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Hydrogen Industry Panel on Codes
Statement of Charter, Purpose & Objectives
Article I.
The global economy is engaged in a transition to hydrogen and other alternative fuel sources for automotive,
distributed generation and other applications. The storage, dispensing, use and handling of hydrogen in and
around fixed facilities differ in many ways from gasoline, diesel, natural gas and other traditional fuels. Only
through a thoughtful and timely marriage of scientific and real-world considerations can this important transition
proceed. The Hydrogen Industry Panel on Codes will serve as an on-going forum to exchange information
concerning the public safety aspects of the transition to hydrogen while developing and supporting the changes
to relevant North American codes and standards affecting or relating to the storage, dispensing, use and
handling of gaseous (GH2) and liquefied hydrogen (LH2) in ways that facilitate this transition.
Article II.
A Hydrogen Industry Panel on Codes (the Panel) is hereby created with the goal to extend, and to the best
extent practicable, harmonize hydrogen code and standard development activities within the ICC and NFPA
such that the proper codes and standards are in place (and stay in place). This will coincide with the goal of the
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to facilitate a successful industry commercialization decision by 2015.
Organizationally, the HIPOC will stand alone as a “virtual” collaborative entity with the staff resources of the ICC,
the NFPA, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the National Hydrogen Association (NHA)
providing administrative support to the panel while directing change proposals to the appropriate code and
standard development committees at the Panel’s request. A website developed to function as a central
clearinghouse of information relative to HIPOC activities will be created by NHA
( with links to/from the DOE, ICC, NFPA, NHA and
other related websites.
Article III.
The objectives of the HIPOC are as follows: 1. Review current codes and standards applicable to the storage, dispensing, use and handling of hydrogen
to the degree they apply to the ICC International Codes and codes and standards developed by NFPA. 2. Develop or facilitate HIPOC-sponsored proposals or positions that revise or otherwise harmonize codes &
standards developed by NFPA and ICC that affect or relate to the storage, dispensing, use and handling of hydrogen.
Article IV.

The Panel represents a collaborative industry opinion and does not speak on behalf of the DOE, the ICC, NREL, the NFPA or the NHA. Participation on the Panel is entirely voluntary and in no way part of any legal or regulatory, or official advisory process at any level of government. The Panel shall: • Establish and maintain the free flow of information among the DOE, the ICC, the NFPA and the NHA, and facilitate objective discussions of the safety implications of the transition to hydrogen. • Identify the most significant public safety concerns for consideration by state and local governments and those engaged in the development and implementation of the new hydrogen technologies. • Maintain timely and accurate reporting of progress, resources and expenditures enabling the value of the Term: Terms of appointment shall be three years and may be renewed. Panel members also may be removed
at the discretion of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for failure to adequately participate in program
activities. Panelists may resign at any time.
Representation of Interest: Panel members shall not represent themselves as official or unofficial
representatives of the ICC, the NFPA or the NHA except at regularly convened meetings of the panel.

The Panel shall consist of four industry representatives, the Chairs or their designated
representatives from NFPA 55, NFPA 52, and NFPA 2, three code enforcers, and one academic/research
representative. These representatives shall nominate their own alternates. All appointments to HIPOC are
subject to the approval of DOE.
If a panel member cannot attend, the alternate designated by the member may be sent to express the views of
and vote on behalf of the absent member. Panelists shall notify the Chair, Vice-Chair or HIPOC Staff of
absences in advance of regularly scheduled meetings of the Panel. Under circumstances where neither a
Panelist nor their designated alternate is able to so notify or attend two Panel meetings in a row, the Panel
member shall provide the Chair with an assurance of their ability to participate actively in the work of the Panel
including responding to correspondence and regular attendance at Panel meetings. Two or more unexcused
absences may be considered by the Panel as grounds for dismissal from HIPOC.
Role of Panelists: Panelists shall actively participate in meetings and voting, whether virtual or in-person, of
HIPOC for the purpose set out in Article II. Panelists shall perform such due diligence as is required to make
informed decisions relating to HIPOC matters. Panelists shall perform such duties as required to meet HIPOC
objectives. Each panelist shall nominate a designated alternate to act for the panelist on HIPOC matters when
the panelist is not available. The panelist shall ensure their designated alternate is kept informed of HIPOC
activities to ensure they can perform this role. In the event that a panelist is unable to participate in a HIPOC
meeting or respond to electronic requests, the panelist shall notify staff and their designated alternate.
Role of Designated Alternate: The designated alternate shall act for a panelist when said panelist is not
available for HIPOC meetings or votes. The alternate shall stay current on HIPOC activities through regular
meeting attendance, review of HIPOC minutes, and/or regular communication with the panelist to be prepared
to fulfill such duties.
Election of Chair and Vice Chair: A Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected from the appointed members of the
Panel. Exclusions are the official representatives from NFPA Technical Committees and ICC Code Committees.
Role of the Chair: The Chair shall, when present, preside at all HIPOC meetings, whether virtual or in person, and in general shall perform all duties incident to the office of Chair and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Panel from time to time. The Chair shall conduct meetings in a fair manner, to enable panelists to be heard, and bring issues to conclusion. Role of the Vice Chair: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the Chair. Role of Interested Parties: Interested parties may include, among others, representatives of state and local code enforcement agencies, other federal, state and local groups actively addressing this issue, national laboratories, testing laboratories, standards writing organizations, manufacturers, utility and other public service agencies, designers, parks and recreation agencies, insurance carriers and consumers. An e-mail address is required to be considered an Interested Party. Interested parties may register their interest to receive HIPOC notices of meetings and minutes, and may attend open HIPOC meetings by notifying staff and the Chair. Interested parties may not vote on HIPOC matters. Role of Guests: From time to time, the HIPOC Chair may invite guests to open HIPOC meetings to facilitate an informed discussion of selected topics. Guests may address the Panel at the discretion of the Chair. Guests may not vote on HIPOC matters or participate in HIPOC deliberations. Role of Staff: NREL, ICC, NFPA, and NHA have appointed staff liaisons to assist HIPOC with administrative issues. Administrative duties are shared among these staff liaisons. Staff will assist the Chair in developing a draft agenda for HIPOC meetings, drafting minutes for HIPOC review, maintain the HIPOC roster, and
performing other administrative duties as requested by the Panel from time to time. Staff shall direct change
proposals to the appropriate code and standard development committees at the Panel’s request. Staff shall also
provide advice to the Panel such that HIPOC maintains focus in seeing to its objectives, as defined in Article III.
Conflict of Interest: A panel member or designated alternate shall withdraw from and take no part in those
matters with which the panel member has an undisclosed financial, business or property interest. The panel
member shall not participate in any panel discussion on the matter or any panel vote. Violation thereof shall
result in the immediate removal of the panel member from the panel.
Article V.
To the extent possible group business will be conducted by virtual meeting format, by telephone conference or
e-mail. There may be in person meetings but they will be kept to a minimum to reduce travel costs. Meetings, or
portions of meetings, shall be designated as open or closed. Closed sessions may be attended only by panelists
and staff.
General Procedures: The Robert’s Rules of Order - Revised shall be the formal procedure for the conduct of
meetings of the panel except as a specific provision of these Rules of Procedure may otherwise dictate. A
quorum shall consist of one-half of the voting members of the panel to conduct business of the panel. A majority
of the voting members of the panel present is required for any panel action put to a vote.
Participation in panel deliberations shall be limited to Panel Members and staff only, except that a guest may
address the Panel on a subject relevant to items under consideration provided due notice of this intent is
received by the Chair at least ten days prior to the meeting. The ten day notice may be waived by the Chair. The
Chair shall designate the time allotted for any such participation.
Meeting Dates: All public meetings shall be announced at least two weeks in advance and be open to all
interested parties. Panel Chairpersons may call such special meetings at such times as may be necessary and
convenient for the transaction of business. Prior to issuing a call for such a meeting, the Chairperson shall
consult with the staff liaisons from NREL, ICC, NFPA and NHA to be apprized of other Panel meetings or other
scheduled events which may affect attendance at the proposed meeting.
Distribution of Agenda: The Chairperson shall have distributed to the Panel, and to others expressing an
interest, an appropriate agenda at least 14 days in advance of the date for which a meeting is called, or at such
a time interval prior to the meeting as the membership of the Panel may earlier agree.
Minutes of Panel Meetings: Minutes of each Panel meeting shall be recorded in a form approved by the Panel
and issued to Panel members without undue delay by the Panel Chairperson, or a duly appointed individual
acting at the direction of the Chairperson. No other minutes shall be authorized. Verbatim transcriptions of Panel
meetings made by tape recorders, stenotype machines, or other means shall not be permitted unless authorized
by the Chairperson. Minutes shall, as a minimum, record the time and place of Panel meetings, names of
persons attending, and a summary of actions taken. Minutes shall be approved by the Panel.

Article VI.
Resources and Support
The ICC, the NFPA, NREL and the NHA are responsible for providing office space, supplies, and other administrative support to the Panel. Additional resources may come from public and private contracts, cooperative agreements, grants and other appropriate sources, and may include contributions of money, products or services. The accounting of all resources regardless of size or form shall be according to generally accepted methods and shall be fully transparent.


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