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In War And Peace,
The Coast Guard Stands Strong
The United States Coast Guard is the nation's oldest maritime agency. Founded in 1790, it assumed the duties of What Standard Will You Set For Your Kids'
the Revenue Cutter Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Steamboat Inspection Service, the Bureau of Navigation, and Interest In School?
the Lifesaving Service. Coast Guard responsibilities include: To keep U.S. living conditions continuing to rise, our Aids to navigation. It maintains lighthouses, workers have to be worth what they cost in a global economy. They have to have a world-class and constantly improving Law enforcement. In the 19th century, Coast Guardsmen defeated pirates Jean LaFarge and Jean But when Fortune's Geoff Colvin spoke with school Lafitte of New Orleans and destroyed their superintendents, he found that their mood was one of frustration. stronghold on Breton Island. In the 20th century, Some parents objected to their kids having to learn algebra, they captured contraband including large quantities others just aren't interested in the schools. Their attitude is showing up in obvious ways. One Wartime service. The Coast Guard served valiantly parent's bumper sticker says, "My kid can beat up your honor in each war since its founding. In 1941, it seized 28 student." T-shirts bought by parents advertise such messages as, Italian, two German, and 35 Danish merchant ships. "For Sale: Text books and school supplies, never used," It sank 11 submarines during World War II. The signs of disrespect for education are a cause for • Search and rescue. Over its history, the Coast Guard worry. It may be that the most important factor shaping our came to the rescue of ships, large and small, often country's economic future will be what we do individually to saving the lives of hundreds of people from a single show our kids how valuable education really is. Other families have created the ‘education room’. Helicopters are one of the most important tools of Coast Family rooms are being renovated with features like desks and Guard search and rescue. During the 1980s and 1990s, they laptop ports for every member of the family. Included are special stopped thousands of Cubans and Haitians attempting to sail lighting for computer work, homework, and reading. There can be bookshelves, storage areas, and work stations for each person. After the sinking of the Titanic in 1914, the Coast Guard One builder quoted in The Wall Street Journal offers a began the International Ice Patrol, radioing reports of bright yellow education room with chairs and desks that adjust to icebergs in the North Atlantic shipping lanes to merchant adult and kid heights. In the family home office, mom, dad, and ships in the area. The service is now performed by Coast the kids bond over work instead of television. Do You Have A Question About Home
Bob offers a free 90 day limited warranty that covers Maintenance That You Want Answered?
major mechanical systems and structural components. Also if any major system fails due to a defect that was We love to hear from all of our good friends and present and visible at the time of inspection and was clients who enjoy reading our monthly newsletter. If overlooked while performing an inspection as described you have a question about anything related to your in the Illinois or American Society of Home Inspectors' house, feel free to call us at 847-638-4663 or Email
Standards of Practice, Bob will pay for repair costs, that are not covered by the warranty, up to the cost of the
How Coffee Moved From
Common Light Bulb Could Be Phased Out
Africa To Europe To America
Manufacturers are creating an energy standard that, if accepted by Congress, would mean common household lightbulbs would be phased out in 10 years. into an energy bill. The legislation calls for efficiency standards for appliances and motor vehicles, and the According to legend, sometime during the ninth century, an Ethiopian goatherd noticed his The three largest light-bulb manufacturers, goats dancing from one coffee shrub to another, Philips, General Electric, and Osram Sylvania, have grazing on the cherry-red berries containing the more efficient lighting products in development. GE beans. He ate a few himself and was soon says it will be introducing an incandescent bulb that frolicking with his flock. Witnessing the will be comparably efficient to compact fluorescent shepherd's dance, a monk plucked berries for his brothers. It is said that by nightfall, his brothers were uncannily happy and alert to divine emitting diodes that are currently too expensive for the consumer market, but will fall in price over time. Coffee plants, woody perennial evergreens, Bulb makers are willing to cooperate mainly were first cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula because states including California and Texas are around 1100 A.D. By 1600 coffee had been considering bans on common light bulbs. Australia, introduced to Europe, and within 50 years, coffee Canada, and the European union are also considering Settlers of the New World brought coffee Shifting to compact fluorescents will be more to Jamestown Settlement in Virginia and to the expensive for consumers in the beginning. first villages of Canada. In the New World, coffee Incandescent bulbs can be bought for as little as 25 was first cultivated on the Island of Martinique by cents, but compact fluorescent bulbs can cost $3 or the French naval officer Gabriel de Clieu. Today, the coffee bean is a major crop in South American According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the countries, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Africa. By the more expensive bulbs use much less electricity and 1990s, more than one billion cups were consumed last far longer. They can pay for themselves in as little documented that coffee can lead to the jitters, newer studies show that the brew is high in Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
antioxidants and may limit the occurrence of certain cancers and chronic diseases. Caffeine has Special thanks go out to all of our clients and friends been proven to stimulate metabolism and break up who graciously referred our company to their friends and neighbors last month! Our business is built based on the fatty acids, aiding in maintaining proper weight. positive comments and referrals from people just like you. We just couldn’t do it without you. “Bob did a very thorough job of pointing out both issues we should address and suggestions for things we could do to improve the quality of the home. I have seen documentation of inspection done on my current home and it is obvious that Bob’s process was much more thorough and the documentation/report Bob provided was beyond comparison. We felt very comfortable with the job Bob did and will use him again and recommend him gladly to friends.” Volume 3 Issue 8
Useful English System Conversions

Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its You Can Skip The Voices In Voice Mail,
Get Messages By Text Instead
Listening to voice mails on a hand-held device is inconvenient. In a restaurant, it can be Several new voice-recognition services can solve the problem. They transcribe recorded messages into text, which then is sent as email to email-equipped devices such as personal digital assistants and BlackBerrys, or as a short text message to phones that don't have the email If you aren't sure the voice-recognition function has given the message accurately, you can click on the attached audio files or dial in to hear the original voice mail. You can also go through the messages to see the ones he wanted to check without having to listen to each in the order it was received. Another advantage, you don't have to jot down names, numbers, or addresses while listening. And the text message comes through even in some areas where you can't receive cell phone signals. “I am glad that I took the time off work to come to the inspection. Bob showed me the way everything in my Chrissy Raddi, Arlington Heights “Bob was very thorough, friendly, professional, and communicated well.” “Bob came to the inspection well prepared, was punctual and organized. He took the time to help educate me about how to care for my new home. I will highly recommend Bob to family and Friends.” About The House
is a free monthly newsletter
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- Coffee Travels To America-
-You Impact Your Child’s View Of School -
- Responsibilities of The Coast Guard –
- Voice Mail Turns Into Text-
- Unusual English Conversions -
& Much More!
How Did An Ethiopian Gaotherd Affect Your Coffee How Can You Read A Voice Message? Why Are We Doing Away With The Light Bulb? Whose Responsibility Is It To Maintain Does Your Family Need An Education Room?


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The School District of St. Lucie County SUPERINTENDENT 329 N.W. Commerce Park Drive Port St. Lucie FL 34986 Voice – (772)336-6980 Fax – (772)336-6985 Date: 4/8/08 ADDENDUM NO. 1 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO . 08-30 TITLE: Administrative Services Only (ASO) for Self Funded Medical and Fully Insured Medical and Dental SCHEDULED OPENING DATE: ISSUED BY : Allen Lee, Pur

Proyecto de ley por la que se reconocen y amplían derechos y se establecen medidas en favor de quienes padecieron persecución o violencia durante la guerra civil y la dictadura

Proyecto de Ley por la que se reconocen y amplían derechos y se establecen medidas en favor de quienes padecieron persecución o violencia durante la Guerra Civil y la Dictadura. (10.10.07) Exposición de motivos El espíritu de reconciliación y concordia, y de respeto al pluralismo y a la defensa pacífica de todas las ideas, que guió la Transición, nos permitió dotarnos de

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