorise the absence. Copies of letters from the hospital, prescriptions, and copies of appointment cards will be asked for if your child has a long or a frequent pattern of medical absence. Finally, absence requests so that children can see poorly grandparents or other extended family members during term time will not be granted. Families should try and work around the school day and use weekends and holidays wherever possible for such matters. In many instances it is better to keep the child in school so that there is no break in their education and that you as parents can see sick relatives without the worries or caring for your child. Having said all that I would like to stress again that attendance is very good with the vast majority of families working hard to ensure that their child is here as often as possible. This academic year (2013-14) we have a strong focus on our provision for PE and sport as the government have given all schools additional funding to enhance this; in our case just over £9000. We are using the money in the following ways:  To give cover for our PE specialist who will provide professional development for our other teachers - this is turn will improve the experience the children get in PE lessons.  Membership of the Baverstock Sports Partnership.  Tennis Coaching from Hall Green Tennis Club (a member of the LTA).  Transport to competitions, sports festivals and sports coaching at other venues.  Engagement in a new sport – this year it will be an archery taster for all children from Years 2 to 6. School Improvement Plan
Every Academic year schools write a development or improvement plan so that they know where to direct resources to give the children the best possible experience. This school year we have a big focus on PE and the outdoors. Much of the outdoor work will be done through the forest school which we have established in Year 2. ICT is also a big focus for us this year as we make more use of the ipads to enhance learning. Other subjects that will be reviewed are: reading, writing, art, links with parents and the community. Further details about the School Improvement Plan can be found on the school website.


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