30 sept 2010 minutes v2.

Minutes of the PPG Meeting Held at Haughton Thornley Medical Centre,
Thornley Street, Hyde
30 September 2010
Bill Burgoine (Chairman)
Bal Duper (Medical Director NHS Tameside & Glossop)

Dr Lisa Gutteridge, Alan Yates, Sheila Caldecott, , Gill Anderton, Delia Hulme, Moya Berry, Jacquie
1. Welcome & Apologies:
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting especially new members. 2. Minutes of the Last Meeting:
The minutes were agreed as being correct. 3. Fibromyalgia Evening:
Fibromyalgia – The Facts. The meeting was held on 3 August at Thornley House and attended by both patients and their families. Over 50 people attended and this included patients from other surgeries. Guest speaker was Dr Therese Brammah, Consultant in Rheumatology, Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust along with Dr Amir Hannan. There was a question and answer session with Dr Brammah & Dr Hannan. The evening was videoed and can be seen from the home page of www.htmc.co.uk 6 – 10 September was Fibromyalgia Awareness Week. A poster was placed on the PPG notice board directing people to the video. Posters were also sent to Tameside Hospital, all Hyde practices and practices in Droylsden & Stalybridge for those patients who had attended or were unable to do so. 4. Malaysia Visit:
Dr Richard Fitton had invited Dr Ilias Adam Yee, Madam Kamsiah Nawi and Ms. Norati Abdullah from the Health Informatics Centre at the Malaysian Ministry of Health to a meeting in Hadfield & Glossop. Dr Amir Hannan, Bill Burgoine, Christina Howard and Yvonne Bennett attended on behalf of the PPG. Both Dr Hannan and Yvonne gave a short presentation about Records Access. Guests also included the Mayor & Mayoress of High Peak and President of Hyde Rotary Club. 5. Practice Updates:
Practice Manager, Patrick Jordon confirmed that Dr Bhutta has now started a Trainer Course so that
the Practice can train qualified Registrars to be GP’s along with junior doctors who already receive
training at the Practice.
Flu vaccinations are now underway. Dates are available in the surgery and the Practice websites. This
is a combined seasonal flu and swine flue vaccine. Dr Hannnan stressed the importance for pregnant
women also to have the injection. Extra vaccine will be available in November, December and January.
6. Healthcare Events:
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and National Walk to School month. Plans are in hand for
a new poster to go on the PPG board. This is to direct patients to the website.
6. LINk Update:
Anyone can visit the website www.t3sc.org/link which has the Link page.
Bill Burgoine was able to give the meeting some information about the ‘White Paper’ which has been
published by the Government: Liberating the NHS – Equity and Excellence. The four main areas
covered are:
1. Putting patients and the Public first,
2. Improving healthcare outcomes,
3. Commissioning for patients and increasing democratic legitimacy in health,
4. Regulating healthcare providers.
There are some clear underlying principles in the ‘White Paper’ and these are:
• The NHS should be centred around patients, • The NHS should deliver quality and outcomes that are among the best in the world. • Unsafe and substandard care should not be tolerated, • Discrimination should be eliminated and inequalities reduced, • Clinicians should drive what happens in the NHS, • The NHS should be more transparent with greater accountability for results, • Citizens should have more say in how the NHS is run, • The NHS should work better across boundaries (e.g. with local authorities), • The NHS should be more efficient and less bureaucratic, • The NHS should be free from political interference.
The new Medical Director of NHS Tameside & Glossop, Bal Duper was able to add some clearer
explanations to the meeting of what we might expect from the reallocation of the tasks currently
undertaken by the NHS Tameside and Glossop (the PCT), in particular the new GP Consortia functions.
He agreed with the members that Patient Participation Groups provide a good local mechanism for
engaging with patients and the importance of appropriate support and guidance for these PPGs in order
that they might be effective. He said it was important for practices to have active PPGs and that
consortia could insist as a requirement to join a consortia that all practices must have a PPG.

9. AOB
Concerns were raised about the recent news concerning Avandia and Avandamet. It was stressed that
patients should not stop taking their treatment and letters will be going to all patients concerned or they
will be invited to come and discuss their treatment.
The next meeting is to be held:
Thursday 2 December 2010 at 2.00pm
Thornley House Medical Centre
Thornley Street
SK14 1JY
0161-367 7910

Source: http://www.htmc.co.uk/resource/data/htmc1/docs/September%202010.pdf

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