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Product name:
Product application:
Transport regulations:
With battery supply:
ADR, UN 3091 class 9 (lithium battery inequipment) With mains supply:
Kamstrup A/SIndustrivej 28, StillingDK-8660 SkanderborgDenmark Environmental policy:
Product materials:
Weight %
With mains
With battey
Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) *
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) *
Polypropylene (PP) *
Polycarbonate (PC) *
* Plastic
Undesirable substances:
- Brominated flame retardants (in the circuit board material (approx. 15 %) and may also be present in some of the components on the circuit board) Packing materials:
1 pcs box weight
5 pcs box weight
Recommended disposal: Cardboard recycling Production:
All activities at Kamstrups facility takes place in accordance withKamstrups certified ISO 14001 Environmental management system.
(copy of certificate can be delivered upon request).
Environmental impact
Power consumption:
from use of the product:
Emissions to air:
Emissions to ground water:
5509-600 JR, 2003-06-12, Kamstrup A/S, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Environmental declaration Page 2 of 2
The customers are offered the possibility to return worn out Kamstrup by Kamstrup:
meters to Kamstrup for disposal/recycling, if contractually agreed.
When the Energy meters meters are disposed of by Kamstrup minimum20 % of their weight is being recycled.
Disposal must be in accordance with local regulations.
by the customer:
In order to facilitate recycling of materials, Kamstrup recommendsthat the meters are separated in the parts listed below: Part:
Primary materials:
Cables with tempe- Copper, silicone & steel Transformer *
* Only in configurations with mains supply( ) The SAN plastic from the Calculator top and the PP plastic from the Connection unit can only be recycled if front plate and non-plastic parts are removed.
Special handling
Liquid Crystal Display:
precautions when

Lithium batteries:
Do not short the lead wires.
Do not dismantle or burn the batteries.
Transport to disposal:
See transport regulations on page 1.
Further questions:
Contact Kamstrups Quality & Environmental department
5509-600 JR, 2003-06-12, Kamstrup A/S, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark

Source: http://www.honeywell.se/datablad/Matare/M66-CDE_MVD.pdf

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2011/6 page 1 of 4 CURRENT AWARENESS BULLETIN The following journals have reached New Zealand in the last few months. If you want to see a full copy of any paper listed, please contact your nearest library participating in the Interloan system, or contact the library of Heavy Engineering Research Association. Auckland. Materials Performance 50(8) August 2011 26 K R Larsen. Statistics help

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