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Hunt Club Park Community Association
Meeting Minutes June 26, 2013
*Carole submitted a written proxy to Yasmin Latif for any decision being made/voted on. DESCRIPTION
Meeting was called
Approval of the
Approved by Dale Olm, 2nd by Karen Michaud Approval of the
Approved by Karen Michaud, 2nd by Yasmin Latif DART Team
Direct Actions Response Team (DART) Under guns and Presentation
The DART team is a provincially funded team comprised of 5
constables and 1 seargeant that monitor street gang activity
providing a highly visible uniform police enforcement pres-
ence in the community. Engaging in community mobilization
efforts in order to develop gang education, prevention and
suppression strategies.
How to help; eyes and ears – something out of the ordinary
report it so they can investigate
Information required by police: car, type, license plates,
nature of suspicious behaviour
Report from
Councillor Deans
1. Fibreglass plant fire Tuesday June 25th – Councillor Deans followed up with Environment Canada to confirm that the fumes were off no concern for residents – cause of fire still under investigation. 2. City of Ottawa running various Children’s programs in local parks beginning July 2 – Aug 23 3. Calzavara park – splash pad – City sent site inspection team out with members of Councillor Deans office – areas of concern are placement of splash pad, looking at alternatives; sanitary line required – no line currently in place, increasing the installation costs – public consultation required – Karin Pullin asked if we could get cost estimate to determine if this is a feasible initiative. 4. Development related – 3249 Conroy road – condo’s completion 1st building Dec 2013 – 2 more buildings planned no date set for moving fwd. Spring 2014 5. Road modifications at Conroy/Johnson pd by 6. 3225 Conroy Rd. – Ismail temple new place of worship – Open House next Wednesday July 3rd 6 – 9 p.m. public – information posted on HCP website 7. Transit related – secure free all day bus service on 8. O train - 6 new trains arrived Saturday – ready for 9. Call 311 to report pot holes or email Councillor President’s Report
Visit & “Like” Facebook page Community Association is Run solely by neighbourhood volunteers and with funds from donations. Thanks to the office Councillor Deans for securing space – meeting July/August at Conroy Works Facilities - returning to St. Thomas More School, from September to June A 19 member board has been voted in, currently there are 4 vacant spaces if anyone interested in joining or sharing a position that is acceptable. Future Projects – all projects need to be sponsored by someone who will plan and organize. Any ideas suggested will be presented at the meetings but only those with sponsors will happen. Treasurer’s Report
Karen updated the team on the cost of the Newsletter includ- ing printing and delivery by Canada Post A reimbursement to Brad Pye in the amount of $964.97 for Newsletter printing and distribution was approved by: Sheila; seconded by Dale A reimbursement to Jennifer Hirst in the amount of $117.26 for Construction materials for 3 sandwich boards was ap-proved by: Diana; seconded Paul A reimbursement to Karin Pullin in the amount of $93.93 for Laminated Posters was Approved by John; seconded by Dale Newsletter
Total Cost to print and distribute the first newsletter was $1063.88 – Karin suggested we try to increase ad revenue to cover distribution/printing costs. Increase price of ads; 1/8 of a page advertisement $120 or proposed package of 4 issues for $400 If anyone knows any business owners or real estate agents that might be interested in purchasing advertisement space at a reasonable rate please consider soliciting ads for the next issue. The newsletter will be circulated quarterly – Karin has created a business package to take to local business owners. Currently looking for content. Haider Ali to write an article about the opening of the Ismail temple July 6th Future Projects
9.1 Winter carnival – Looking for team lead, support (as part of the Outdoor rink programs we will be sponsoring a Winter Carnival in 2014) 9.2 Street Party - step by step instructions were circulated to anyone interested in planning a party for their own street 9.3 Great Hunt Club Park Garage Sale – potential fundraiser for Community Association 9.4 Fall Clean Up – Looking for volunteers to coordinate a fall clean up like that held in the Spring 9.5 Graffiti/Garbage Clean Up – City of Ottawa will be pre-senting instructions and distributing clean up kits at our Au-gust meeting. 9.6 Summer Festival – looking for ideas for summer 2014 9.7 Fundraising – newsletter ads, proceeds from garage sale 9.8 Safety Workshops – sponsored by police, fire depart-ments etc. 9.9 Street Reps – looking to introduce Neighbourhood watch program All of the above ideas were received from suggestions sub-mitted at previous meetings. While we have several initiatives we need to have people step up to help achieve these initiatives if anyone is interest-ed please email Karin at Executive Elections
4 voting positions (directors) remain vacant – Karin addressed the expectation of Directors cannot miss more than 3 meetings in a row; if not able to attend meeting a written proxy to vote is acceptable Karin opened the floor for nominations of new directors. Jennifer Hirst and Frank Gualtieri self-nominated. Motion to acclaim two new directors – (Motion by Karin, sec-ond by Yasmin) Vote passed. Vacant Positions – Vice President; Civic Affairs Committee Lead; Recreation Committee Lead; Community Association Liaison (attending neighbouring Community Association) Votes for Vice President – Jennifer Hirst (1st Karen, 2nd Yas-min) Secretary - Nancy Ferguson (1st Sheila, 2nd Paul) Civic Affairs Committee – Sheila Gervais(1st Karin, 2nd Jen) Recreation Community – Yasmin Latiff (1st Karen, 2nd Diana) Community Liaison - Paul Norris (1st Dale, 2nd Sheila) All votes passed. Review of Meeting
4th Thursday of the month was the day with the most support and will therefore be our new meeting night. New Business
Paul Norris attended the South Keys Greenborogh (SKGA) Meeting. This group is interested in working with HCPCA. Current activities sponsored by Greenborogh association for the summer: Shakespeare in the Park – July 12 – 7 p.m. Movie night – Johnson Rd/Albion Run soccer, provide ideas to us for fundraising Paul indicated SKGA interested jointly working with us to coordinate a Hockey event on Family Day Paul will attend their meetings and update us regularly. Sheila Gervais and Paul Norris attended a recent Open House to discuss the proposed Main Street renewal project. Community Association have until midnight June 27th to make any concerns addressed to the Project renewal team. Sheila and Paul listened to the presentation on Tuesday June 18 which included 5 alternatives for the Main Street Renewal Project, however our main concern would be the reduction in load capacity for this route. HCPCA’s basic position is that if AVT (Alta Vista Transporta-tion Corridor) was in place there would be no major concerns with Main street renewal project. AVT is in the master plan but not funded, discussions will resume in the Fall 2013. Main Street Renewal Project can be reviewed on the City of Ottawa website at Next Meeting
Thursday July 25th at 7 p.m. Conroy Works Facility Karin to send meeting notice to everyone Meeting Adjourned
Karin closed meeting at 8:55 p.m. Thanking all those that


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