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The Miracle of Natural Progesterone!
After years of observing the amazing, often life hormone was produced in abundant amounts from changing benefits of natural progesterone with my ovulation to menstruation, or if conception had taken women patients, I am convinced this wonderful and safe place, in increasingly abundant amounts until the birth natural hormone is something every woman - regardless of a child, it was called “progesterone.” Which means to of her age- should be using if she is experiencing any health promote gestation (pregnancy). Please note, this is NOT problems related to her female chemistry! the same as promoting ovulation which makes pregnancypossible. This refers to keeping the pregnancy viable once One of the greatest tragedies I have observed in my it has occurred. Progesterone is a protective hormone naturopathic medical practice is the great number of women who have suffered for years, month in and monthout, with agonizing health problems of migraine headaches,severe uterine cramps, painful breasts, water retention, easy weight MEDICAL SCIENCE MISSES THE BOAT
gain, hot flashes, osteoporosis, broken hips and more than a Once the female hormones had been isolated, the dozen others, to the mental and emotional problems of mystery of hormonal imbalance should have been over.
hopelessness, frustration, irritability, extreme sensitivity, panic, PMS Instead, it only deepened. Here is how that happened.
and many, many more. Possibly the greatest tragedy is Estrogen was discovered first, and a synthetic and that many if not most of these women suffered patented version was soon produced from the urine of a horse. “Premarin” is a trade name which is supposedly a For many years I have witnessed women who have contraction of the phrase- “previously mares urine.” Thus gone through this personal tragedy, often for years, only with plenty of cheap synthetic estrogen to do research to have all these problems disappear almost overnight as with, estrogen grabbed center stage. On top of that, it soon as they start using natural progesterone cream.
turned out to be an extremely powerful hormone whichon the surface seemed to produce all the importantaspects of female function.
It wasn’t until 1926 that the first of the female On the other hand, progesterone faced two major hormones was discovered. It was found in the urine of problems. First, in the beginning its only source was from menstruating women. Since its level was found to living tissue where it was found only in minute quantities fluctuate in rhythm with the monthly cycle it was named and was therefore very costly. Second, there was little “estrogen,” which means to generate estrus, the period of incentive to do progesterone research since the drug companies were making a fortune with estrogen. So thedrug companies convinced the medical schools and In 1929, the second major female hormone was medical journals, and through them, the practicing isolated from the corpus luteum (yellow body), a small physicians in the field, that what every woman really temporary gland created from the egg follicle within the needed was estrogen. As a result, every year millions of ovary once the mature egg is released. Because this women have been receiving prescriptions for estrogen.
2007 International Institute of Nutritional Research #200 Complete Balance Program
For most women, the real problem is not a lack of known that these compounds have powerful estrogenic estrogen, but in fact it is a problem of hormonal imbalance. When women start to suffer from the migraineheadaches, hot flashes, severe uterine cramps and all the NATURAL PROGESTERONE- THE GREAT
other symptoms of PMS, the real problem is a lack of PROTECTOR
natural progesterone, not estrogen. This is why so many In the human body progesterone is produced at the women get such wonderful relief from using a high quality time the female body is being prepared to become natural progesterone cream. Keep in mind that estrogen pregnant (from ovulation to menstruation) or throughout is an exciter hormone- in other words it causes things to the entire pregnancy. The further along the pregnancy happen, while progesterone is a calming hormone that progresses the greater is the amount of progesterone produced. With the billions of cell divisions taking place When you understand this relationship you as the fetus grows and develops, progesterone provides understand why it is so important to have these hormones a protective factor that allows this cell growth and division CANCER AND ESTROGEN
Since estrogen is an exciter hormone- it causes things TO DELIVER
to happen, getting too much of it can be very dangerous.
In 1939, Dr. Russell Marker developed a process to Doctors know that there is a very real and direct link to extract certain plant chemicals and convertthem into pure prescribing estrogen therapies and increasing the and natural progesterone identical to that which the likelihood of cancer in women. That is why many doctors human body produced. Doctors soon discovered that will not prescribe estrogen therapy to women who have natural progesterone is actually a fat soluble substance any kind of cancer history in their families. It’s just too and that orally administered doses were ineffective dangerous. Once the drug companies realized how because the progesterone had to first pass through the dangerous their estrogen drugs were, they also realized liver where it was broken down and then eliminated how effective natural progesterone is. Since natural progesterone could not be patented, the drug companies Until fairly recently the only way you could use natural set out to alter the progesterone molecule just enough so progesterone and really get results was either by injection that it was now synthetic and could be patented. Doctors or by suppository. While both methods were certainly now prescribe synthetic estrogen and synthetic less than desirable, they were the only way you could get progesterone, but unfortunately your body recognizes the natural progesterone into your body without having your difference between natural and synthetic progesterone.
liver break it down and destroy it. That is until the That is why you get such good results with natural development of a transdermal cream. With proper formulation, scientists and doctors discovered that youcould increase the level of progesterone in your body by FACTORS THAT CAN LEAD TO
applying it on your skin as a moisturizing cream. At last a ESTROGEN DOMINANCE- HORMONAL
simple and convenient method of delivering natural IMBALANCE
There are of course numerous factors which everywhere and are created from coal or oil and consist BEWARE THE “YAM SCAM”!
of what is chemically known as a benzene ring with a Scientific studies have shown time and time again chlorine side chain. These compounds are known as that for any natural progesterone cream to really be organochlorines and are extremely dangerous, especially effective and increase the progesterone levels in your to the female hormone cycle. For decades it has been blood stream, two very important factors come into play.
#200 Complete Balance Program
1) You have to have enough progesterone in the STOPPING AND PREVENTING -
cream to do any good. Tests reveal that a truly ENDOMETRIOSIS
effective cream must contain a minimum of 400 mg Endometriosis is a condition where cells from the endometria (inner lining of the uterus) migrate outside 2) A truly effective cream must contain natural the uterus and begin to grow. Local tissue then attempts to encase these foreign endometrial cells with scar tissue.
This fibrous scar tissue then distorts normal functions Many companies are marketing a moisturizing cream and causes considerable and many times- extreme pain.
made from wild yam extract and telling customers thattheir body is going to convert wild yam extract into Progesterone is of tremendous benefit in stopping progesterone. THIS SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE. The and even reversing endometriosis. Endometriosis is human body is very capable of utilizing natural actually a problem of too much estrogen (remember, estrogen progesterone, however it is not capable of converting causes things to happen) and not enough progesterone to control and stabilize the activity of the estrogen.
Wild yam extract is the plant source that natural If you have adequate levels of natural progesterone progesterone is processed from. This process involves a and magnesium in your body, you do not develop laboratory procedure to extract the active ingredients in the wild yam extract and physically convert them intonatural progesterone. Science has proven that the human NATURAL PROGESTERONE IS SAFE
body is not capable of performing this conversion.
Unlike synthetic estrogen and progestin, natural progesterone is not a drug and it does not have any side WONDERS OF NATURAL
effects associated with it. You can use natural PROGESTERONE DATE BACK TO 1940!
progesterone with confidence knowing that your body Most people have never heard of the benefits of will only utilize as much progesterone as it actually needs.
natural progesterone. The fact of the matter is thatnumerous studies have been completed dating back to NATURAL PROGESTERONE FOR YOUNG
the late 1940’s that proved the effectiveness of natural WOMEN TOO !
progesterone. A medical doctor named Katherina Dalton The Vitality Balance program is of tremendous published her landmark research in the British Medical benefit for women young and old. So many times it seems Journal back in 1953. It introduced the world and the that young ladies who are just starting their menstrual medical profession to the awareness that almost all the cycles experience tremendous difficulties.
problems associated with the female cycle are brought At a time when these young girls are becoming about by a hormone imbalance due to insufficient natural women, it just isn’t fair that they should be burdened progesterone. Since then Dr. Dalton has authored over with a complicated transition into beginning their 40 professional articles and 3 books on the subject.
menstrual cycles. This is a very serious problem for many Since Dr. Dalton published her landmark study there young girls that left unchecked can lead to very serious have been many other studies that show how effective complications including endometriosis in a few years.
natural progesterone really is. The scientific research has The good news is that giving these young women been done and successfully demonstrated time and time the complete Balance program- Mag Six supplements and again, yet the world is just now becoming aware of the Balance progesterone cream, can allow them to have a results thanks to companies like Vitality and others in normal transition into womanhood and AVOID the natural health business. This is the real tragedy that so many women have suffered for so long when the endometriosis and complications. It will also greatly benefits of natural progesterone have been known for minimize and even eliminate the abnormal pains #200 Complete Balance Program
associated with their menstrual cycles. Finally these young girls can really look forward to womanhood! BALANCE CREAM: Premenopause- Apply ¼ to ¾ teaspoon to soft skin regions such as the neck, breast, BALANCE PROGRAM
inner thighs, inner arms etc. use one to two times daily The Vitality Labs Complete Balance program is a for the two weeks prior to the menstrual period or as special combination of products that I have designed to help any person who suffers from low progesterone levels.
Postmenopause- Apply as above for the first 23 The program has everything you need for 1 full month consecutive days of the month and then discontinue use specially formulated by me to really give you results. The MAG SIX - 3 capsules twice daily with meals as a cream is a non-greasy and quickly absorbed product regular daily maintenance. . For severe cramping and other that you apply to the soft skin areas like the back of PMS symptoms consider 3 capsules 3 times a day with your arms or inner thighs etc. This cream also meals until results are noticed. Use Mag Six every day contains a clinically effective dose of 480 mg. of pure Special note*- If you suffer from hot flashes, try Mag Six nutritional supplement is a convenient applying the Balance cream immediately after every hot capsule form of magnesium citrate, aspartate, acetate and flash. If you do this consistently, you should notice the taurate as well as Vitamin B-6. These nutritional hot flashes will minimize in effect until they eventually ingredients are very important as they are the nutritional will disappear. Use it as often as required. Remember building blocks by which your body manufactures that natural progesterone is not a drug and a typical hot progesterone from, and they are used by your body to flash is very indicative of an estrogen dominance actually absorb and utilize the progesterone you are Using the Mag Six and the Balance cream together MVP Vitality Labs Product Code # 200 Complete has a very significant synergistic effect. While either product by itself can be very beneficial, using themtogether literally multiplies the effect.
I strongly recommend that anyone who suffers from (2) each Mag Six Supplement (90 capsules per bottle) inadequate progesterone levels use the entire programand see for them selves what a difference they can make.
INGREDIENTS (Balance cream)
Aloe Vera Gel, Progesterone, Glyceryl Stearate-PEG The material contained in this publication has been 100 Stearate, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, carefully researched and is believed to be reliable and Lavender, Vitamin E, Ethylene Glycol Monostearate, accurate. However, it is not presented as medical advice.
It is offered only as educational information. The reader Methyl Paraben, Triethanoalamine, Ginseng Extract, is advised to obtain the services of a qualified physician Chamomile Extract, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Burdock if the need for medical treatment is indicated.
Root, Propylparaben, DMDM Hydentoin.
* FDA Disclaimer- These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Theseproducts are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent

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